๐Ÿ”Š Hot Bath, Hot Night

We recently found our way to MH and my wife suggested I write something about one of our encounters. I joked that I could write about our honeymoon* and be a complete buzzkill for the entire site. So fast forward 20+ years and five kids later. Christmas Eve 2018…

I came home from work after a brief stop at the store to pick up some things. Earlier in the day, I had come across a recipe on making your own bath salts. I thought it would be fun to treat my wife and me to a mutual, sensual bath. We have a large tub, I think it is called a “roman” tub. We both fit in it. I went straight for the kitchen and whipped up a batch of orange/vanilla bath salts.**

Of course, the kids asked what I was making. “Bath salts,” I replied without further explanation. I then went over to my wife, who was working on the computer. I gave her a hug from behind and a kiss on the back of the neck. Then I whispered in her ear, “A bath for you and me tonight.”

Without turning around, she closed her eyes and made a sexy little hum. “Sounds lovely,โ€ she said.

Waiting for bedtime was a mixture of anticipation and agony. We kept giving each other knowing looks and little kisses. The kids are used to their parents kissing and holding each other, so they were none the wiser. It was Christmas Eve, so we were able to wrangle an earlier bedtime than normal.

Finally, the time arrived. I lit a few candles and placed them around the bathroom while the hot water steamed and filled the tub. She entered the darkened room and we moved for a long embrace. My hands moved down across her back to her buttocks while her fingers ran through my hair. The aroma of the bath flavored our lingering kiss. It gave a level of eroticism that made us both eager to shed our clothes.

I pulled off my shirt as she did the same. I bent down to kiss her nipples. My hands caressed the roundness of her breasts in the flickering candlelight. She moaned with delicious anticipation. I made a trail of kisses from her breasts down to her navel. Then, kneeling in front of her, I unbuttoned her jeans and slid them over her hips.

I saw that she had shaved her pussy. I wasn’t the only one who had been thinking of getting some that night! I was already horny. Now, the sight of that smooth mound in front of me caused my cock to become rock hard.

I continued to trail kisses up and down her thighs as I helped her step out of her jeans. Then, with a final light kiss on her pussy, I stood and unbuttoned my own jeans. Giggling like newlyweds, we finished sliding my pants down. My cock sprang out, ready and eager. We could have gone at it right there before even stepping in the tub, but I had other plans.

We stepped into the hot water. My wife started to sit down facing me. That was our norm when we bathed together in the past. But this time I stopped her.

“I want us facing the same way with you leaning back against me,”
I said.

So there we were, my cock pressed against her back while she laid out in front of me. I had a wonderful view of her body. The water was lapping at the bottom of her breasts. I grabbed a little plastic vial of coconut oil that had been warming up in the water. I proceeded to pour it into my hand and then massage her hands and forearms, one at a time. It may not seem sexy, but to us, it was very erotic.

I then poured oil over her breasts and began to touch, rub, and massage them. My breath caught when she ran her soft hands over her breasts. She moved them down her stomach and began to touch her thighs and pussy. I watched in fascination as she began to masturbate, listening to her quiet but hungry moans. She had only done this in front of me once before, so it was still a new experience for us. Did I mention I had a great view? I ran my fingers around her nipples, giving little pinches as she became more and more vigorous and vocal. With a gasp and pushing back hard against me, she orgasmed.

“You are so beautiful. That was so sexy, I almost came myself.”

“Can I experiment a little?” she asked. At that point she could do anything she wanted, I thought to myself.


She sat up, turned around and straddled me. Between the oil and her natural wetness, I slid inside her easily. We had never tried to have sex in the bath before. It had always been a foreplay thing.

Not sure how to best do this, I moved down a bit so I was more reclined than sitting up. As the water moved up over my shoulders, she giggled, “Don’t drown.”

She began to rock her hips and we began to see a problem developing. She rocked, I thrust, and the water splashed. A lot. A few strokes in and we were already making a mess on the floor outside the tub. We tried not to laugh, but we had been in similar situations before. Something sounds sexy, but in practice, it wasn’t…ideal. Either we weren’t coordinated enough or we needed more practice.

Finally, I sat up and said, “Should we move to the bed?”

Still half laughing, we got out of the tub and dried off. We grabbed the candles and moved from the bathroom into the bedroom. Earlier, I had taken down a large hanging mirror from the living room and propped it up near our bed. Mirrors are more my thing than hers, but she indulges me. Besides, I find it a huge turn on when I see her sneaking peeks or full on watching us as we go at it. ๐Ÿ™‚

In an attempt to salvage the erotic mood, I led her to the bed and whispered, “I want to taste you.” Her shaved pussy was begging for a little extra attention.

“Yes, please,” she enthusiastically agreed.

She laid back on the bed. I knelt down on the floor and proceeded to kiss all around her pussy. She grabbed my hair and moaned in sheer delight as I used the flat of my tongue to lick from bottom to top. I glanced to the mirror at the side. I noticed that while she was holding my head to her pussy, she was watching us in the dim candlelight. As I said, this was a big turn on for me. I continued to lick and began to stroke my cock at the same time. She was watching, so I wanted to give back a little visual thrill that she had given me.

Her hips began to rise and fall with the strokes from my tongue. I could tell from her breathing that she was close. Then she pulled my head up and said, “I want you in me…now!”

I wiped my mouth and with a smile came up face to face. She reached down and guided my cock into her pussy. I alternated watching her face up close and watching our bodies in the mirror. During the few pauses to catch our breath, we would alternate squeezing our kegel muscles. Neither of us is strong in that area, but it’s still fun to feel. She felt amazing.

We changed positions several times, as we do when the mirror comes out. We ended up with her on top. She was riding me, holding her breasts, and making more noise than was probably good for us. (Our house is on the small side.)

I had my hands on her hips, thrusting up into her when she yelped out, “Oh! I’m cumming!”

I held on as long as I could after an announcement like that. I wanted to let the wave wash over her as long as possible. When I couldn’t wait any longer, I pulled out and shot cum over my stomach and chest.

“You are so wonderful and the love of my life,” I whispered to her.

“And you are mine,” she replied. “Do you think we woke up the kids?” She laughed at the thought.

“I honestly don’t care. Let them know that we will eternally love each other. They need to learn to deal with it!”


*We were both virgins on our honeymoon and while it was fun, exciting, and loving, it was not exactly…erotic. Not only were we trying to figure out how to move with any kind of rhythm, but there was also some discomfort and lack of stamina.

**Here is what I used…I couldn’t find the exact ingredients, so I improvised and it turned out well:
500mg Epsom salt
500mg coarse sea salt
25 drops orange essential oil
2.5 tbs imitation vanilla extract (as I said, I had to improvise)
After mixing, I tossed it all in a gallon ziplock bag – I used 2 cups of it in our bath.

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