It Started with a Text

Sometimes, after years of being married, you want to feel those feelings you had when you were young. Back when love was big and problems were small. The cares of life can wreak havoc on your libido, so sometimes your imagination needs a little spark. I’ll often try to “plant the seed” in my wife’s brain early in the day. I want to get her mind thinking of being with me.

Sometimes I’ll send a sexy emoji, or a dirty phrase or suggestive thought. Today I picked a silly lyric from a song:
“o, o-o, o-o, o-o,
Baby, I’m burnin’ up,
I didn’t mean to fall for ya.

o, o-o, o-o, o-o,
Baby I’m burnin’ up,
You got that red hot kinda love. <3 (heart emoji)”

I knew she was getting the idea when she responded with:
“I touch myself, I want you to touch me.”

So I hit her again with another little tune I knew she liked:
“I luh that body
I luh that boom boom-boom boom-boom
I luh that body
I luh that BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!”

She’s fully participating now:
“Do you feel like you ever want
To try my love and see how well it fits?
Baby, can’t you see when you look at me
I can’t kick this feeling’ when it hits.
I want your love…”

“Whose song is that?” I typed.

“Hah, no clue!” was the response.

The day got busy and we didn’t text for a while. Then she told me she was too busy to make dinner. She had to work that night. She says, “You can eat leftovers again. Sorry.”

So I responded, “I’ll just have pussy for my dinner.”

“Well, this pussy is on her way to work. You’ll have to have that for dessert,” she typed.

After a few minutes passed she typed, “I’m surprised you didn’t say anything.”

I responded that I had to make a call to pay a bill. “How’s this?” I texted and included a racy image of myself. I do this pretty regularly. I work out during work hours and come back to my office to change into my regular clothes. Sometimes, I take photos of myself in various states of undress to send to her at just the right moment. This one was shirtless and I was pulling my shorts down so that the top of my penis was showing. I was also giving an appropriate naughty-boy look into the camera.

“Amazing!” came the response. And then nothing for about 30 minutes. I assumed she was working.

The radio silence was interrupted again, “I just looked at that pic again and I got a tingle.”

So I sent her another from a different day. Then I started getting into the shower to make myself fresh for her when she got home.

“Damn who are you!?!?” she wrote.

So I started to play around:
“I live in your building. You can come over later if you want.”

By now, I was really horny. I started stroking myself to erection. I rubbed shampoo lather all over my cock and took a photo of it. It was erect and dripping in suds.

“Wtf! I’m working. Stop.” Now I’m laughing because she probably got caught or almost got caught by someone.

Five minutes later she types, “Would you like me to wear something sexy for you?”

#ILoveLingerie! Heck yeah!! I love when she wears sheer, lace, straps, satin, black, white, red, leather, studded, feathers, I don’t give a crap. As long as she puts something on that tells me she wants to be with me it turns me on. But sometimes sexy isn’t formal. It can be that sheer white t-shirt or tight jean shorts. For the last couple of days, I had been fantasizing about her bra-less in a flannel shirt. Kind of a lumberjack style.

I type, “Yes. That red plaid shirt and black panties and nothing else. Either lacy panties or a thong. And button the shirt, but only halfway, so it looks slutty.” (insert horny smily face)

She came home and went upstairs. I had taken the liberty of laying out the shirt and a choice of panty.

“Are you cumming?” she texted.

“I was waiting for an invite. What are you wearing, naughty girl? Send me a pic.”

So she did. Finger in her mouth, come-hither look on her face, and plenty of cleavage.

“Shit. I’m on my way.” But as I walked the steps, two more photos pop up. One of her looking back as she holds the phone over her side behind her. The other one closer up showing me the black lace pattern on her curvy ass. Followed by, “Get up here.”

I walked into the candle-lit room and she was lying on the bed crossways. She was leaning propped up on one elbow. I lay down opposite her, leaning on my elbow too, like yin and yang.

I took her all in. Her wicked black hair and deep brown eyes. Her soft lips. All that lusty cleavage. I put my hand up behind her head and pulled our faces together and made out with her. Lips and tongue, like teenagers under the bleachers at the football game. Then I put my hand into the shirt on her bare breast as I kissed and tongued her neck. Her breathing became ragged and my pants got a little tighter.

I kissed and tongued her neck and chest and teased a breast for several seconds. Then I started licking her nipple. Then I sucked it and flicked it several times. Her nipples are sensitive, so this drives her crazy.

I kept sliding my lips and tongue down her ribs and tummy. I unbuttoned the shirt as I went. When I got to her groin I mouthed the lips through her panties. Then I sank my teeth into the swollen mound, gently biting and pushing with my tongue.

She slid her panties over to uncover her quivering sex hole. I slowly, passionately, kissed it with my lips. I kissed the clit mound, then I sucked the lips. She moaned like crazy and began stroking my cock in my pants.

Then I unleashed my tongue into her. I pushed into her hole and lapped out her creamy desire. It was thick and plentiful. I used my tongue to smear it up her hole and into her clit.

She was tearing at my pants now, wanting to release my hard dick. It popped out and she rubbed it with her hand. Then she pushed her breast into it. She would surely have sucked it if we had been positioned just right.

Meanwhile, I made out with her entire vagina. Top, bottom, inside, lips. I kept coming back to her clit over and over. She was squirming and moaning and rubbing her tit on me. She wanted me to cum on her. Losing all control, she orgasmed in my mouth, moaning loudly. I squeezed her ass in my hand and pushed hard into her with my tongue.

When the spasms had slowed, she flipped around so our heads were together. She started making out with me again and rubbing my penis. It got harder and harder but the climax wouldn’t come. So she mounted me like a rabid woman. She loves making me cum after she has already climaxed.

I got her to sit up cowgirl-style, and she rode me hard. This way, I could watch her in that sexy shirt, with her nipples hard and tight. She gave me a show. Touching herself and running her fingers through her hair as she rode me. Finally, I exploded. “Yes!” she screamed and smiled as she ground into me. She was so excited to please me.

We both laughed when it was done. She kept the shirt on for me. We laid together until we fell asleep.

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18 replies
  1. Sultryheat says:

    Wow, what a super hot story! I guess it really hit home because you and your wife's ideas for sexual turn ons are VERY similar to ours! I go crazy when my wife wears flannel shirts. It happened innocently enough the first time she put one on…I would have never imagined how hot someone could look in flannel. She threw one of mine on after a shower to zip to the kitchen for a drink. She, of course, didn’t have anything on underneath and only closed one button by her navel. My, Oh My! Her beautiful ass checks were peeking out as were her gorgeous titties. The only part I couldn’t see were her nipples. It sure didn’t take me long to spread the shirt open and feast on that body. Now she has several flannel shirts…when she has one on, it’s always over nothing and it’s ALWAYS go time! She’s hot AF and knows how to work me into a frenzy.
    In the summer, it’s a tiny little silky very short robe! Yummy!

    • JAM777 says:

      Haha, that's awesome!! I could picture how that would be, or a woman with a shirt that is too big for her so she is kind of swimming in it, sounds so beautiful!!! Now if she had glasses on too…. major turn on!!!

    • Sultryheat says:

      Yes Jam777, she is very hot, especially when she wears my shirts! She says she loves them because they smell like me. She doesn’t wear glasses, but does wear her long light chestnut hair in a high ponytail…Wow! Letting her ponytail down and running my finger through her gorgeous hair is always part of undressing her!

  2. PacMan says:

    5-star story! So turned on when my wife wears clothes that give me peeks at her “peaks”! And 5-star photo (the nipple has returned)!. Not offensive, not pornograhic. A lovely and classy display of breasts. It was a bold choice, and I applaud the MH admins!

  3. Southernheat says:

    Hot story! I love cowgirl style because it drives him wild watching my big breasts and shoving them in his face! When he starts flicking and sucking on my nipples while I’m riding him it sends me over the edge! Mmm, I just remembered I have something I need to do, get back in the saddle! Let me go get my man!

  4. Sultryheat says:

    Amazing photo choice MH!! It is tastefully done, all while adding the perfect amount of sexy!
    God made nipples for many reasons…no reason they shouldn’t be enjoyed and appreciated!

    • seXcaliber says:

      Me, too, Art. Especially if she initiates. And for whatever reason, the dirtier the better. "Wanna have some sexy time tonight?" gets me going, but "I wanna watch you lick my cunt tonight" practically makes me jizz in my jeans a little. LOL

      May have to do a post on dirty talk and the appeal and what is taboo vs enjoyed.

      Thanks to everyone for the positive comments on my first story.

  5. ClimaXX says:

    I feel that I HAVE to comment on the photo going with this story. The first time we are actually seeing nipples. (or have I missed a pair?) I love this pic. What makes it even better is that it is not a 18 year old kid, but seems to be a mature lady with a beautiful body. My compliments to MH as well as to the model.
    Bring it on.

    • PacMan says:

      It’s not the first time, ClimaXX, but it’s been a rare occurrence. I’ll never forget the first time bare tits showed up. It was for a story about topless sunbathing, and it was also tasteful… but the MH community went ape-shit because of exposed nipples. It’s almost silly to look back (maybe 2+ years ago). The MH Admins had to crop the photo just to stop the crazy comments. Since then, MH changed their photo policy to *allow* artistic and tasteful nudity, which I applaud. One of this site’s mission is to create a sex-positive environment. I don’t think anyone is asking for raunchy porno pics, but not being so wound up about the naked human form is good for everyone. Two different prominent topless pics appeared in the main header photo roll at the top of the site maybe 1-2 years ago. I took screen shots b/c I had a hunch it might be short lived. LOL! There are 2-3 other stories on the site right now with exposed nipples… but none quite as prominent as this one.

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