I’m Not Usually the Aggressor but… (L/A)

It was your average Friday, except that work was slow.  My husband got off work several hours before me. Since he was free, I thought I’d text him.

W: I don’t want to be at work, I’m so bored!
H: Drag.  1 1/2 hrs left, you can do it!
W: I guess.  I might sit on your face tonight.
H: Might? Be more positive.
W: Ok.  I will ride your face like you’re a fucking mechanical bull!
H: That’s more like it!
W: Then I’ll glove up and stroke you till you cum (he loves the feel of exam gloves on his cock). Or maybe I’ll start you off and make you finish yourself. You can cum on me.
H: I like it when work is slow.
W: My clit is aching for your mouth right now.
H: We need to make it an early night…I am rock hard.
W: Ohhhhh, that is awesome. I’m glad I can make you so hard!  I’m looking forward to it.
H: You will not be disappointed…I will make you cum hard…as many times as you want, wherever and however.
W: You have never disappointed in bed. You rock in the sack!
H: I’ll rock you tonight.  My tongue will be ALL over your pussy and ass and I’ll make you moan.
W:  Mmmmmmmm…
Once the kids were asleep, things heated up.

I climbed on top of my husband, kissing him hard and ferociously. I was grinding on him and rubbing his already hard cock with my legs and feet.  He started playing with my nipples…kissing, sucking, biting and pinching. I love it when he does that.

He slid two fingers into my wet pussy, then another in my ass. And with his thumb, he rubbed my clit.  I was so close to cumming already. I straddled his face, bringing my aching shaved pussy to his mouth. He began licking, flicking, and sucking while I rocked back and forth.  Again his fingers found my ass while he continued pinching my nipple. I was so turned on by him I exploded in minutes. After I came he continued to tongue fuck my pussy and finger my ass. It felt so good!  By now, I was spent and it was his turn.

I slipped on the exam gloves and drizzled his hard cock with lube. Slowly, I started rubbing his head and pressing a thumb down the shaft.  I continued loving his hardness, twisting, squeezing, teasing the head. I moved one hand to his balls, then took a finger and started rubbing the super-sensitive spot between his balls and asshole. When he grabbed my breast with urgency I knew I was hitting the right spot.  The harder he pinched my nipple the more I rubbed and pressed. It felt so good for both of us! He couldn’t take it anymore and came all over his stomach.
It was such a fun night! I’m going to have the most glorious bruise on my nipple that will get me hot every time I look at it and feel it.  I’ve been such a naughty girl.

Mmm, a spanking may be in order…

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