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Tit for Tat, Part 2

You may enjoy this story on its own, but it is a follow-up to “Tit for Tat,” previously posted. Well, I went to bed that evening proud of myself and, quite frankly, thanking God for helping me overcome some really nasty anxieties and truly low self-confidence. I was still horny… of course. But I was […]

Tit for Tat (L)

This story contains an instance of strong language (L). Sometimes you just want to change things up. Push some boundaries. Do something you haven’t done before. Especially if you have gotten in a rut, feel trapped by your own expectations, or are simply bored. I have been recently listening to and watching material to help […]

Weather Related Incident

A few weeks ago, my bride and I took a little drive in our convertible sports car. We were passing an 18-wheeler when she said, “Put your hand in my crotch.” I said, “He’ll see!” “Duh!” she said, smiling wryly. I leaned near her, put my hand between her legs and began to rub. She […]

It Started with a Text

Sometimes, after years of being married, you want to feel those feelings you had when you were young. Back when love was big and problems were small. The cares of life can wreak havoc on your libido, so sometimes your imagination needs a little spark. I’ll often try to “plant the seed” in my wife’s […]