Ladies, What Makes a Man Sexy?

This is a questionnaire for the ladies (wives, those that are engaged, or hopefuls).

What is sexy about your man or men in general?

Is it strictly his physique? Does he have an extremely muscular frame, or is he soft in all the right spots made for cuddling? Maybe kind of a beer belly, so to speak?

Is it his confidence or the way he carries himself? Does he have that “swagger” but not the arrogance that normally goes along with confidence? Or do you like his arrogance?

Is it how or when he is praying to God to be a better husband and/or father to the children? Is it his loving heart for humanity?

Is it that he is humble? In other words, he knows his place in the world.

Is it how he interacts or engages with other people?

Is it the way he treats you? The kissing and hugging when you are having a bad day? The listening to your thoughts and ideas, and coming to you for answers to questions?

Is it the way he treats you as an equal partner in life?

And then my final question. How do you let him know that he is sexy to you? Do you tell him? Do you hug him or encourage him? Or do you show it physically and give him hot loving.

What are your thoughts? To Him be the glory.

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  1. Southernheat says:

    Many things make a man sexy and not all is physical traits. I still find my man physically attractive after many years of marriage. Yes our looks have changed through the years that’s part of life he still make my heart skip a beat when he holds me in his arms kisses me and tells me he loves me.
    He’s sexy to me because of how he shows his love unconditionally. The little thoughtful things he does for me. The way he smiles when he looks at me. His self confidence is very sexy. The fact that he is a Godly man and prays for our family is sexy. The fact that he works hard to make sure our family is taken care of. These are some of the many things that make him sexy!

  2. hornyGG says:

    A devout love of God, confidence, a good sense of humor and a willingness to do what is necessary to care for his family. To me those things are what make a man sexy to me. I am blessed because my husband Ben has all those traits. I do love my man!
    😘 GG

  3. CrazyHappyLoved says:

    Okay, I'm gonna swim against the current a little bit. All these things that you suggest and that the other ladies mentioned are attractive, yes. They are things that I love and appreciate about my husband, but not what makes him sexy to me. Granted, if he wasn't the man he is, no amount of sexy would matter.

    But for me, sexy has a little to do with how he looks and a LOT to do with how he uses it.

    The hottest my husband has ever looked was when we were doing P90X, but dang! that's a huge commitment. I don't expect him to look like Henry Cavil at 50. But I do find that the better care he takes of himself physically, the more confident he seems. There is a little bit of a swagger, though he doesn't take himself too seriously or let compliments or ladies' glances go to his head.

    I don't know if it's the confidence boost or higher levels of testosterone, but he also seems to pursue me a lot more when he's working out regularly. (That seems to go both ways, in fact.)

    But one of the sexiest things about my husband is when he expresses his desire for me. My favorite is a certain intensity in his gaze; he lets his eyes talk to me. But whether it's with an appreciative growl when he squeezes my ass or a groan and a shudder when I French kiss him, his responses to me always turn me on. It's the perfect mix of confidence and vulnerability, of control and trust.

    I notice his sexiness a lot more when he dresses in clothes that accentuate his best features: broad chest, nice "guns", and the most gorgeous butt! Tightish jeans, snug tee, and boots (or barefoot – omg, I love his feet!) are the bomb!

    How do I show him? Well, my love for him is implicit in the respect I show him as my husband and the head of our family, and in the effort that I put forth to please him in all areas of our life together. (Again, this goes both ways with him attending to my emotional needs and showing consideration for my preferences.) But I show him he's *sexy* to me by how I respond to him and how I try to be attractive to him and get his sexual notice. It's in the kisses and touches and glances and innuendo… in short, I flirt with him to show him I think he's sexy. It brings us back to the beginning; we work to win each other's attention and when we do… sparks fly!

  4. Txblonde says:

    There are many things about my husband that I think are sexy. His sense of humor. When he cooks our dinner. When he gets out of the car to pump my gas…even when I’m the one driving. But there are two specific times where he is as his sexiest – when he is working on fixing something around the house. I LOVE a man who has the ability to fix just about anything. And even after nearly 31 years of marriage…he is absolutely at his sexist when he gets that “I have to have you now” look in his eye. OMG, the determination, focus and desire on his face still gives me goosebumps.

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