Sunday Celebration

Last Sunday was the celebration of a big feast at our church. As it turned out, it was also a fun celebration of our marriage. With the sounding of our alarm clock, Brian and I got up to get ready for the 9:00 AM service. Because the weather was pleasantly warm, I put on a light print dress with a V-neck over a lacy bra and panties. I often don’t wear a bra, but I know that the church air-conditioning can be rather cold, so I decided that I would choose discretion over comfort. I like the V-neck dress because of the way it shows off a diamond pendant I was going to wear, one that Brian had given me. Finally, I slipped on some red heels. Brain wore dress slacks, a dress shirt, and a sports jacket. He looked very handsome.

The church service was inspiring but very long. After it, we decided to go to a little restaurant for brunch. The restaurant is in an open shopping area with a plaza and fountain and lots of other specialty stores. After a nice brunch, we thought we would walk around a bit and enjoy the weather. Eventually, we took a seat on a bench near the fountain to relax, talk, and people watch.

Soon we noticed a rather attractive woman about our age, mid-30s, next to the fountain. She was tall and thin with blond hair over her shoulders. She looked so fashionable in a simple floral pleated skirt, white blouse, and cute sandals. She had a little dog on a leash, so Brian and I guessed she was window shopping or waiting to meet someone.

As we watched her for a minute, she crouched down to pet her dog, and the dog thoroughly enjoyed it. But as she did, her mid-thigh skirt rose a bit further and gave Brian and me a clear view of the pink panties covering her very curvy pussy. Her panties looked to be nylon or silk from the way they clung to her feminine curves. Well, needless to say, Brian’s eyes were immediately drawn to that little pink triangle. I looked over at him, but his gaze didn’t change, though I’m sure he knew that I knew what he was looking at. At first, I was a little angry but then realized that I was looking too.

I had an idea. I put my hand on Brain’s leg and said, “Stay here. I’ll be right back.” And with that, I got up and walked over by the woman and her dog. I commented to her what a cute dog she had and asked if I could pet it. She thanked me and said, “Sure.” So I crouched down next to her and began stroking her dog. Of course, as I did, I made sure that my dress hiked up a bit and that my legs parted enough for Brian to get as good a view of my pussy as he had of hers. I was so glad that I had put on red lacy panties that barely concealed my bare lips. I looked over to Brian, and his eyes were even wider than before. For a minute or so, he glanced back and forth between the two panty-covered pussies just a few feet from him, but I was happy to see that soon he was staring only at mine. I gave him a smile as I opened my legs just a little bit more for his viewing pleasure.

When I returned to the bench, I asked Brian if he was ready to go. He smiled and said, “In a minute.”  I could see from the bulge in his pants why he need a minute before standing up. But soon we were back in the car and headed home, just a short distance away.

As we drove, I put my hand on Brian’s leg and asked if he enjoyed brunch and the scenery while at the shopping plaza. He said brunch was good and the scenery fantastic, but he thought that maybe a closer view was needed. When we hurriedly got into the house, he immediately took me by my waist, lifted me onto the kitchen counter, and said: “Now for that closer view!”

With that, he spread my legs, and I helped out by pulling my dress up and out of his way. His kisses started at my knees and slowly progressed to my inner thighs. I shivered a bit when his kisses turned into long licks in the sensitive valley between my thighs and pussy. Much of the lace of my panties was now nestled in my deepest crevice, so he had full access to my smooth outer lips. He was caressing my inner thighs when one hand gently moved to the top of my pussy, his thumb easily finding the nub of my clit through the lace. He rubbed it with just the right amount of pressure to make it even harder and more sensitive. Involuntarily, my hips started to move in time with his rubbing. The friction and pressure were perfect. I moaned as I felt myself getting closer and closer to cumming.

But then his hands moved to my hips. His fingers hooked around the thin string of my panties and pulled them down and off my legs, the little triangle of red lace now on the floor. After a brief pause to take in the view, his mouth returned to my pussy. His tongue alternated between long flat licks and separating my various folds with its tip. Then it circled my entrance, even darting in and out, while his thumb resumed the rhythmic rubbing of my clit. My moaning again signaled the intense pleasure it gave me.

The attention of his tongue then shifted higher – licks along the sides of my clit, swirls around it, and some light, quick flicks. All of his moist touches were incredible, especially the licks on the sides of my clit. Then I felt his fingers slide easily inside me, bringing more sensation to all the edges of my wet entrance. Soon the tips of his fingers found my swollen G-spot, and Brian began to massage it the way he knows drives me wild. As my hips responded by again rocking to his rhythm, I cried out, “Oh my god! I’m gonna cum! Don’t stop! Right there! Right there!!!” While his fingers moved relentlessly, he took my clit between his lips and began sucking at the same pace. Seconds later, my contractions started and quickly intensified as each one sent wave after wave of pleasure from my pussy to my curled toes to my fingers clawing at the edge of the counter. I screamed out as things got bright and dark at the same time. My body shook in total pleasure. That moment of ecstasy is indescribable!

When my body tremors subsided, I pulled Brian’s face to mine and kissed him. We shared the taste of my moisture as our mouths locked together. While we kissed, he cradled my pussy in his hand, protecting my clit with the palm of his hand, holding in all my body heat. But I knew that I still needed to feel Brian’s cock deep inside of me. I wrapped my legs around him as he lifted me down from the counter. He helped me pull my dress over my head and undid my bra, which then joined my panties on the floor. Brian admired me as I stood in front of him wearing only my diamond pendant and my wedding ring. I began undoing his belt and the clasp and zipper of his pants while he unbuttoned his shirt. Soon his clothes were in a pile with mine.

I lowered myself to kiss and caress his hard cock through his boxer briefs. A spot of pre-cum just below the waistband let me know how much he enjoyed my orgasm. I explored his shaft’s stiffness and the fullness of his balls before raising the waistband up and over the head of his cock. Finally, I had full access to all the textures of his amazing package. I just love giving him long licks from his balls to the tip of his cock and then swirling my tongue around the ridge of the head before returning to his balls. I could feel his heartbeat in his shaft with my lips and tongue. And I so love the way his cock jerks each time the tip of my tongue lightly strokes the stretched skin at the “V” of his ridge. After a few minutes, I noticed more pre-cum, which I quickly licked away.

Going down on each other is so intimate – openly revealing our most private parts to all of each other’s senses. The vulnerability and trust between us bring us so close, to appreciate the gifts we’re given to share only with each other.

I stood up, and we kissed as deeply as before, now sharing the taste of his moisture. I took his hand, and we headed to the living room where I stopped by the back of the sofa, looked over my shoulder at Brian, and said: “I love you! I want to feel you inside of me!” I leaned forward over the back of the sofa as I reached my hands back to my cheeks, my red fingernails directing him to my entrance. Brian knelt down to give me a few more licks, spreading my moisture over my folds. I just love the different sensation of his tongue traveling from my clit to my entrance. It seems to make me open for him.

Then he stood and used the head of his cock to follow the same path as his tongue. He paused at my opening as we both appreciated the union that was about to happen. With just the slightest movement of his hips, the swollen head of his cock stretched my opening and penetrated my pussy. I groaned as the sheer pleasure from that simple connection nearly made me cum!

With Brian’s hands on my hips, inch by inch, he slowly penetrated deeper and deeper, as my vagina stretched to accommodate his thick cock. I felt so filled — so complete — when his hips met mine. Then he slowly withdrew so that just the tip remained inside me. I felt his moistened thumb gently massage the radial ridges of my other opening before his cock slid deep in again. I moaned in delight.

After several long, slow strokes, he began penetrating just a couple of inches in and out before one deep thrust. More shallow strokes were followed by two deep ones, then the shallow thrusts resumed until he gave me his full length three times.

I could feel the tension in my pussy building as more and more of his thrusts buried him deep inside me. The head of his cock at my entrance was building my arousal as I anticipated the next deep thrusts. Each long stroke was hitting my special pleasure spots.

I cried out, “Don’t stop Brian. Harder! I’m gonna cum!!! Cum with me!!!” A shockwave of pleasure hit like thunder. I heard Brian say, “That’s it Dez, I feel you cumming!” My legs quivered. I clutched the sofa cushion. I screamed out in the ecstasy of the moment! The sensations racing through my body with each contraction defied any other expression. Time stopped!

But then Brian shouted, “I’m gonna cum!” I yelled back, “Cum deep in me! Fill me, Brian!” I could feel his grip tighten, his urgency intensify, and the pace of his thrusts sped up. As he pushed deep into me and gripped me tightly, I felt his cock beginning to jerk. He yelled, “Oh my god, I’m cumming, Dez!” as the warmth of his orgasm filled my deepest recesses. He held my ass tight against his hips until the pulsating began to subside. I did a few Kegel squeezes to extract the last of his cum. The joy of Brian filling me so completely is pure ecstasy. So comforting. So connected. The happiness of being one flesh!!!

We paused for a moment to take in the bliss of being joined together. Then Brian withdrew, and I turned toward his hug and kiss. Our arms around each other, I could feel the results of our lovemaking trickling down my thigh. We held onto each other, delighting in the warmth of our bodies together. What an incredible way to celebrate our love and our marriage. I wish I could thank the attractive woman at the fountain for inspiring our Sunday afternoon!

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17 replies
  1. Pushbabypushhard says:

    New Wife,
    Dez, this is amazing. Something about kitchen sex that turns me into a to a wild stallion.
    Not sure why. Thank you for sharing. It brought back special memories.
    Question? You said you could feel his heartbeat in his shaft? Has he ever moved it up and down using no hands? You know what I mean? ;). Flexing his cock ? When I do it my wife laughs. I play puppet ' with her . A very kinky and naughty game I made up.

    • New Wife says:

      Thanks Pushbabypushhard! Glad you enjoyed our story about an awesome Sunday! And yes, when Brian does Kegels, it definitely moves the way you described. I like to challenge him to "hold it high" without touching for as long as possible! That's different from just the normal heartbeat throbbing which I so love to see too.

  2. Ben G. says:

    Very hot story Dez! I love eating my wife Gina's pussy and just all around giving her pleasure. I love the sight of a beautiful woman and appreciate their beauty. However, my lovely wife Gina is my love and inspiration. This story and thinking of pleasuring my love has given me a full hard on.
    My Gina is a little under the weather this morning, so I will have to take care of myself. Thanks for sharing and God bless you and yours.

    Ben G.

  3. ILoveMarriage says:

    New Wife:

    Women are God's most beautiful creation, and the vulva is the most beautiful part of women. Being a guy, I can imagine what was going thru Brian's mind when he saw the other woman. He was looking at her, but thinking about YOU and wanting YOU. He wanted to see YOUR camel-toe. Then see YOUR vulva. Then explore the depths of YOUR folds, smelling you, tasting you, quenching his thirst with YOUR wetness. Then becoming one with YOU. Seeing her was the appetizer. YOU are his main course!

    Thank you for sharing how you so generously granted his every wish. My wife and I just did it last night, but after reading that, we will be doing it again in a bit. And guess which part of her I will be concentrating on!

    Your story was my appetizer.

    • New Wife says:

      Thanks so much. You sound like such a sweet husband. I'm so happy that you are inspired to enjoy your wife and concentrate on the parts she so loves you to love!


  4. Rcthom55 says:

    New Wife,

    Thanks for another hot story relating your love for each other.

    I also love to see my wife naked except for a necklace dangling in her cleavage and a diamond and wedding ring. Turns me on to know she’s mine.

  5. Doc_Love says:

    What a fantastic story New Wife! Certainly a daring treat to flash your husband like that in public—too cool. My wife and I have only been married for about a year and a half and we are still learning what turns each other on. We both love oral sex! Rear entry over the couch or bed like you and Brian did is certainly one of my favorite ways to be one with my bride—I love the view in that position. Thanks so much for sharing your story with us! God bless.

  6. Bertie says:

    Amazing story New Wife. Love your writing and the way you capture the scene.

    "Then he slowly withdrew so that just the tip remained inside me. I felt his moistened thumb gently massage the radial ridges of my other opening before his cock slid deep in again. I moaned in delight."

    What a picture. Thanks for inspiring some sexy thoughts with my lady.

  7. Horny_boy says:

    Your stories are amazing, Dez! And what a way to celebrate our risen lord Jesus: in church and then having good sex with your husband!
    It got me really hard..

    Keep writing more !

  8. New Wife says:

    Brian and I really appreciate the kind words of encouragement. Thanks! And we are so grateful to MarriageHeat for giving us a forum to proclaim the good news of our blessed relationship!

    Dez & Brian

  9. Satin King says:

    New Wife- you are one wise woman! You took a situation that could have thrown you into a pit of insecurity and mistrust ( your husband catching a glimpse of some sexy pink panties) and instead flipped the script to your advantage. What could have become a wedge between you became a day of SUPER glue binding you together! A very lively lively day of fun you both will never forget ! And it’s all because you chose to trust him and bless him! iInstead of an afternoon of fighting and crying prying you apart, you both have hot very enjoyable memories that will hold you together. Loved this story! P.S. I love that you already know the power you have in sexiness and how to use it for good.

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