Sexy Texts from Fiancé

I want to share some more sexy text messages between my wife and me. These I received when she was still my wife-to-be. But I first need to give some explanation.

We met when she came to me for professional services. The day I first saw her, my heart jumped out of my chest. I felt suddenly alive after being divorced for 14 years. She returned to my office a few times in the next weeks for further adjustments. I asked her if we could communicate via message-service on the internet. This started a relationship that soon became very sexual, but without us ever getting together.

We both knew that we wanted to be together and that we wanted to get married. But we were also both terrified of the commitment. (She came from an extremely abusive marriage.) So we held off setting a date. Meanwhile, our messages became more and more sexual. We started saying things and talking about things that we had never had the guts to share with another living soul.

This went on for more than a year. We had discussions about everything. Relationships, parenthood, our relationship with God, in-laws, etc. After some time, we started talking about sex and lovemaking. Slowly but surely our relationship gained more of a sexual nature.

We began to masturbate together while sending text messages. In a way, it was like having sex over the internet. We did not get together apart from “professional” visits to my office. And there we only allowed ourselves to hug and greet one another like old friends. It was extremely difficult not to grab her.

I will not get into detail about what happened after more than 12 months. That’s when we decided it was time to start dating. We were so hot for one another that we were married within three months after that.

Now here are the text messages that I received from her. They might not all make sense, but I hope they excite you.

These were the ones when we started getting intimate in our communication. Many are responses to what I had just messaged to her. I did not save my replies until much later.

I want to experience and do what I see and dream about.

NO! We CAN not, we MAY not, and we MUST not!

I am already doing it and pretending it is you doing it to me. SO nice! Your hands, your tongue. Where are you!?

Oh, that sounds so good! I am going to cum just here where I am. Just give me some time.

Really? I think we will be able to handle it. I will arrive there without a panty.

Yes, I am cool with the idea of using my camera. Oh, I am so hot for you right now. I think I will cum by just listening to you. (We were talking about masturbating in front of a camera and then sharing the clips.)

I really want to put that oil on you and then lick it off. But I am so scared that it can spoil our game. Thank you for your compliments. I don’t always feel like that. Do you know that you are also very sexy? Many evenings I lie on my bed dreaming about you while I play with myself. Wow, it feels so good being so open and honest about things. Please send me some pictures of yourself. Some wild ones. I will be very careful with them but I want to look at them while I am playing. Just thinking of you gets me dripping wet…

No, no no! What are you doing to me? You are creating a monster. I go to bed wet and wake up even wetter. …. I am enjoying it. It is so nice. I want to try everything that we are chatting about. Yes, also from the backdoor!

You are changing me into a wild woman. I do not know myself like this, but it is so nice and exciting.

I always get up early, but never with so much desire to play.

Oh, yes! You will not believe how wet I am at the moment. It seems I will just have to do something about it before my day can continue.

I want to watch you play and to see my lips there. I would love to feel you first cum in my mouth before we play further.

My small little vibrator will work just as well for you, but you will be my playground. I am lying on my bed playing with the big new toy I bought yesterday. Some plan was needed for coping with all these new feelings.

I want to know that you are watching me. Just thinking about it is driving me insane with desire. The fact that you know I am playing with myself, although we have never even made out, is enough to get me dripping. I am now trying my toy at the back. Ohhhh, I am cumming…………… That was so good!

What are you doing to me? I have had a great orgasm but I am still just as high. I am not satisfied yet. Maybe I should come to your office with an excuse for an adjustment.

I am game. Just be patient with me. I am still learning but I am SO willing.

Thank you. You, too. I think you are stunning. I love looking at your sexy bum and your lips are so nice. Tomorrow when I bring the memory-stick to your office I will not be wearing a panty. Just remember, you may not do anything NOR may I. This is our private game!?

Sure, but it is so much fun. I am enjoying our game. I am so wet from just thinking about you. Don’t think I can handle the real thing. So now I just fantasize about you.

Dream with me… Feel my lips just on the tip. Then slowly as my tongue makes little circles around the head. Then slowly I take it all in my mouth. Your juices are driving me wild. It smells so good. I rub your stiff member all over my boobies and get them all wet with your pre-cum. I use my free hand to rub it all over my boobs like skin lotion. Passion overtaking me…

It is such a wonderful feeling! And do you know what else? Stopping every time just before I cum. And then, when I go all the way it feels as if I am flying. It makes the release so much greater.

When you get my letter tomorrow, you will see that you helped me to fly again. You will just have to be patient.

I want to do it so badly, but the guessing and waiting and wondering are making it so nice and sexy. I can feel myself dripping. Good heavens, I am so wet here where I am sitting at my desk. It feels as if I am experiencing small cramps in my bladder. My body is begging me for release.

I am exactly where you have just described. On such a high, but I will tell you all about it later. Maybe I should see what a small webcam will cost me. That is all I can think of now. Right now I cannot even think of that. My pussy is on fire and is begging for release. My body feels lame and I am shaking. I imagine your tongue making small circles around my clit and your hands are all over my body. Oh yes! I want to experience you so deep inside me right now. Oh, I am cumming again.

I want to sit under your desk and play with you. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. I can just imagine how nice you will smell and taste. Probably I will become addicted. I will not be able to stop myself. I want all of you in my mouth and then I will just have orgasm after orgasm. You are making me so hot all the time.

I have to tell you that I lost count tonight. (number of orgasms) The visit to your office without my panty started it all. And then the text message that you sent me had me dripping and I rushed home to start playing. I was out of control. Wow! Thanks.

Definitely more than 6 big O’s – and all because of you.

No, women can cum much more than men. Well, that’s what I think. I think it is normal that we can all cum a few times. But tonight was very rough. I have a body that feels completely overworked. – Over-cummed.

I am lying on my bed completely naked and just staring at the stars through my window. Completely satisfied for now.

(Here I mentioned our big age difference.) What are you talking about!? I think you might be too young.  My preference is for an “older” man. I expect they know where to push all the right buttons. They take care of her FIRST. The more you give her, the more she wants to give. This is nature. We do not want to feel that we are the only one giving. The “boys” still need to learn how. I enjoyed the stuff that you put on the Stiffy (memory stick). When will I get to enjoy YOUR Stiffy?

It is evident that you are not scared. I think we are really going to enjoy one another. I love all the erotic pictures that you shared with me and the story…. wow, that was stunning. You are a great writer. I must be honest that I would love to have sex outside. Maybe I should just say I would love to have sex with you. Outside, inside, in water, on the beach, in a plane. Wherever you want to have me you can take me.

How did you guess that I lick my fingers? I love the taste of my own juices.

Sleep well. I am very excited about our phone date. The idea of having phone sex with you is so exciting. When will we be able to do the real thing?

I love the fact that you say that I am a Lady! Even though I am not acting like one when we are communicating. I think I am always a lady in company. But when I am your wife, I will not be a lady in the bedroom.

I promise I will do that for you. It will be a first for me. Sleeping with my vibrator inside my pussy. Fantastic idea. You are really moving my borders. Good night.

Oh, that was good. Waking up like that was much better than with coffee. My mouth is dry from cumming and trying to keep the noise down. I will write to you later and tell you all about it. I think I was permanently horny even while sleeping with that toy inside my pussy. Quite an experience.

I am sitting and wondering about our game. It is dangerous when a woman starts thinking. It is better to just DO! What do you think?

Desire? Need? Yes Yes Yes!

It all sounds so good. But first I just want to taste you. Then start playing with myself. While my hand is busy with my wet little pussy I want to suck you as deep as possible into my mouth and throat. I want to play with you until it feels as if you are going to explode. You will be as hard as steel. Then I want to come and sit on you and push down until you are deep inside me. Then I will ride you like a racehorse.

Sorry, an old friend called me while we were texting. I could not wait for her to finish talking. While she was talking, I was playing. I was in such desperate need for you. She talked without knowing that I was having an orgasm. Phew. That was wild.

Coming to the place where it starts hurting and then stopping and starting again and again. Do you know what that feels like? I just want to feel you pumping me over and over and over.

I did not want to cum tonight. Instead, I wanted to go to bed dripping with desire but did not want to cum before sleeping. If I do that and I start masturbating when I wake up my orgasm is super explosive. But it did not happen that way. I have just cum a few times. I used my Blue Dolphin dildo. It was in so deep with my fingers pinching my nipples. Now my back is hurting and my knees are lame. I want to feel YOU deep inside me. Your hand on my nipples. Your tongue inside me. I have such a desire for you. I think I will start sucking your toes and then work up from there and not miss anything.

Now you are going to sleep so well after cumming like that. I cannot wait to read your report. Please let us chat again tomorrow evening. BIG PLEASE.

I don’t understand you. You always look so self-confident, but I do not want to give my letters to you like I did today. Standing at your door, so close, my heart beating in my throat. Wanting to reach out and touch you, wanting you to touch me. I do not think I will be able to restrain myself again if we are so close and alone. The desire to touch you was just too great. I am going to spoil our game.

(This is the first response of mine that I saved.) I nearly messed up our game myself. You don’t know how badly I wanted to invite you into my apartment and then undress you completely. I wanted to make you cum over and over, to taste you and feel your nipples in my hands and mouth. It was so difficult to withstand my desires for you.

That is exactly what I wanted you to do, You make me so horny that I want to throw all caution to the wind. I want you so much that I cannot describe it.

I know that you are busy playing with your pussy. Please phone me so that I can help you cum. I want to hear you cumming. It will be the most beautiful sound that I have ever heard. I even want you to hold the phone so close that I can hear the sounds that your fingers are making when you finger yourself.

Yes, I am playing. I am so close to cumming right now. You may call me now if you feel comfortable, but you better be quick or you are going to miss it.

These sexy texts continued until and after we were married. I have to say we continue to have a vibrant love life, and I have to give some of the credit to the near-constant state of arousal we are able to keep each other in. Even when we are working or ministering to others, thoughts of her – and her erotic text messages to me – are seldom far from my mind.

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  1. PacMan says:

    This was amazingly HOTT 🔥! What a treat to read these secret fantasies and desires. It got me so hard! The passion and tension is palpable — even the one-sided conversation was fantastic!

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