Road Games

My wife and I were set to go on a long road trip of over 3000 miles. We would be traveling through Southwestern Deserts. Basically nothing but empty roads. I began to brainstorm ways to make the miles pass quickly before the trip even started. What better way than sex to make the time pass fast!

We had both been looking forward to this vacation and the alone time it promised. I knew it wouldn’t be hard to convince her to play along. Time to put my plan into motion. I asked, “Hey, rather than the alphabet game we played with the kids, how about we play a game that is a little more grown up?

“What do you have in mind?” she asked with a little laugh.

“How about every time a tumbleweed blows across the road you have to give me a peek of your Bush?” I asked with a cheeky grin. Since one just blew across the road, I was hoping this would turn out to be a common occurrence!

Knowing how much I enjoy it when she flashes me, she quickly agreed. “That sounds like fun,” she said, grinning back. “But what do I get to look forward to?”

That began several hours of “negotiations” on the rules. This proved to be very fun and sexy. As the game evolved, we decided the items we were looking for had to have some kind of association to the reward. For example, a Tumbleweed is a bush, so I would get a peek or feel of her bush.

Also, the reward should be commensurate to the difficulty of finding the item. Driving through the desert there was no challenge in finding a cactus. A rainbow or coyote was a rare event, however. Also, we didn’t want to make things TOO rare. We BOTH were looking forward to being rewarded!

Honestly, the “rules” morphed a bit during the drive. I would encourage you to create your own set of rules based on what excites you.


Here are the “Reward” items we came up with. Half the fun, though, was the discussion and negotiations. Borrow some of ours if you like, but I would encourage you to come up with your own!

Rolling Tumbleweed – Upon request I got a peek or feel of her Bush.
Bird of Prey – She had to play with my “Eggs” while we drove.
An Ambulance – Pull over and give each other “Mouth to Mouth” for three minutes.
Police Car – Frisk her for “Dangerous Weapons.”
Fire Truck – She had to play with my “Hose.”
Train Caboose – I would give her a “Caboose” a massage. This was a favorite of hers!
Slippery When Wet Sign – Using lube, reach inside her pants and make her Pussy slippery until it was wet.
An Apalloosa Horse – Sex in the Reverse Cowgirl position that night. This was one of my favorites!
Twin Peaks – I would have to massage both of her “Peaks” while driving. Only safe on long empty roads. They had to be two isolated, pointy mountain peaks close enough together that they resembled two breasts.
Lightning Bolt – She had to flash me her breasts, bottom or pussy upon request. Pic of Girl on a Mud Flap – I got a ‘photoshoot’ with her at the hotel. Another of my favorites!
Rainbow – She received a Foot Massage (her pot of gold) with a “Happy Ending” upon request.
Coyote – Pull over into a private spot at earliest opportunity. The other had to their best to make the one who spotted it “HOWL!”


My wife wrote down the ‘rules’ and kept score in a small notebook while I drove. Each night we would stop at a hotel. It rarely took much time before we were cashing in the rewards we hadn’t been able or brave enough to cash in on the road.

You don’t have to be on a 3000 mile trip to play. We’ve since used it on short drives into town!

Have fun and drive safe!

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5 replies
  1. PacMan says:

    These sound like fun rules to drive by! And the photo of the trimmed pubes so very much teminds me of my wife. A really HOT 🔥 pic. I can’t wait for the next time I rub my wife’s sexy mound!

  2. Herknight says:

    Love it. My DW use to go on trips with her grandmother and cousins as a kid, and grandma would give them a dollar for each white horse they saw and was verified by another person.
    Jump ahead to our honeymoon: we still did that, but she asked what I would give her for an antelope. (Mind you, we live in western South Dakota and Wyoming area.) I said a century of marriage. So by the end of our honeymoon week we were up to 150 centuries. We are still doing it 21 years later and are up to close to 3000 centuries.

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