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I was texting my wife one day after discovering MarriageHeat. I had told her I wanted to write about our sexcapades, saying that maybe I would write down a year’s worth and put it in an erotic book. It was very discouraging that everything in the erotic world seemed to be about threesomes or screwing your neighbor’s wife or other debauchery. Not much about good, clean, “raunchy” marriage heat.

I don’t remember how I stumbled across MH, but I was immediately hooked. I texted my wife: “I found a place to publish my story.”

“What story?”

“The one of our encounter a couple of weeks ago,” I responded. “It won’t make any money, but it could be fun.”

Then I texted her a link of the story “‘Caught’ Masturbating.” It was about a couple who liked to catch each other in the act of self-pleasure. “Read this,” I told her.

“Is it going to make me horny?” she asked, probably because of the little thumbnail that popped up with the link.

I texted an upside down smiley face and a halo smiley face.

After reading it, she replied. “Okay, now I want to masturbate.”

“Me too,” I typed. “I got a serious hard-on reading that story at my desk. I had to take a deep breath or two. That couple was married 40 years and still being naughty!”

“I think that’s amazing,” she responded. “That can be US!”

We texted a little more about the site and then she wrote, “I’m wet.”

“I was counting on it,” I quipped.

“I wish you were here,” she continued. “You don’t know how much I want to masturbate, and I want you to watch me.”

I texted a few surprised looking emojis and the word “Jeez.”

“Then I want you to jizz all over me,” she said. “I want to touch your balls as you cum all over me.”

“Man! I’m throbbing,” I wrote.

“It’s a shame you won’t be home for almost two hours.” She sent a pic of her pants unzipped, showing the top of her underwear with her hand in her crotch.

A little more sex banter went back and forth. Needless to say, my underwear was soaked in precum by the time I got home.

After eating, we went upstairs. We had never masturbated with – or for – each other. It was a bit awkward at first, but we were so hot and ready for it.

I had told her I wanted her to start with all her clothes on and show me what she would do if she were alone.

She lay on the bed and began rubbing her torso firmly with her hands, up and down her ribs and around her breasts. Then she ran her hand down into her crotch over the top of her pants. She rubbed hard so that she could feel it through the fabric.

She pulled up her hoodie and exposed her very thin t-shirt. I saw that she had no bra and I began to tingle. She continued massaging her belly and breasts and began to moan quietly. Then she pulled her pants down to her ankles and rubbed her inner thighs. Next, she moved up and stroked her lips through her panties. The sexual look on her face started getting to me. She pulled her panties open from the side and reached in to touch her lips. Her obvious pleasure made my cock jump in my pants. Then she pulled her fingers out and showed me her sticky honey that made a string of lust between them.

I took off my shirt, starting to get into this. I began rubbing my own skin and enjoying myself, not take my eyes off her.

She pulled her shirt up to her chin, exposing her torso and breasts. She was unashamedly groping herself now. My hand had found its way to my crotch and was rubbing expectantly.

Suddenly, passionately, she tore her panties down and removed them along with her pants. She was naked from the neck down. Now she was enjoying herself without any reservations: Rubbing and pulling and groping and fingering. Moaning like she was seducing me. Mouth open, eyes dark.

I stripped off the rest of my clothes, releasing my dick to throb and drip as I began stroking. Then I got up on the bed with her for a better look. I wanted to remember this pleasure feast. As I watched, she rubbed her lips and spread the juice on her clit. I looked up to see her staring into my eyes with hot desire.

My dick caught fire with passion. I don’t know what naughtiness possessed it, but it began to feel electrified. Every stroke was like a horny lightning bolt. As she rubbed herself harder and faster, I began to lose control. Up on my knees, I edged forward so that my thighs were touching hers. She was spread wide open for my eyes to devour.

Just then, my balls seized up tight and my cock swelled up in my hand. The explosion was electrifying and guttural. I jizzed across her so hard it slammed into her breast, rolling over her nipple and onto her hoodie. Again I squirted, this time across her belly.

When the third squirt of cum rushed out, she put her fingers on the head of my dick and caught it, covering her fingertips in hot sex. Then she reached down and rubbed the cum on her clit and down into her lips, even pushing it into her hole. She came hard, moaning loudly as my cum continued to drip down on her hand.

Then I knelt between her thighs and shoved my cock inside her. I wanted to feel her pulsing sex hole sucking and grabbing me. I kissed her softly.

We wiped down, and she stripped off her hoodie to cuddle with me. I do wish I could have stayed hard just a little longer. But we both had amazing orgasms and enjoyed our first mutual masturbation very much.

Thanks, MarriageHeat, for the sexy inspiration.

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8 replies
  1. Old Lover says:

    Your story made me re-read Caught Masturbating, so I had to comment on a recent moment of being caught! Thanks for this hot story. It’s also fun to get caught after the fact. Sometimes I’ll leave my jack-off sock soaked with my cum by the bed or the hamper for my Anne to find. She loves to know that I pleasured myself and often it leads to another HJ to fully drain my balls.

  2. hornyGG says:

    Very hot story seXcaliber! Made me want to masturbate. My husband Ben and I absolutely love masturbating together, it is so hot! Thank you so much for sharing this and please stay horny always.
    😘 GG

  3. OldManJam says:

    Great story!

    I had a question about the ignite audio playback, are they downloadable files able to be played offline? I know this isn't the place for such a question but I wasn't able to find an faq or anything.

    • MarriageHeat says:

      Great question! Sorry but no, the audio files are not downloadable. We are working on updated guidelines and an FAQ, but until then you are welcome to use the Contact form in the top (or hamburger) menu to drop us a line. We'd love to hear how making them available to download might be an advantage to our Ignite members.

  4. Satin King says:

    Great story Sexcalibur! My wife and I are also long -time married and long -time mutual Masturbators! Check out a story I wrote about it in Dec. entitled “satin and lace lovers” under the Christian masturbation section here on MH. Hopefully it will get you and your wife worked up into a hot lather again for another sexy session like this last one! Love reading about your married heat!

  5. Beachlover Guy says:

    Very erotic story! I masturbated as I read it because it reminded me of a recent night-time session with my wife. Both of us were horny, but we wanted to tease each other, so we took turns masturbsting for each other and explaining how the parts of our bodies were aroused in the process. With her pussy spread open, my wife told me to rub my cock head until it was covered with precum because she loved the sight of it. I did that and then continued until I shot my load onto her pussy lips and just a little inside as well. That was how we began our evening in bed and it was a wonderful way to start!

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