A Fantasy Gone Wild (A)

Let me start my story by telling you that my wife always cums first. She is very multi-orgasmic. Because of that, I make sure that she has a lot of orgasms before I allow myself the pleasure of cumming. At times I would make her cum by sucking her clit before we start our day without cumming myself.

But - I had this fantasy of once just using her. Not considering her own needs but fucking her for myself and me alone. I told her about it. She smiled at me and said, "Bring it on! My pussy is yours to use if you want it."

I left it hanging in the air for a few weeks. Then the opportunity arose for my fantasy to be played out. Here is how it happened:

We had been working in the garden most of the day. We came in, had a nice warm shower and lay down for an afternoon nap. It was warm, so we both stayed naked. She lay down next to me and fell asleep very quickly. My erection was a clear sign of what my body wanted. I knew she wasn’t going to be wet or ready for me to fuck her.  So, I took the bottle of coconut oil on my bedside table and poured it all over my hard cock.

I pulled back my foreskin and looked at my swollen head. I couldn’t wait to pull off my plan! My eyes perused my sleeping wife as she lay on her back. I went on my knees and knelt between her legs.

Her eyes opened in surprise as I guided myself into her dry pussy and started fucking her. (Coconut oil is the best!) It took only a few seconds before she grabbed my buttocks and started ramming me into her. Her pussy was sopping wet by now.

Soon I filled her with a load of my cum. I completed my fantasy by withdrawing from her and leaving her lying there with it oozing out of her. I walked over to the chair and sat down as my cock softened. I thought I'd finished. Mission accomplished.

But my precious lover had other ideas. She moved her body so that I would have a perfect view of what was happening between her legs.  The next moment she used her finger to collect some of my cum and spread it over her clit. She used her other hand to open her pussy wide, giving me a fantastic view as she started rubbing her love bud.  Slow at first. Then faster. And then her hand moved at blinding speed as she spread her legs even more. She cried out as a thunderous orgasm hit her!

I was so blessed, but she was not done yet.  Her fingers disappeared into her pussy, and she fingered herself to yet another orgasm. She lifted her hips all the way off the bed as she started cumming and crashed down at the last moment.

By this time my cock had suddenly found new life and was standing at attention and enjoying the show. But I had a bigger surprise coming.

My precious lover slipped to the floor and crawled over to me on her hands and knees. I grabbed my cock because I thought she was coming to give me a blowjob. But when she reached me, she turned around and dropped her shoulders to the floor. Then she brought her hand from underneath between her legs and started masturbating again. She spread herself in such a way that her anus was open for my viewing.

How could I resist an invitation like that? I took some of my pre-cum that was now flowing freely and spread it over my middle finger.  Then I slipped it into that most special little hole very slowly. As my finger reached the second knuckle, her body started shaking. I watched as her anus contracted in spasms as she had another orgasm.

She was still on her knees and wanted more!  She looked at me and said, “Now give me what I want.  Cum on my arse! I want to feel your cum squirting on my arse.”

Who was I to refuse the lady’s request?

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  1. PacMan says:

    Shame on you... leaving out the end of the story like that! 😉 Thankfully the rest of it was HOT (All is forgiven - LOL). That multi-orgasmic self-pleasuring show your wife put on sounds like an event of the ages! And I tip my hat to your refractory period. I have occasionally (rarely) been able to get an erection a little while after cumming. But mine would never be hard enough for Anal! Well done... both of you!

  2. hornyGG says:

    Very hot story! I thought for a moment that you might put your cock up her ass there at the end. I know my Ben probably would have.😉 Anyway, loved the story! God bless you and yours. Stay Horny!

    • Engelbert Humperdink says:

      My husband definitely would have taken advantage of me in that position and I would have loved it!

      Great story

    • Mark says:

      Love to hear that wives love anal! It keeps the sex spicy.. Lol. I'm really into anal, love eating my wife's ass and play with her as she plays with me. I also like anal on me when i see it turns her on. The thought of her play in my ass is soo hot to me. Are y'all into anal play on your man? Does that turn you on?

  3. CrazyHappyLoved says:

    Besides the sheer enjoyment of reading it, this story illustrates for me what I consider the essence of Christian marriage. You are so confident in your wife's love and acceptance that you are able to share your fantasies with her, even ones that some might consider "selfish". She is so confident in your love and care for her that she can fulfill such fantasies without a loss of self-respect or respect for you. And she can comfortably seek her own pleasure both in front of you and from you. She is yours and you are hers. Completely.

    It's no wonder our loving Father sanctified sex within committed-for-life relationships. That kind of trust and openness has to be earned by both partners over time, in and outside of the bedroom. Your stories - and your relationship - are such a good example of mutual respect and love! Kudos!

    • ClimaXX says:

      I think we should have CONTINUOUS communication about our desires, what we enjoy, what we would like to try, etc.
      Marriage is like a bank account with NO OVERDRAUGHT facility. You can ONLY take out what you have put in. Your spouse is not a battery-operated sex toy that can be turned on by pressing a button.
      It is hard work to have a super relationship with super sex, but...... it is worth the effort.

  4. Sea696Fox says:

    ClimaXX - Loved your sexy story. I agree with the other ladies, my hubby would have quickly mounted my other entry had I presented him with a similar offering. I found it very exciting reading how you slowly inserted a finger into your lovely wife’s bottom. My hubby did that to me while we were “deeply bonding!” As soon as I felt my second penetration, I experienced the longest, strongest, series of orgasms in my life. Those orgasms were so intense I actually passed out from the erotic sensation. The only way I can describe my double penetration experience, it was a sensory overload for my body. I still get very wet simply from recalling that experience.
    Sweet dreams to all of our Christian brothers and sisters.

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