I have a confession to make to you readers. As we have gotten more “mature,” my husband and I enjoy masturbating together as much as we do having “regular sex.” It is easy and feels wonderful (and puts him right to sleep!) He loves to watch me come, and I enjoy putting on a show for him.

But sometimes a lady needs her privacy, which leads me to my story.

Several years ago, after the kids had left home for college, we were pretty typical “empty nesters.” Weekdays were for work, but weekends were for fun! We had been out to dinner with friends on a Friday night, and came home exhausted. We promised each other a rain check on sexy time and got some needed sleep.

But the next morning, Tom got up early to go play golf, while I stayed in bed. He brought me a cup of coffee, kissed me on the cheek, and was off.  Or so I thought.

I heard the kitchen door close and his car pull out of the garage. I lingered in bed, and soon my thoughts settled on what I was missing. So I decided to jump in the shower and have a little alone time fun.

I respect the views of many Christian couples in God-centered marriages that masturbation is something that should only be mutually enjoyed. But we find this is unrealistic in our life. I know Tom occasionally masturbates. He claims he can’t come unless he thinks about me, and I do my best to give him PLENTY to think about.  And I, through solo masturbation, have learned more about my own sexual responsiveness and become more able to reach orgasm which enhances our time together. Earlier in our marriage, I was not nearly as orgasmic as I am now, and I believe that becoming more comfortable with pleasuring myself is the reason why.

While I was in the shower that morning, I made full use of the hand-held shower head, and am a bit embarrassed to say that the pulse setting got me quite turned on.

Soooo... I got out of the shower, dried off, rubbed my favorite body lotion all over myself, wrapped my hair in a towel, and got out the ever-ready bunny - my 8-inch pink rabbit vibrator, which we call “the 30-second orgasm.”

I turned on some new-agey “massage music” (that Tom detests!), fluffed up the pillows, and climbed back in bed. The cool sheets felt wonderful against my naked skin. I closed my eyes and stretched my legs, trying a mental exercise where I start at my toes and consciously relax every muscle in my body.

By the time I had reached my breasts, I was ready. The rabbit was warm and easily slid inside me. I got it nice and slippery, then positioned the ears on each side of my clit and clicked it up to a faster setting. I like to squeeze the vibrator between my thighs, which frees up both my hands to caress my breasts and pinch and pull my nipples.

When I masturbate alone, I usually come too fast. I’m not exaggerating - this toy can get me off in less than a minute. But this morning I was in no hurry. Tom was at the golf course and I was on my own for a few hours.

I had one small orgasm - very nice - then another - a bit longer and stronger, when to my horror, I heard Tom’s voice just outside our bedroom door.

“Honey, do you know where I left my phone?”

I barely had time to think What the heck is he doing home? when he opened the door and walked into our room.

The only “minus” with the pink rabbit is that the controls are not very user-friendly.  So there I was, lying on my back, naked, with a buzzing and squirming vibrator in my hand, frantically trying to turn the darn thing off.

“Well well well! What have we here?” Tom asked. He was clearly enjoying the moment WAY too much. “So THIS is what you do when I leave the house! And I thought you were cleaning the bathrooms and scrubbing the floors!”

He dove onto the bed next to me and continued to amuse himself at my expense. “But noooo. The second I’m gone, out comes the giant pink dildo, and off you go to orgasm city!”

“Stop. Ok, ok - you caught me.” (I finally got it to stop wiggling!) We were both laughing. Then I pointed the vibrator right at him.

“Look here, Sir, you bought this thing for me. And I LOVE it. I know that watching me with it gets you hot.” I started it back up and began teasing my nipples.  “Don’t go play golf yet. Stay and play me,” I said, as reached up to kiss him, and handed him the rabbit.

“Hmm. I think that can be arranged,” he said, as he eagerly pulled his shirt over his head and unzipped his shorts.

“But you are a little ahead of me,” he observed. I nodded and took his cock in my hands. He was soft, but not for very long. Tom loves it when I can put my warm mouth around his soft cock. It is a huge turn on to feel his cock growing as I kiss the smooth skin and lick his shaft. In no time, he had a firm erection.

He gently pushed me back onto the pillows. I lifted my legs so he could position the head of his cock just inside the entrance to my vagina. He then took the vibrator, clicked it on, and turned it so that I could vibrate my clit while his cock was inside me.

Because he can feel the vibrations too, this usually makes Tom come fast, and after two Os of my own, I was warmed up. Sure enough, within a few minutes, we were coming together in a noisy and passionate mess.

We gave the rabbit a rest, and I looked Tom in the eyes and told him the truth. “Baby, I guess I should have told you, but I masturbate... a lot.”

“Me too.”

“Do you do it because I’m not enough for you?”

Tom laughed. “Not at all. The sexier you are, the more I think about being with you. That gets me hard, and sometimes I just have to get off so that I can get on with my day.”

“When do you, um, do it?” I asked.

“Oh, now and then. When you are in the shower or making coffee. When I am alone in a hotel room out of town and missing you.”

“Next time, would you call me? I want to come with you.”

“Sure. It’s a date.”

“Can you still make your tee time?”

“I think so. My golf buddies will be wondering why I was late. I’ll just explain that I caught my wife masturbating.”

“You won’t tell anyone, will you?”

“Everyone I know.”

This made me laugh. (I hoped he was kidding!) “I love you. I’m glad you caught me.”

“Me too.” He smiled that smile that makes me melt.

So that’s my “caught” story. Since then, we have laughed about that moment many times. Keeping a sense of humor in the bedroom is so important.

But so is a lock on the door!

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  1. ClimaXX says:

    I just loved this story. I think that so many of us (guys and gals) would love to 'catch' our lover masturbating. The important thing, if and when it happens, is to handle the situation correctly. Share your excitement. Praise your spouse. Tell them that it was a blessing to see them playing. Tell them that you bless them and that it is good for you that he or she does it. Rather ask them to call you next time and share it over the phone. What a lovey thought.

    I have actually arranged it more than once to catch my precious wife. She sets it up in such a way that I can watch her because she knows that it is my BIGGEST turn-on.

    [MH: You can read one of the stories about it here.... ]

  2. ArtRutherford says:

    Thank you for your story. I love to watch my wife masturbate and I masturbate solo and with her. I love to masturbate. It has a completely different feel than PIV sex.

  3. Tulsa says:

    My wife and I often masturbate together too! We both find it a rush to watch each other get after ourselves, but there is something really intense about catching each other in the act!
    First time I caught my wife, she didn’t notice I was watching her at the doorway, until she was done! When she noticed I was there watching, she found out she wasn’t really masturbating alone!

  4. Max says:

    Though I never have seen my wife masturbate, she has seen me plenty of times. In the last few years when I'm masturbating, and the door starts opening, I keep going, because I know it will be my wife coming in and she'll "catch me" in the act. Except for that one time it was my 20 something adult son who walked in instead of my wife. He quickly exited the room and I noticed he always knocked and slowly opened the door since that time. lol.

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