The Naked Prince (L)

This story was inspired by the recent Royal Wedding of Prince Harry. I wrote it for my husband Ben, who has a love for Royal History.

The characters are purely fictional and are not in anyway meant to represent the current Royal Family.

I hope y'all enjoy!



The Naked Prince

The sun was peeping above the horizon when Prince Michael rose from his slumber.

Glancing to his left, he saw only the empty hollow where his lovely wife Dutchess Rose should be. She was off on one of the required Royal trips to Ireland and Scotland. It had been a week now, and he dearly missed her.

Usually, he would accompany her on such trips. But Prince Michael had nothing but disgust for the Scottish King.  He also had no real diplomatic skills. So, the King and Queen felt it best he not go.

As he rose from his bed, he walked nude to the large window that overlooked the beautiful countryside to the west of the castle.

Suddenly a knock came at his door.  "Yes, who is it?" he bellowed, still looking out the window.

"It is Martha, my lord," said the voice on the other side.

Martha was an elderly woman who served as head of the kitchen and castle servant staff.  She'd lived in the castle all her life. Her mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother all had attended the Royal family.

Michael heard the door open but never moved from the window. He wasn't worried about his nudity or who saw him. After all, these were his quarters. If you came in, you got what you got.

Martha paid no mind to the Prince's bare ass greeting her as she entered. She was there when her mother helped deliver Michael the day he was born. And she'd helped raise him from a whelp.

Michael turned and acknowledged the old woman's presence.  "Yes, Martha. Nice of you to just walk in! What if I had been entertaining some whore? What would you have thought about that?"

Michael had once earned a reputation for his sexual vices and prowess. But that was before courting and wedding Rose. His love for her had put an end to all that.

"Sorry, your lordship! But that would have been unlikely.  Her ladyship Rose would have your head on a post if that were the case. And she would know, your lordship!" Martha grinned as she straightened the linen on his bed.

Michael thought for a moment, then let out a brief laugh.  "You are quite correct, my dear Martha. But what if I had been pleasuring myself by hand? What would you have said then?"

Martha knew the Prince was ribbing her to try and embarrass her. "Wouldn't be the first time," she muttered, as she continued straightening his bedclothes.

"What was that, Martha?" said the Prince with a smile.

"Would you like your breakfast brought to your quarters or will you be coming down, my lord?" replied Martha.

"Not particularly hungry right now, Martha. Maybe later."

"Very well, my lordship," stated Martha as she exited, shutting the door behind her.

Michael spoke softly as he continued to stare out the window. "Rose, my love, I do miss you so! I so yearn for your return. To hold and love you like a man should love his wife. I thirst for your love and your sweet nectar upon my lips. Return swiftly, my lovely Rose!"

Michael's mind drifted back to the night before she left. Oh, the sweetness of her lips and the passion of their lovemaking. The thought heated him and sent an ardor through him that flowed straight to his cock. In no time, he was erect.

"Oh Rose, my love! I ache to have you in my arms. To feel your warm body beneath mine." The Prince grasped his now hard cock in his hand and began stroking it.

"My sweet Rose! I am eager to be inside you again. My cock hungers for your velvet cunt!" Michael groaned as he steadily pumped his cock in his fist. He closed his eyes and continued jerking off to thoughts of making love to his wife. His desire burned stronger in his loins.

"Oh, Rose! Rose, my love! I am going to cum! Grrrrrmmmph!" the Prince groaned as he felt his balls tighten and his dick swell. His face grimaced, and his legs quivered and buckled slightly.  His seed spewed forth onto the window sill and floor.

Michael continued milking his rapidly deflating cock of every drop. He considered what the reaction would be of the house maidens. What would they think if he left his cum mess for them to clean up?

He chuckled to himself, then thought of how Martha would have his head on a platter. Grabbing a damp hand cloth, he decided to clean it himself.

After washing up and getting dressed, the Prince proceeded downstairs to the main dining hall. There he found baskets of fresh fruits, croissants, and ham along with pitchers of ale, wine, and water.

He poured himself some ale and had a seat at the large table. The drink was warm but tasted sweet.

He hadn't been sitting there long when his cousin Barkley walked in.

Barkley was, without a doubt, the most egotistical and snobbish man in the whole kingdom.

"What's up, Barkie?" asked Michael, filling his chalice with more ale.

Barkley grabbed an apple from one of the baskets.  "Thought about going to the pub for a bit. Care to tag along? Maybe we'll hit Honey's for a little action!"

Honey's was a favorite brothel they frequented together back before Michael married.

Michael grinned and said, "Barkie, you know I am a married man now. You go ahead.”

Barkley laughed and said, "You're pussy-whipped! Come on! You don't have to fuck a whore. You could just get your cock sucked or wanked off. Rose has been gone a fucking week. Your balls have got to be dragging the floor."

Michael smiled and replied, "Not exactly."

Barkley stood silent for a moment. Then he smiled and said, "You wanker! You fucking wanked off, didn't you? Well, just come to the pub with me for a couple of pints."

" No Barkie, I'm good. You go and have one for me," replied Michael.

" Ok, if you're sure.  Remind me never to get married! Later chap!" Barkley said as he turned to leave.

"You won't if the only women you're interested in are whores, Barkie!" Michael exclaimed with a laugh.


Part 2 up next: Rose comes home.


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  1. Ben G. says:

    My sweet Gina, thank you for this. Although I read this tale before and thanked you. I just want to thank you again. Your creativity, humor and honest sensuality never ceases to amaze me.
    Although this is a fictional tale, it strikes a perfect cord of how I feel when we are apart. Just like the Prince in this story, I have masturbated many times to thoughts of you when we were apart.
    I love you so much my Gina and will till the day I die. I am hard as I write this my loving wife. I love you.


    • BradMona13 says:

      Nice story.....Gina is a very good writer. You two are so much like me and Mona. We both masturbate on almost a daily basis when we are apart. I once told her that if all the cum I've shot over the years while thinking about her was collected, there would probably be enough to float a battle ship. LOL

    • hornyGG says:

      Thanks babe! Got part 2 coming as you know. Working on part 3. Not sure if it will go past 3 though or if I will even post part 3. May just write it out and print each part for you my love. 😘😘😘

  2. CMLove says:

    Love it! Humorous and sexy and God-honoring!
    Gina, As a lot of us have said in the comment-line, you and Ben are like royalty here on MH! How fitting that we get a royal story from the royals! Keep em cumming, lol.

  3. hottyflygirl says:

    I liked the story a lot but was just way too short! Definitely excited for more parts and the chance to explore the characters a little more. There are so many questions I have for them already! Love the fantasy setting. Makes it feel very fresh and excited and also allows for more sexual fantasy and creativity. Can’t wait for more!

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