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Lake Sex (L)

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It was a beautiful night. We had slipped away for a short vacation at a lake house belonging to a friend. For some reason, being on the water makes my wife super horny; perhaps it’s the relaxing atmosphere. She and I have been stressed out being “locked away” at home due to the COVID reactions in our state. She is more susceptible than me because of her outgoing personality. This was a wondrous decompression.

My friend owns a pontoon boat he keeps in a little “boathouse” that is more like a deck with boardwalks around it. The boat is raised out of the water on rails, and there are stairs up to the deck above, which serves to protect the vessel from sun and rain. It’s a great place to lay in the sun or jump the twelve or so feet into the cool water.

The sky was absolutely clear, and after dark, the normally boisterous lake fell quiet and serene. We went up to the deck and sat down near the edge to feel the breeze and hear the water sounds. Before long, we were making out like teenagers. Her hot lips made my shorts bulge tight and relaxed me. We traded tongues for a good long time and breathed into each other’s mouths. It’s like taking in the other person’s soul.

I began a sort of soft role play, inviting her to come to “my boat” for a little party. We walked down on the steps and climbed on board the stationary boat. Then we sat on the vinyl cushioned seats, and I put my arm around her.

“Nice boat,” she said.


“It’s not very crowded for a party,” she mused.

“It’s a very private party,” I replied and leaned in seductively.

My wife looked up into my eyes with those gorgeous brown orbs. She had that brazen, “Go ahead and kiss me” look.

I rested my lips against hers and began to melt into them. My mouth watered with lust as my cock began reawakening to its earlier mood. My wife brought her hand to my face and slipped her tongue into my mouth deeply.

I reached up for her face as well and began running my hand down her neck and behind the dark soft locks of silk that she calls hair. My hand was not satisfied and quickly followed her neck onto her nearly naked chest, barely noticing the neckline of the blouse before plunging in to envelop the braless heaving breast. She arched her back and pressed her breast into my hand, giving me more than permission with her lustful eyes.

I forcefully removed her loose shirt, without protest from her. My lips wound their way down her heaving neck, following the same path as my hand. I licked her perfectly tanned skin (from laying out that afternoon) and alternately kissed until I reached the soft edge of her now engorged breast. I love to tease her by purposefully ignoring her nipple.

Passionately, I licked and kissed each side of her right breast, making sure she could feel the wetness of my tongue sliding back and forth just next to her nipple but never touching it. The under part is particularly sensitive, and she tried to wriggle it into my mouth, but I wouldn’t allow it. She gave the most pitiful, desperate, lustful moan in protest.

I unbuttoned and unzipped her shorts and removed them. Throwing them on the floor carelessly, I left my insanely beautiful wife in nothing but navy blue panties that were patterned and see-through similar to lace. I could feel myself leaking into my underwear. She looks so naughty when she is topless but still has panties on. It makes my tummy tickle all the way down to my balls to see her like that, especially out in the open, almost in public.

I licked and kissed around on her belly, flicking her sexy little belly button ring as I reached around and molested her ass with both hands. I grabbed it hard and pulled her into me, and she seemed to surrender to my every whim.

Finding my way back up to her tits, I began torturing her left boob now, flattening my tongue and circling her nipple over and over. She moaned and pleaded again, and this time I just touched the tip of my tongue to her left nipple, leaving a wet spot to cool in the night air and exaggerate what was not there. I quickly switched to her other side and breathed hot breath on her right nipple, pretending I was about to give in. Slowly, I moved in—almost touching—then suddenly went back to her left nipple and gave her what she wanted. I pressed my wet, hot, flattened tongue on the bottom side of the nipple and began wildly sliding it up and down with tremendous friction.

She moaned wildly, squirming in my arms. It was like being in a movie. I kissed and sucked as I massaged the other breast with my hand, and she was in ecstasy.

I stood up. Already barefoot, I stripped every piece of clothing off my body and threw it on the floor. I felt like a porn star. My cock was dripping desire, and I felt the dick honey cooling on my tip.

I walked over and stood beside my wife. She knew exactly what to do as if the director told her. Reaching between my legs, she grabbed my ass and pulled me to her, engulfing my dick to the back of her throat. She took me in all the way to the balls. Then she began bobbing her head back and forth, almost bringing me completely out and then swallowing me again.

It amazed me that I wasn’t feeling the urge to jizz immediately. I took in the scene. There was enough moonlight to really enjoy the whole drama: a beautiful crystal glass lake, the gorgeous little luxury of being on a boat, a completely naked man standing there with his cock so hard it threatened to tear open, and a freaky hotwife bobbing her head like a slut in a soft-porn scene that won’t make it into the final movie but will be put back into the unrated DVD.

I ripped my dick from her clutches and walked around in front of her. I tore off her panties like I owned her—and I entered her. Her swollen lips devoured my throbbing manhood. The soft warmth of her naked body against mine gave me chills all up and down my body.

I fucked her over and over, imaging what the scene would look like on a screen. Then I quickly began to feel all control dissipating between the sucking, drooling pussy lips. I looked into her eyes, and she could tell exactly what I was thinking.

“GO!” she half moaned, half spoke. Her face was all lust and total determination. She arched her back to press her clit into my shaft as I plunged over and over into her heaven.

I erupted inside her. Waves of electric mojo swept from my cock into my belly and chest and back down to my balls as it rushed out of me into her. I thrust, insane with passion. I was desperate to watch her cum. I love watching her; she holds nothing back.

I saw her eyes flitting up and down my body. She was enjoying the scene, lusting at me. I fucked her so hard her titties were jiggling in my face. She yelled in ecstasy and moaned like the sexy star in our little movie.

I collapsed in her arms as we laughed and kissed and enjoyed each other as I slipped out of her.

“DAMN!” she said. “That was so hot!”

“That is now my favorite sex of all time,” I said. “It just surpassed the time when we did it on the hood of the car in the detached garage of our first house.”

She smiled. I think she agrees.

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  1. LovingMan says:

    Fantastic story! I loved all those terms you used. I had not heard a lot of them previously. Words and phrases like…
    waves of electric mojo, & dick honey. I especially loved the sentence: “It’s like taking in the other person’s soul.” Thank you for sharing such a wonderful and sexy experience with us! Of course you REALLY shared the experience only with your wife… but thanks for telling us the story. Wow!

    • seXcaliber says:

      Thank you. I love language and although I don’t want to rely on it, dirty talk gets me going. So I also love learning or coining new phrases to turn up the heat.

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