Getting Well and Making Up (L)

It’s been cold and rainy lately. We’ll have low temperatures for a week and then they’re unseasonably warm for a few days before back dropping back down again. This weather pattern is wreaking havoc on those of us who suffer from allergies this time of year. Besides that, so many people have the flu, strep, bronchitis, upper respiratory infections, pneumonia, allergies, and colds. With so much illness around us, my husband got very sick and it lasted for three weeks. I took good care of him while doing my best not to catch it.

I was so horny those three weeks, not kissing or holding him and not having sex at all.  It was so frustrating, lying in bed beside him and listening to him snore, that I couldn’t sleep. Many nights, I got my big vibrator or my bullet out and masturbated until I orgasmed just so I could drift off.  Then I would dream of when we could have sex again.

Just when he was getting better, wouldn’t you know it? I got sick! This meant having to wait another week.

So this morning, we both felt frustrated and cranky too. He’s used to staying busy. So sitting around the house had gotten to him. We were grouchy and just not being very nice to each other. One of his comments made me very angry. I went to take a shower so I wouldn’t lash out and say things I might regret, and he went to his office. When I got out of the bathroom, I received a text from him apologizing for overreacting and thanking me for taking such good care of him.

I decided to change the direction of our day into something more positive. So I put on a long sleeve cotton shirt that has snaps up the front. I didn’t wear a bra and I unsnapped it all the way down to below my breasts.  My large melons were peeking out. Then I fixed him something for lunch and called him to the kitchen. When he saw the shirt, he smiled and gave both breasts a squeeze. We ate together and he went back to his office to check email.

That’s when an idea occurred to me! I got a very soft plush blanket and put it over our bed. It would be soft and warm and also catch all our juices if I got lucky! Then I warmed up the massage oil, lit a candle, and turned on some mellow music. Next, I got out two different size dildos and lubed them up with coconut oil. I took my panties off before calling him to come to our room.

I told him to take off his clothes and lay on his stomach. Then I got on my knees and straddled him. Pouring the warm oil onto his back, I rubbed it in and kissed his neck. I was so wet. I poured more oil on his tight ass and begin kneading and squeezing that fine butt! Then I straddled him and begin to ride that ass! Oh, I was so hot for him; I wanted him so badly that I was moaning as my clit rubbed on him. I came almost immediately. But I kept rubbing his back and riding him until I came again! Then I rolled off and sat beside him, spreading his legs apart. I put oil on my hands before reaching under to grab his balls so I could stroke and pull them. After spending several minutes on his testicles, I reached under again, grabbed his hard cock, and stroked it as well. He moaned in enjoyment.

I stopped for a minute. Reaching for the iPad, I handed it to him and said, “I want you to read my story, “Keeping Warm on a Freezing Day.” I let him read a little. Then as he continued with the story, I climbed on that hard cock reverse-cowgirl style. I would raise up until the head of his penis almost came out of my pussy then slowly slide all the way down as far as possible. He threw my iPad to the side and grabbed my hips as I thrust harder and moaned with another orgasm.

Finally, I rolled over on my back and said, “My turn for a massage!” He poured oil over my breasts and begin to rub them. Then he slipped a finger in my very swollen and wet pussy. I couldn’t wait any longer; He had to fuck me. Now!  I had missed his touch so much!

He kissed my nipples as he positioned himself to slide that pipe into my wet pussy. We took it slow, wanting to savor every thrust, every moment of what we had been longing for. I was moaning softly in ecstasy. Then I said, “Slap that pussy! I want to feel those balls slapping my cunt! I want to soak your balls. Oh, God. Baby, that’s soo good! God, I love you! Oh, how I’ve missed this! I could fuck you like this all day!”

I kept talking dirty and moaning louder with each orgasm. With one last thrust, he hit my G-spot so hard I screamed as I felt myself squirt. “Fuuuck!”

Just then he pulled out and began to stroke himself. I grabbed a dildo and plunged it in and out of my drenched, still throbbing pussy as I kept talking dirty to him. “I want to see you cum on me, baby. Shoot on me now. God, I love to see you cum!” He erupted his seed on my tummy. I said, “I need your tongue, baby! Oh, God. Please eat my pussy. I got to have more!”

He went down on me, licking circles and long strokes on my clit and thrusting his tongue deep every few thrusts. He took the dildo and rubbed it around my rosebud and put the tip in as he licked me. (That was a first. Usually, I just get a finger rimming; we’re not that into anal.) I came hard! Then he fingered me to another couple of orgasms until I was totally satisfied. The last few orgasms were so intense and I gave in so totally to the release that I had tears running down my face. Orgasms so good they make me cry don’t happen that often. Wow, did I need that!

Afterward, he came up and lay beside me with his head on my chest. As I lay on my side with my leg wrapped around him, I stroked his hair and kissed his forehead. I told him how much I had missed being held and that closeness. Then I said, “Hey! By the way, I didn’t get that back massage.” He laughed and said, “Was what you got better?” “Yes,” I said, “most definitely!” Then I told him how much I love him and we dozed off for a sweet nap.

Thank you, God, for this man and for allowing me to spend my life with him!

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17 replies
  1. hornyGG says:

    What a hot story southernheat! I simply love the way you write. Let me say that I have had some really intense orgasms, but none that brought tears to my eyes. Wow!
    Ben and I know all about the "sickness carousel " and missing the intimacy. A good fuck does a body good! Thanks for sharing and I can't wait for your next story darlin. God Bless and Stay Horny!
    😘 GG

    • Southernheat says:

      Thanks, GG, glad you like the story! Can’t believe I got one on you. I think I’ve only had that happen one other time in all these 31 years.
      I just read your paperback; really good. Love your stories! You and Ben are an inspiration to many of us long-time married folks. Keeping it hot!

  2. LoveMyWife56 says:

    Well Southernheat, you have out done yourself again. That story was smoldering! I lost count of your orgasms…how many did you have?! You and your husband are very blessed with your amazing sex life. Your love for him is so obvious and very encouraging. Please excuse me, but I must go do something to relieve the sexual tension after reading that! Thanks for your stories.

    • Southernheat says:

      Lovemywife56 glad you really enjoyed it! I got pretty excited just writing about it! I think it was 6 orgasms I don’t know for sure. Yes, the sex is great! The benefit of a long term relationship with good communication: you get better and better at pleasing each other. Don’t ever stop trying to improve on how you please your spouse!

  3. seXcaliber says:

    Wow, southernheat. I need a respirator or defibrillator.

    I think this story gets a 7 out of 5!

    I love how you can rub off on his ass. I bet that looks hot too. You guys should record it to watch later.

    Back to work now, if I don’t pass out from hyperventilating.

  4. Slinger says:

    Somebody call the fire dept because that story was HOT🔥🔥. My husband is on a business trip and it’s been about a month since we’ve seen each other. Definitely looking forward to making love like this when he returns 😉😉. 'Til then, I guess I’ll have to let my "boyfriend" out of the sock drawer tonight. lol

    • Southerheat says:

      I guess I must have learned that from my horse riding days. Ride em cowgirl. Yeehaw!
      Glad you thought it was hot!

  5. Lovinghusband says:

    Southernheat – I loved every syllable and comma in this story! You told it so well. We too have had weather like you recently here in California – along with sickness. So, I could identify with your situation. We too – in midday sex – will put something over the bedspread to catch our juices. I like how you took the initiative to change the direction of that whole day. Thank you for sharing it with all of us. It really touched me. God bless you two. LH

    • Southernheat says:

      We never used coconut oil in the bedroom until I read about it on MH. Now that’s all we use. It’s great!

  6. Flying Hubby says:

    Your stories are amazing, so descriptive and hot. I read this story as part of my life, a little in the past and parts for the future. Last night was catchup time for me being sick for a week so I could relate. You are an amazing writer, thank you.

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