Thirty Day Challenge Begins (L/A) – Ignite Story

A fantasy piece, fifth in a series, with its roots in our transition to empty nesters and an exploration of the sexual possibilities. I’ve chosen a path to some BDSM practices through taking an interest survey. Look for Control, Taking Control, After Control, and Full Submission in Ignite.

Donnie found out the hard way that withholding sex was his wife Mel’s new tool of motivation and now control. They signed a contract, alone in a hotel room with five hours left before checkout, and the only command she gave him was, “Shower, get us packed, and we’ll leave at 9 a.m. to get some breakfast.”

She pulled him back with a slight smile as they walked out of the hotel room, making sure he trailed her to the car. She gave him a particular gaze, one he noticed more of over the course of the day, each time she corrected him. For instance, at the breakfast buffet, he started to take a bite of his food as she was getting seated. She put her hand on the one that held his fork and pushed it down. Again, the gaze. He waited until she started eating before he did.

The most interesting play, as she told him days later, was when a friend of theirs saw them at Costco and came up to talk. They began to banter, which initially Donnie led, as Jimmy was an old neighborhood friend who had moved to the bigger city. Donnie was talking about one of his new neighbors who had checked in on his waste burning, when Mel cut in with, “You really need to be checked on! You blow off all regulations, don’t you?”

“I guess,” he said, a little confused. The gaze met his eyes.

For the next few days, Mel withheld any sexual activity while continuing to correct Donnie at every turn. He figured his punishment was the lack of sexual play in the new role, all the focus remaining on his behavior.

After work Wednesday, Mel gave Donnie a bit of an assignment. She requested that he do some research on what the Bible had to say that tied into their roleplay.

Donnie was not surprised to  find that Genesis 1:1-2:3 indicated that men and women were created equal in the divine image, equally charged to multiply and dominate the earth. However, most of the rest of the Bible put men in dominance over women. He reported this to Mel, citing examples of the male dominance illustrated in the Bible plus a few weaker indications of a woman’s dominant role.

“Good,” she complimented him for the first time. “Disrobe and bow down.”

He followed her order there in the dining room in front of a semi-open window, folding up his clothes and then getting on his knees into child pose. Donnie stayed in that position, the coolness of the room chilling his flesh, and sensed her movement towards him. Her hand ran from his lower back up between his shoulder blades to his neck. Then a cold metal chain dangled around his neck with a pendant that dropped from her fingers to swing below his chin. Her fingers touched his neck. again as she fastened it before sitting down.

“Look at me, slave,” she said, and he turned his face upward. “You have a lot of work to do. Your research pleased me, so I saw fit to give you a present. Go look at it in the bathroom mirror and then be sure the tub, sink, and toilet are wiped down.”

Geez, he thought, some reward! He felt somewhat comfortable walking nude back to the bathroom; after all, the kitchen island cut off any view of his lower half through the window there. He turned on the light and saw the pendant — a heavy cross with a tiny keyhole on the backside. It dangled just a couple inches below his neckline from a heavy-linked chain that looked expensive due to its shimmer and strength.  The cross also had a ring hidden behind it, attached through the same small, sturdy ring that held the cross.

He got the cleaning materials out and thought, The one thing she did around the house, and now I’m going to be doing that too.  Looking in the mirror at the collar and his naked body combined with thinking about how she’d totally put the burden of the house on him and withheld sex for a few days made him semi-erect.

While he cleaned, Donnie took a mental inventory of everything else he had already been doing around the house.  In a way, he had become submissive to her even before their contract, in that he did laundry and most of the cleaning  — now all the cleaning. That part hadn’t been hard for him, but Mel seemed to revel in reminding him what to do.

“DONNIE!” she called out loudly.  “Finish, and come here!”

He completed the wipe down of the toilet, washed his hands, and went out to the front room where she was standing. Mel wore something he first thought was lingerie, but as he got closer, Donnie recognized that it was a new Mistress outfit.

She stood, legs crossed, in black knee-high boots and a black body-dress with slits at the chest, down one side of the bodice and the opposite side of the skirt. The pieces were held together tastefully with what looked like chain metal. The hem didn’t quite cover a black g-string. An ebony wig adorned her head, and her left hand held a riding crop with a little leather loop at the end propped against her shoulder. His cock instantly grew hard.

“Approach me and bow down,” she commanded and spread her feet shoulder-width.  Donnie knelt with his front half over the carpet but his knees on the hardwood floor.  “I will check your work.”

He stayed in position, hoping not to upset her and perhaps earn a sexual payoff in the end.  Donnie heard Mel’s feet clomp back across the hardwood and expected them to reposition in front of him.  Instead, he felt a rush of air and a quick, stinging Swap! of the crop on his ass. He exhaled a slight, “Ohhft.”  She quickly hit him another three times in the same spot, each time harder than before.  “Ahhh, Ahh, AHHH!” he responded.

“Crawl to the bathroom,” she said calmly.  Not looking up at her, Donnie shuffled as quickly as he could on his hands an knees across the living room, kitchen, mudroom, and into the bathroom.  “Tell me what you did wrong.”

“Mistress, may I stand, or should I stay on my knees?” he asked from bowing, head down.

“You may stand,” she said, gently tapping the warm, hurting spot where she had struck him before.  He looked around nervously, knowing a wrong answer could result in more.  Still, a part of him wanted to be wrong when he said, “You didn’t say to do the mirror, but there are toothpaste spots on it.”

He quickly grabbed the cleaner and paper towels, tearing one off to clean the mirror before starting to go back into a child’s pose position in front of her.

“Wait,” she said, stopping him before he bent down totally. “Stand before me.”

He did so, his gaze focused at the collar of her dress, multiple chains from one solid metal hoop. It suited her. His eyes caught the rigidness of her wig and the leather of her dress. As he stood waiting, her hand reached out, slid over his pulsating cock, then under his balls and back. She held it there, her warmth surrounding it. With the crop still in her other hand, she leaned into him, pressing his erect shaft and her hand between them.

“You’ve done well,” she whispered, as her free arm reached around and snapped the crop back and then forward to swat his bare ass three times. “I hope you both enjoy and hate that.”

Her hand’s stimulation of his cock and balls contrasted with the sting of the leather loop. The two feelings worked almost in unison to build yet stop the rush toward cumming in her hand. She hit him three more times, then three more.  The distraction allowed the heat and sting of crop strokes to blend with the ultra-sexual sensations surrounding his cock, becoming something strange but familiar.

Mel released him, sliding her hand under his balls again then up his shaft, letting it spring forward as she moved her body away from his.  They stood facing each other; this time, Donnie focused on her boots.  The crop came to rest in her other hand, and she now stood there looking at him, seemingly contemplating her next move.

I’m going to move to Mel’s perspective from here, shifting from Donnie’s.  I do hesitate because I’m not very good at guessing what my wife thinks, but I’ll give it a shot.

Mel had enjoyed picking out her outfit and finding the appropriate collar for Donnie. She went with more of a Halloween costume on the upper end of the budget since the BDSM sites featured a lot of straps, seemingly hard leather, and exposed breasts.  She told herself she would get more “authentic” if she got comfortable with this kind of play, but for the first 30 days, this would do.

She found a real crop and wig through a BDSM site and the boots she already had. The riding crop felt good in her hand, though it had surprised her how easily she could bring herself to strike Donnie with it. However, she was still a little uncomfortable having his naked body at her feet and crawling across the floor.

Starting this journey, Mel would tap into her work mindset. There so many men diminished her ability, which sometimes motivated her to be stronger than them.  But Mel had always felt she had control of Donnie, really, even if she masked it with compliance at times — when she felt like complying. She knew how to handle him, and she believed he had conformed over the 25 years of their marriage. Little by little, he had taken on a lot of the work around the house. Now giving orders to do those things came naturally to her.

Mel noted with pleasure his avoiding eye contact as she tapped the crop lightly in her palm.  She started to feel it now, really enjoying where there were: Donnie wearing nothing but her collar and she dressing, and sort of feeling, the part of the dominatrix. Mel looked down at his cock, hard and hanging there with a single drop of pre-cum oozing out and ready to drop.  She stuck a finger out and took it from the tip, then held it out just under his chin.

“Suck it off my finger.” And without hesitation, he did. “Don’t let any of this go to waste. Milk some out for yourself.”

She marveled at Donnie’s swift action, watching two of his fingers run up the shaft from its base until a droplet appeared. He swiped it with one finger and brought it to his mouth. Mel was a little jealous; she enjoyed the clear fluid a cock gives off when excited.  The cum, not as much.

“Get your computer,” she commanded.  “Sit on the love seat and let’s do the survey again.”

Mel giggled a little at how excited he got, but her intentions were not pure. She asked him to do it with her, but she wasn’t planning on letting him see the results. Mel had figured out that if she answered that she wanted to do everything, she would find out how much of everything was on his fetish radar. This scared her, but the knowledge would also give her tremendous power.

He went through the quiz fairly quickly, while Mel purposefully pretended she was doing some deep thinking. He finished and looked up.

“Bring me your computer,” she commanded. “And bow at my feet.”

She saw the frustration in his face, as this was something he wanted to do months ago for more insight into her.  Reluctantly, Donnie obeyed, setting the computer down and bowing until she finished.

Mel scrolled down the long list in table form.  She focused on the “Interested if my partner was” column. Granted, he selected that for most of the dicier fetishes, but she got to the point where she could pick out the few in each section he wasn’t actually into. Her face remained stoic, but her insides were quite conflicted. Somehow she was both turned on and repulsed knowing that her husband had thought about having them do all of these things.

His naked body lay at her feet.  She began to question this new sexual journey and what she was getting out of it personally. The list was long.  She paused to think, “What good is this?”  Then a verse came to mind, one they studied months ago when they first opened up about their desires to each other.  It was in Song of Songs and read – “I belong to my beloved, and his desire is for me.”

“So this is his desire,” she thought.

Mel told Donnie to stay there and walked to the kitchen, her boots making a sexy clomp on the wood floors, her hips swaying, and the crop almost dragging now. She did feel powerful, leaving her husband face down and naked on the floor. She pulled the bottle of Fireball from the top of the Hoosier cabinet and took a deep pull from the bottle and then a second.  The fit of the dress, how the wig gave her a Katy Perry vibe, the riding crop, and the feel and smell of the leather panty all swirled around her senses as the Fireball slowly kicked in.  She took a third pull from the bottle and then put it away.

She’d determine not to make this complicated and go with one simple rule – He does what pleases me.  If she could keep that thought forefront, his list would not cloud her satisfaction, AND he would get the submissive play he had marked down among all the rest.

“Stand up!” she commanded, and he obeyed.  “Hands at your sides and do not touch me.”

He did what she commanded, and to his surprise, she knelt. Placing her hands (which he suddenly realized had black lace gloves on them) on his hips, she slowly took his cock into her mouth: over her lips, on her tongue, and far back in her throat. He instinctively placed a hand on her head.

She pulled back quickly. “No! I commanded you not to touch me.” She had seen his selections of pain and penis torture on his survey. Not really knowing what to do, she reached and found the crop and swung it hard towards his penis, missing over the top. He sighed a deep breath of relief, but she quickly reversed its path and caught the tip with just the leather loop. “Fuck!” he exclaimed.

Then she rose and held it with her fingertips just below the tip, lightly swatting it several times from just inches away. The site of the first backswing throbbed and felt like it might even bruise, but the lighter strikes started to develop a numbing pain as she persisted.

She continued for about a minute and then swung hard again, this time from underneath. The leather caught the base of Donnie’s shaft and created another sharp burst of pain. “Ugh!” he responded.

She returned to her knees. The wetness of her mouth surrounded Donnie’s beaten member, and she heard him sigh and moan in a pleasurably painful way. She held his balls with her right hand and rubbed the taint and over his anus with the left.  She wasn’t going to penetrate him, just make him crazy.

With a slurping sound, she released his cock like a tootsie pop, her lips running over the surface of the round tip. “Do not cum until I command, slave. If you are halfway there, simply disengage from my pleasure.” He nodded.

She was going to give him her pleasure, this time all of it. Quickly she positioned herself on all fours. “Take my panties off with your teeth,” she commanded. “Enter me after they are off and do not touch me with your hands.”

He fumbled for a spot to grasp, almost biting her hip once, but his face moved her dress up over her ass, and he found the back of the panties to be a great starting point. His chest did brush her legs, and she felt his cock on her thighs a couple of times, but she focused on her pleasure as he both struggled and found success with this task.

He got the panty over her ass and started working it down her thighs. Mel moved her knees closer together, and the garment slid almost all the way down to the floor. He desperately needed her, so his face followed them and tugged at them to go over her knees, then down. Soon he was kneeling behind her with the trophy in his mouth. She giggled a little and repositioned to take him.

His head poked and found its destination, and with a thrust, Donnie pushed inside her wet pussy with ease. He gasped, almost in fear, and pulled back then slammed in again and again.  He didn’t touch her with his hands, but Donnie must have felt his climax begin to build because he quickly pulled out.  She could see in his eyes that he was ready to explode, and she had commanded him not to cum.

“DONNIE!” Mel exclaimed, frustrated. Her orgasm had quickly built, but now it rushed away, bringing her to the edge of real anger. He was there on his knees with her panties still in his mouth, seemingly sucking on them. She hopped up off the floor. Mel’s wet pussy wanted more; however, she was going to deny him for the moment.

“Aggggffttt,” Donnie cried as her open hand swatted and connected with the glistening member that strained straight out from his hips.  It swung back and forth from the blow before settling.  Mel angrily ripped the panties from his teeth, finding satisfaction in his pain and her command of him.  She quickly slid behind him, watching his eyes follow her until he couldn’t anymore.  His fear to turn around thrilled her.

She grabbed both his hands, bringing them behind his back. There was just enough slack in her panties to tie them his wrists with one tight knot. “Stay there!” Mel commanded. “If you can’t get me off without cumming too quickly, I’m going to have to get most of the job done myself.” Then she disappeared into the bedroom closet to fumble with the box of toys they had purchased just last week. 

“I’m tempted to violate you with this,” she said, returning with a 10″ dildo in the shape of a penis with prominent veins and a slight curve. “For another day, perhaps.”

Mel sat in a chair and leaned back, exposing herself to him. With her legs spread, knees to each side, and feet firmly planted on the floor, she stared at him.  She petted herself and began to play with her folds, opening them for him to see.  Donnie’s eyes were glued to her every movement. He strained to stay on his knees, wanting to sit back on his heels but afraid.  A smile crossed her face at the feeling of control this game gave her. She started to insert a finger, then two, to find her spots.

She pushed in a third digit and closed her eyes. The rub on and over her clit, combined with penetration, sent waves of sensations over her skin.  She shuddered as she found the dildo with her other hand and began to wet it with her mouth, continuing to push her fingers in and out of herself.  She opened her eyes and was pleased to find Donnie still attentive and upright, his cock so hard that it pulsed to the beat of the flow of blood through it.  Giving head to the shaped cock, she looked at him as if to say, “I bet you wish this was you.” She took it deep in her mouth, pushing back against her throat before sliding it out and taking it to her wetness.

Mel slid the tool in an inch and stared at him; another, and grinned at him; she pushed against it with force and got five or six inches inside, crying out as she found a good spot.  Then she twisted the end and burrowed it some, taking one more inch before letting it sit.  Her other hand diddled her clit, while powerful ripples emanated from her pussy through her body.  She began to pull the dildo back an inch or two and thrust it in again and again.  Her eyes were closed as the first orgasm exploded over her body.

“Yes, OH GOD, yes!” She was smiling and crying while still grinding the false penis inside.  She had determined to get one orgasm and then build another before giving herself to Donnie.  Numb, as the ripples of pleasure subsided, she focused on depth and pushed the long piece deeper, giving her some discomfort and a new level of sensation.  

Mel opened her eyes again to find Donnie still upright and attentive, precum oozing from his tip. Her mouth watered and almost went to ingest her favorite sex fluid.  “Good man!” she exclaimed and adjusted her body a bit, freeing up something deep inside as the false cock moved over an inch deeper. “Holy Cr….” she exclaimed.  She pushed it in and out to gauge the depth; the pressure felt so different since it was further than Donnie could reach yet similar in that it was hitting the same deep spot.  It took a while, but when she felt the build-up happening again, she quickly pulled it out.

“If you can free yourself, you can fuck me hard and fast,” she said, getting on all fours in front of him.  It didn’t take him too long to release his wrists from the panties.  He climbed on top of her and was inside her wet pussy in a blink.

“Don’t hold back; I’m yours,” she said and braced against his first thrust.  There was a magic combination of her pushing back and him slamming in that felt like one of those toys that you revved on the ground, getting the wheel to spin, and then released as it flew away at high speed.  She worked against his body, trying to get the rhythm right.  

Mel looked over her shoulder; Donnie’s hands gripped on her hips tightly, and he gazed forward toward her face. He was slamming into her, and she against him. Mel was shocked he had made it this long. The numbness of watching her satisfy herself must be helping him drive into her without going over the edge. He fell forward on her back, his mouth near her ears as he whispered, “You’re so sexy, my Mistress. I will watch you cum for eternity.”  His breathiness was so sexy, her body began it’s ascent to pleasure.  

The waves started just as she felt the rush of hot cum inside her pussy. His thrusts ended, and her body trembled with her own orgasm.  “Oh, Christ, I love her,” he said into her ear as the throbbing produced pulse after pulse of himself inside of her cavity.  He collapsed on her back as the last of him spurted out; then he rolled off, grabbing her and holding her tightly.

“I love you so much,” she said, and they both drifted off to sleep.


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