Married Sex Public Bathroom

Bathroom Sex at the Banquet

I try to pay no mind to the ever-growing crowd as I walk into the lobby of the banquet hall. People dressed in semi-formal attire fill the dimly lit room. They are swaying to soft classical music. As I pass them, I hear conversations pause awkwardly. Then the inevitable whispers set in, judging me for even being here.

I head straight to the champagne bar. As I empty my first glass and motion to the server for a second, I notice my husband across the bartop. He’s perched in an alcove at the back edge of the curved mahogany, enjoying a whiskey on the rocks. His dark hair brushes the black collar of his dress shirt. It creates the perfect frame for his barely-tanned face. As I make my way down the bar toward him, the scorn follows.

He leans back to get a better look at me. My tight blue cocktail dress hugs every curve of my ebony frame. His blue eyes glitter at me in obvious appreciation, and he smiles. It’s the only friendly look I’ve received this evening. Let them scoff, then. This man loves me. I am here for him and him alone.

I let the background noise fade away and focus on my husband. As his arm wraps around my waist, I straddle one of his slim thighs with mine. Our kisses progress to a full-on make-out session there in the darkened corner.

I can feel his thick cock growing, getting hard against me. He slides his other leg between my thighs then pulls me up into his lap. Strong, masculine hands tuck under my ass cheeks to squeeze them and support my weight. Meanwhile, my knees hug his waist. I rock my hips back and forth, rubbing my clit up against his stiffening manhood. His left hand finds the arch of my back, and his right sneaks between us. Soon it finds its way under my short hemline to search for my clit.

I wrap my arms around his neck and nibble on his earlobe. I’m wet already, I can tell. Next I guide his fingers under my panties and into my tight, hot pussy. He thrusts them into me until I whisper that I’d like to go somewhere more private.

Leaving his suit jacket hanging on the back of his barstool, he follows my lead. He has no idea where I’m taking him or what exactly I plan to do to him. I guide him away from the crowd of drunken people and down a hallway.  Soon I find and open the bathroom door.

A cinnamon-scented candle on the window sill is all that lights up the room, and I leave it that way. I throw off my heels and let them crash against the tiled floor. Bolting the door shut, I push him up against it and grope his lips with my juicy ones. We barely come up for air, completely lost in the moment.

I can feel his hard cock throbbing against me. My hands move down the front of his pants. I unfasten them in haste and pull them down, eager to taste him. I gaze down at his manhood, lowering myself to take him in. My tongue swirls around his crown and over the tip, again and again. I get my reward: a pearl of pre-cum to coat my tongue with his unique flavor.

My mouth opens and he slides his cock into it. I suck him off with intensity as he moans and pulls my hair. At last, taking him deep in my throat, I pause and wait for him to move. And I wait. Just when I think I’ll have to pull away for a breath, he shudders and yanks me backward. I stand back up and gaze at him.

He then lifts me, cradling and squeezing my ass. Shackled though he is by the pants around his thighs, he walks me over to the black marble countertop surrounding the sink and props me up. His lips and tongue ravage mine as his hand hurries up my dress to pull down my lacy panties. Then his fingers dive and swim inside my soaked pussy, while the other hand pulls down the top of my dress. With sucks and soft bites, he attacks my very tender, hard nipples.

I let out a soft moan as I run my fingers through his smooth black hair. With the other hand, I brace myself against the faucet so as not to lose my balance.

He then shifts to using only two fingers and rubs my clit with his thumb. My juices drip and run into his palm. He brings them to his mouth to enjoy the taste of my sweetness.

When I playfully demand that he eat me out, he doesn’t hesitate. Cocking an eyebrow at me as if taking a dare, he kneels before me and tucks my legs over his shoulders. My thighs cover his ears. His warm tongue presses against my clit. He licks and sucks that hard nub until I’m crying out in rolling pleasure. Then he moves his tongue down to savor every sweet drop from my slit.

As he rises to his feet again, his eyes devour me. The flame of the candle reflects in his blue orbs, but the heat is all his. He drops his mouth to my throat and begins to leave his mark on me. Meanwhile, he fishes in his lowered pocket for a condom and rolls it down his thick shaft.

We both look down to watch as his cock enters me, moving in and out. I can see and feel it throbbing and completely taking over my pussy. While he thrusts, I unbutton his shirt. I shove it off his shoulders and to the floor. He unzips my dress and pulls it up over my big breasts.

When I start to bite his nipples, he groans and grips my ass. Skin to skin, he thrusts a little harder, hands on my hips. I notice his veins bulging from the tension in his muscles.

My nails dig into his back. Then I start rubbing my clit with a burning passion.

“Tell me what you want, baby,” he says.

I start panting and whisper to him that I want him to go harder, faster, deeper.

He does, gripping and spanking my ass roughly. Sweat starts to bead on his body and mine. He pants and grunts, gaining speed. My moans get louder. He pulls my body against him with one arm. With the hand of the other, he covers my mouth as he pounds me.

I smack his ass, then arch my back, shoving my ample bosom toward his face. He knows I want him to pinch my hard nipples.

Breathless, I whisper to him that I’m going to cum so good for him.

His moans grow louder as I lean myself onto him. He’s reaching his peak just as I reach mine. One last massive thrust and then he holds, pressed tight into me. I can feel his cock pulsating as I cum hard onto him.

We then hear the door handle jiggle, followed by a tentative knock on the door. I frantically get off the sink, and we get dressed as quick as we can.

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15 replies
  1. Mark says:

    Great story! The bathroom is a nice place for anal too. Place to get kinda kinky and nasty like maybe some dirty anal… Lol.
    Please share more might have to please myself with this story since my wife isn't around to help.

    • CrazyHappyLoved says:

      Agreed. If we haven't had a chance to "prep" but we both really want impromptu anal, a trip to the shower is a great option for us. Works for the occasional period sex, too. But probably not the bathroom counter like in this story. 😁

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