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We hope many of you are eager to get an entry in for the Ignite Membership Givaway. Sadly, our submission form broke a couple of days ago, which put a snag in things. So here’s our temporary solution:

1.) We are pushing back the 1 January deadline (and subsequent launch of Ignite.) We don’t think it would be fair to keep the cut-off when people couldn’t access their drafts or submit their finished stories. So the new deadline is January 15th. Launch will hopefully follow a month after, on Valentine’s Day.

2.) Until we can get that interface working, you can submit finished stories though the contact form. We’ll copy/paste them into your account.

3.) If you have a draft you want to work on while we are trying the fix this snafu, drop us a line. Tell us the working title and we will email you a copy.

Sorry for the inconvenience. But the good news is that you get two more weeks to perfect your entry!

Happy New Year!

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  1. PatientPassion says:

    I totally needed this! I was going to have to stay up all night writing to make the New Year's deadline, but now I have some breathing room. Thanks for the schedule shift!

    Also, as a tip for those who were effected by the issue, here's a tip: keep your drafts on your computer! I do most of my writing in a simple text editor on my computer, then once I think my writing is ready, I copy and paste it into MH and adjust formatting. That prevents drafts from getting lost or being temporarily inaccessible!

    • Marriage Heat says:

      One way is that you'll see it in your My Account page listed under Submitted for Approval with the post-script "Ignite Story". Another is that we will announce the winners of the free one-year memberships on Valentine's Day!

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