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Sexual Roleplay – Choose an Adventure

Being adventurous by nature, my wife and I love to keep things fun. We have found sexual roleplay to be a great way of keeping the spark alive and fresh. It also has helped us to communicate and discover what each other finds exciting. After a few false starts, I put together a list of scenarios with different options. Then I asked her to rate what she found titillating. They are crafted in such a way that gave me a real insight into what pushed her buttons. I hope that the scenarios below will help other couples learn about each other. That, in turn, could ignite some serious passion in, and out, of the bedroom.

You can get as detailed as you want with props or costumes or leave it all to your imagination. The more effort and thought you both put into it, the more it ups the anticipation and the moment.

I asked my wife to rate the subplot of each Scenario separately. She might give all Scenario subplots 1’s or all 4’s, or it might be mixed.

Even if you never end up acting out a scenario, it gives an opportunity to talk about your sex life. And that’s something most couples don’t do nearly enough.

1 = Doesn’t interest me at all
2 = I would try it if YOU really wanted to
3 = That sounds like it could be fun
4 = Wow – I can’t wait!

Scenario 1

You have been summoned by the King. You have been chosen to be his for the night.

A. You are determined that by the end of the night he will be convinced never to let you leave his room or the Palace. When you arrive in his chamber, he instructs you with explicit detail all the ways he desires to be pleased. You spend the entire night fulfilling his every wish.

B. You arrive nervous and shy, as this is your first time. But by the end of the night, you can’t wait for him to summon you again. When you walk in, he is captivated by your beauty. He can’t keep his eyes, nor his hands, off of you. The next morning an announcement goes out to all the land that the King has chosen his Queen.

Scenario 2

You have been taken captive by the Dread Pirate Roberts and face certain death. Or worse.

A. Laughing, his ruffians escort you to his room. There, you expect him to ravish you, doing whatever he wants for as long as he wants.

B. You arrive, fearful for your life. But he reveals to you he is your long lost love and has sailed the Seven Seas in search of you. You spend the night making up for the lost years.

C. Sitting in your cell, you hear loud shouts, then gunfire. A key rattles in the door lock. Your bloodied but alive Love bursts through the door to rescue you. You spend the night celebrating the reunion.

D. He enters the room and locks the mammoth oak door. No one can get in or out. That’s when you pull out your hidden weapon and take HIM captive. Using all your womanly wiles, you convince him to let you go.

Scenario 3

You are a Warrior Princess whose army just finished winning a battle. Your servants bring the most virile male conquest to your chamber to satisfy your needs. You have him bound up helplessly. Then you use him as you see fit to satisfy your sexual thirst.

Or…You instruct him on how he is to please you, ordering him to do whatever you desire. You tell him that if he is to save his life, he must satisfy you using whatever skills he possesses. He has one night to convince you that he is worthy to live.

Scenario 4

You enrolled in University to finish your degree, but your grade in Human Anatomy is not good. Not good at all. If you are going to graduate you have to do something to raise it. So, you set up an after-hours appointment with your professor to see if there is any way to earn a higher mark.

A. When you arrive, you let him know that you would be willing to do WHATEVER is necessary to improve your grade. Then you give him some suggestions.

B. He suggests some different ways that you could improve your grade. You are SHOCKED, but what choice do you have! You spend the night getting a serious lesson in anatomy.

C. In a sincere attempt to help he begins going over classroom lectures about anatomy. But you are still confused. He suggests that it would help if he used both of your bodies to point out the proper anatomical parts. That way, he can demonstrate their functions and response to stimuli. You are up for anything that will help you learn the material and give you a passing grade.

Scenario 5

You are a young, blushing virgin Bride on your wedding night. After he carries you over the threshold of the honeymoon suite…

A. The two of you spend the night fumbling around learning how all of this sex thing works. Your new husband takes charge and spends the night instructing you on what pleases him. He introduces you to all the ways a woman can experience pleasure.

B. You surprise your new husband! You might be virginal, but you are not-so-blushing! And now, you can’t wait to try out all the things you’ve been dreaming about doing with him since the day you met.

Scenario 6

Your car breaks down on a deserted country road, miles from help or cell coverage. It’s going to be dark soon. After waiting for what seems like forever a car approaches and pulls over.

A. A handsome man gets out and offers to take a look. More than battery cable sparks fly between the two of you while he is fixing the car. Afterward, you show him just how grateful you are in the backseat.

B. A biker dude shows up and suggests that for the right payment, he knows exactly how to get your motor running. You don’t really have a choice, and he is pretty hot!

Scenario 7

Looking for a job change, you end up applying at a cattle ranch. Not exactly your cup of tea, but jobs are scarce, and you’ll take anything to get by. You walk into the Ranch House and are greeted by a ruggedly handsome cowboy. He is going to do your interview.

A. He’s not just good looking but polite and courteous. He never gets flustered, but he also can’t stop staring at you. At the end of the interview, he looks you in the eyes and says, “Ma’am, excuse me for being so forward. I don’t think I could live with myself if I didn’t ask you for a kiss.” You kiss him on the lips. By the time you leave, there aren’t many places you haven’t kissed or been kissed.

B. He tells you to sit down and informs you that on his ranch there is one way to do things, his way or the highway. He picks up his lariat and asks if you still want the job. You nod a confident yes. He says, “Ok. But you gotta know that I ride my mares hard and I need a cowgirl that can keep up.” A smile crosses his face when you reply, “I haven’t met a stallion yet that I couldn’t handle.” With a quick flick of his hand, his lasso falls over your head, trapping your arms to your sides. “We’ll see about that,” he says. He reaches for his belt buckle…

C. He begins asking about your experience herding cattle. Do you have all of your own equipment like a saddle, rope, and spurs? You tell him you’ve never herded cattle and don’t own a saddle. He asks why he should hire you over other experienced ranch hands. You respond by hiking your skirt and straddling his lap. “I have some equipment those boys will never have,” you say. “There is one thing I really know how to ride.” Giddyup!

Scenario 8

You are on vacation. You head to the spa anxious for a long-awaited massage. An extremely handsome man enters your room and informs you he will be your masseuse. He offers you a towel and says he will return when you have undressed. You are used to a female masseuse, but you really need the massage. You decide to go ahead with it.

A. You leave your panties and bra on and climb under the towel. His hands rove all over your body for nearly an hour. When he unhooks your bra, you half-heartedly protest, but he says this is part of the treatment. You complain again when he slides your panties off under the towel. He tells you this is his specialty so relax and enjoy it. Boy, he wasn’t kidding!

B. You undress completely and lay on the table under the towel. When he returns you look him in the eye. You tell him he will get an extra special tip if he gives you an extra special massage.

C. When he enters the room, you are wearing nothing but a smile. You tell him you are paying good money for this massage and you’ll get what you want. You push HIM down on the table, pull off his pants, and show him YOU know a thing or two about massages. Only then do you let him work out your kinks.

Scenario 9

Your husband has been away on assignment for far too long and isn’t expected to be back for a long time.

A. You ‘book a flight’ and surprise him by showing up at his hotel room. There, you shower him with surprises all night long.

B. He calls you up one evening. You tell each other over the phone all the things you would do if you were together. But then he surprises you by showing up! You spend the night doing everything you talked about.

C. He surprises you by returning early. Filled with lust for you, he can’t help but use your body to satisfy his needs before he has to leave in the morning. He had a lot of needs!

Scenario 10

You are a fashion model in high demand. You aren’t 20 anymore, but people still stare when you enter a room. Working at an exotic locale you spend the day doing photo shoots.

A. When the photographer suggests some more revealing photos, you agree. No one else is around, and you are proud to show off your gorgeous body. As the sun sets it gets too dark for photos, but not for other things.

B. The photographer is the most famous in the world, and you have wanted to “work” with him forever. When you meet him, you let him know that you are VERY good at taking direction. And you are willing to do whatever is necessary to get the best shot.

Scenario 11

You have crushed on the star Quarterback for as long as you have been a cheerleader.

A. At the Homecoming dance, he approaches you and asks you to dance. He holds you close and whispers in your ear. “Let’s head upstairs, and I’ll give you something to cheer about.” After that, you can’t get your pom poms up the stairs fast enough.

B. One day he sneaks into your dorm room while you are taking a shower and helps you get really clean. When he’s done you show him that you are still a dirty girl.

C. A friend tells you he has a crush on you. After winning the big game, you jump into his arms and whisper in his ear how you would like to celebrate the win. The huge smile on his face lets you know he thinks it’s a great idea.

Scenario 12: Good Cop/Bad Cop

A. You’ve been pulled over for speeding, and you just CAN’T get another ticket. You plead with him not to give you one. When he tells you what it’s going to take to get out of it, you are only too happy to oblige.

B. You call 911 to report an intruder in your home. When the officer shows up, he searches the house and arrests the punk. You let him know just how appreciative you are for having saved your life.

C. The cop takes you downtown to ask you some questions. You’re waiting in the bland interrogation room with a cup of horrible coffee. Suddenly, the sexiest detective on the force walks in. But you’ll never talk, no matter what this copper has up his sleeve…or in his pants.

Scenario 13

You and your nerdy but handsome partner are United Laboratory research technicians. You have to ascertain that products are safe for the general public to use. Your assignment is to certify that certain Adult Sexual Aids are safe and effective.

A. You examine each item together to make sure that nothing is inherently dangerous. Then, you suggest that the best way to determine their effectiveness is to test them out. For research purposes only, of course!

B. Your colleague agrees they are safe but, being far too much of a nerd, doesn’t understand how any of these work. He might be a geek, but he sure does make you hot and bothered. You offer to show him how to use each one.

C. Not being personally familiar with any of the items you are skeptical, to say the least. You are shocked when he orders you to lie down and take off your panties. After all, he says, there is only one way to find out if they really work.

Scenario 14

You are a genie, released from a bottle. Your Master, who just released you, has three wishes to use however he wants.

A. You spend the night fulfilling his wishes. Whatever he requests becomes your greatest desire.

B. You might be bound to fulfill his wishes, but you don’t have to make it easy on him. You resist his advances as much as the magic will allow. But, if he tries hard enough, you can’t help but give in. And boy, does he try hard!

C. He doesn’t know that for every wish he makes it also gives you a magically irresistible command. HE must obey before he gets another wish.

Scenario 15

As a nurse, you love helping people and taking care of their needs.

A. When you enter the patient’s room, you can’t help but feel sorry for him. Both arms and legs are immobilized in casts and dressings from the horrific accident. During the sponge bath, you discover that his arms and legs might not work, but there is nothing wrong with the rest of him. Oops! Just when you thought you were getting him clean, he went and made another mess you have to clean up.

B. The handsome doctor you have been drooling over leads a team meeting. He encourages everyone to make sure they are taking care of themselves and get their yearly checkups provided free by the hospital. As you are ending your shift, he lets you know that if you have not scheduled your checkup, he has time right now. When you agree he leads you to an unused room and gives you an examination you won’t soon forget. Afterward, you reciprocate. After all, doctors need check-ups too!

Scenario 16

You can’t help but watch him as he mows your lawn. He asks if you needed any yard work that needs doing. Of course, you say yes.

A. You change into some work clothes of your own – a slightly oversized T-shirt and nothing else. It’s hot out, after all. As he passes back and forth in front of the window, you decide that the house needs some cleaning done. He can’t see inside anyway. Can he? Did he see you when you were bending over to pick up the toys or when you reached up to adjust the curtains? Oh no, how long has he been watching!? Oh my, he’s coming to the door. What could he possibly want?

B. When he has finished, you invite him inside to refresh himself with a cold drink. “Iced Coffee, Iced Tea, Or Me?” you ask. You like his answer.

C. You put your swimsuit on and go outside and lay in the lounger to get some sun. As he pushes the mower back and forth, you compliment him on the great job he is doing. You apply liberal amounts of sunscreen. You don’t want to get burnt in the hot sun after all. Then you then lie back, close your eyes and let your mind wander. When someone starts kissing your neck you are shocked! What took him so long? Good thing the yard is fenced or the neighbors would have had quite the show.

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11 replies
    • HappyHubby says:

      Thanks GG, I hope some of the ideas will spark conversation and more among MarriageHeat readers. Would love to hear your (and others) role play stories!

  1. Dean316 says:

    These are great! Be great to hear back from couples on MH trying these out. I’m young and single, but I might write fictional posts based on these scenarios. I’ll read these a few times over and get to it soon 'cause these are really good!

    Stay sexy.

    God bless,

  2. The Rose says:

    HappyHubby you have really put in a lot of effort into this posting. You have made some suggestions that we are going to try. I must just get the right one that will excite Mrs Rose. She is a specialist when it comes to living out a fantasy. Our best one so far was the Cookies one. You might want to read it again here:
    It will remain one of the best nights of my life. And when I just reread it, it made me hard all over again.
    I hope to let you know about our choice from your list.

    • HappyHubby says:

      I read your post and immediately remembered it Rose. Great story and an awesome example of how Role Play can really heat things up! I'm not surprised that was one of the best nights of your life! Hope one of the scenarios can help give the two of you another Night to Remember!

  3. TPC says:

    We enjoy a spin on scenario #16 where I am the good looking pool man and she is the beautiful lady who needs help with her sunscreen. I'm also a fan of the Batman / Catwoman tryst so we have had fun with that a time or two.

    • HappyHubby says:

      The pool man scenario is what inspired #16 but since we don't have a pool we had to make do with mowing the lawn. That's what I love about role play, you can customize and tweak any scenario to fit your likes and budget. We've never tried the superhero genre but it sounds like it could be lots of fun. I might have to make plans to buy some outfits for Halloween!

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