271E from Indianapolis

J was done and heading home from his first contracting tour in AFG.

God, I was so excited he was coming home. I hadn’t seen him since Christmas last year, and now it was late July of ‘13.

He told me that he’d be having a six-hour layover in Indy. I told him, “Sit tight, babe. I’m leaving the baby with my mom and coming to get you.” He immediately protested. But I won! All I wanted was to get my hands on his body.  I had to feel his rippling muscles flex over me as my legs opened for him.

I hadn’t seen him in at least six months, and my mind was sex crazed.  “I really need him to touch my boobs.” I thought. “I’d give my right arm for him to put his tongue on my nips.”

I wore one of his favorite outfits guaranteed to send him over the edge the moment he saw me. It was a skirt and thigh high stockings with the lace edge just peeking out from under the hemline. There was a lace push up bra, and a pretty blouse topped it all off.  I drove the six hours to the airport fantasizing all the way. His cock spreading me open, his cum flowing into my body as he thrust over and over. Ooohhh yes, yes, YES!!!

I found him standing on the curb drenched in sex appeal. What huge muscles! And that sexy impish grin! The man was pretty much speechless when I stepped out of the car in my sexy skimpy outfit.

We hugged and kissed passionately. Gah! That pesky spark of electricity was there between us. It was going to be a long drive home! We got in the car, and I relinquished the keys so he could drive us home.

Well, the man drove out of that airport like a bat outta hell! I said, “Babe, I get you had to drive like a maniac in Baghram. Here in the States, though, your defensive driving is pretty offensive. Slow down!”

“I just can’t wait to get you into bed,” he admitted. Duh, same here!

As he drove, I got an idea. “Have you ever had road head?” I asked.

“No,” he replied.

“Well, you’re in for it then!”

I reached over and dragged his pants down while he drove.  Then I began to stroke and tease his stiffening cock. Placing my mouth on his rod, I started sucking his cock hard.

I was pretty straight-laced back then. So, having my ass in the air as I bent over the center console should have been a huge NO for me.  But at the time, I didn’t care. I was hungry for my husband’s cock! And well, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do...

We passed several jealous truckers who blew their horns at us. They got to see my bare ass exposed with my husband stroking between my velvet cheeks! It honestly gave me pleasure, because only my husband could have me.

I felt a sneaky finger slide my black thong panties to the side. J rubbed my hard clit while I bobbed up and down his head and shaft. Finally, that finger made its way into my soaking wet pussy.

“Babe, you're soaked! This is so hot. I’m going to cum right now!”

Boy, did he ever! His load shot to the back of my throat. Now, ordinarily I’m a spitter, but this time I had to swallow or choke. To his great pleasure, I swallowed every drop of his cum as he drove down 271 E heading home from Indiana.

He patted my butt and said, “Raincheck... I’ll get you later, babe!

And that’s a story for another time.

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