What Women Like

Okay, so this is a follow up to "What Women Want".  It got me thinking, "What do women like?" In bed, that is.

Ladies, what do you love your man to do to your tits, nipples, ass, pussy, etc.?  Some women like their nipples pinched or pulled. Others don't. Some women like to be spanked. Some women want their boobs sucked, as much as their man can fit in his mouth. Does your hubby do anything with your pussy that makes you cum in no time, perhaps certain oral techniques that we husband's (or future husbands) could try to emulate? And so on and so forth.

Tell us men what gets you going. I know I could always learn more...more skills, more ideas, more exciting stimuli to try with my wife.  And maybe the women can learn something they've never tried before and will want their husbands to give it a whirl.

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  1. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    This is what I personally like 🙂

    With my breasts, i like it when he touches them, takes them in his hand, (which feels great because they fit perfectly in his hands), and I like it when he lightly licks my nipples.

    My vagina, he touches me there gently feeling my wetness, and I love that! Gentleness is key here. And I sometimes like how he grabs my butt on occasion (but he does that when he wants to be naughty, hehe).

    I've even found from experience that certain non-sexual things can turn a woman on too, you know, like men doing "gentlemen stuff". Not that you shouldn't always be gracious to her when you can, but I'm just saying a little goes a long way.

    Other women may feel differently, and I look forward to seeing what they have to say! 🙂 God bless

  2. Slinger says:

    I agree with Harper about the non sexual things being a turn on. Nothing gets my motor running faster than when hubby is incredibly chivalrous! *think opening her door, kissing her hand, pulling out her chair etc.*

    Now onto the sexual..love having my nipples licked and gently sucked/nibbles. As far as my breasts go, kissing and massaging is wonderful as well.
    With my ladybits, I enjoy gentle caresses and touches. I love when he slides his fingers into me and strokes my gspot. He insists on watching when he does this so that he can see my orgasm up close..I find this incredibly sexy!
    For me, erogenous zones are a huge turn on as well. Kissing, nibbling, tickling my collarbone, lower back, neck is amazing as well

  3. ArtRutherford says:

    Good idea. Yes ladies. What turns you on? My wife likes slow caresses between her breasts. Nothing sexual in that area. No nipples, nothing. Just breastbone, but, it really turns her on. What's up?

  4. CrazyHappyLoved says:

    Depends on the time of the month, really. During the fertile part of my cycle, I like it rough and kinky. Spankings, bondage, the works. Other times I might just want a quickie or tender lovemaking or to give a blowjob. My nipples almost always enjoy rough handling and a pinch, pull, or nibble. But I will respond to real passion anytime! I think for women (or at least, for me) it's less about the specific actions you take and more about the attitude with which you take them. If I'm made to feel irresistible, sexy, hot... If I sense desire for *me*, not just for sex, it's on! Words play a big part in arousal for me, as well. I want to hear what to look forward to or his reaction to what he's seeing, touching, smelling, tasting. I'll adress this next part to my hubby, so I can personalize it:

    @Rez: All day foreplay with groping in a serious, passionate way, not just light and playful. Touches that say, 'You're driving me crazy, but I'm not giving in until later tonight.' Then you'll lay me down and lovingly kiss and lick every inch of my body. Stroke, tickle, touch, massage, explore everywhere starting from my extremities and ending with my most private parts. When your tongue touches my clit after that kind of build up, I will be wild for you. Lick it, suck it, finger me and rub my g-spot. Make me cum, then climb between my thighs and take me with long, slow, hard, passionate thrusts while holding my face with one hand to kiss me forcefully. Then pull back a little and look me in the eyes, pouring hot emotion into me through yours. I want to see what you are feeling. Cum inside me, arching your back to push into me as if you'd like to climb inside. Then collapse on top of me, roll us both over, and cuddle me on your chest as you soften and slip out of me. Whisper a prayer thanking God for me, our relationship, and the beautiful gift of giving ourselves to each other this way. (Just make my life a romance novel. *tee hee*)

  5. hornyGG says:

    I agree with the rest of the ladies here. I do love the way Ben makes me feel loved and needed. I love the loving way he touches and kisses me. Sexually, I just love everything! He knows what turns me on and makes me cum. I love the way he loves me. May sound corny but he definitely completes me. I love my B-Bear!

  6. Lovegrace says:

    I love attention to my breast and nipples; rub, lick or lightly suck. For me it feels better when I arch my back.
    As for the other, my response is different.I like my husband to tease me by looking at me naked -- and acting like he likes what he sees. I mean, I like it when he spreads my legs and just analyzes without touching me. I prefer legs open on my back or on my stomach with my backside up in the air and legs spread. He doesn’t even have to touch me and I’m a mess! I prefer him not touching me until I’m really wet. You should definitely try it. Drives me crazy!

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