TOY STORY: From No toys to toy crazy! “Step Three” ~ Ignite Story

Read “Step One” for more info on why I started this story of exploration. And “Step Two” for more fun and helpful tips.
I want to give hope to those who feel like their wives are a wet blanket. My wife is very conservative; she is very content with the same routine every time we have sex. But over the years, we’ve both grown and changed for the better.
We’ve been married now for sixteen years, and I can proudly say our sex life is better and more kinky than it’s ever been. We are crazy in the bedroom! If it’s not banned in the Bible, anything goes, and everything goes!
First of all, there’s no quick way to get your wife to be the exact way you want her to be. Most of us men want a crazy sex-addicted wife who can’t get enough of our cocks. Most women don’t think like men, sorry. It takes time/patience, trust, communication, and lots of LOVE!
Also, God had to work in me before he could ever work on my wife. (I hope to one day share my story of freedom from addiction to pornography).
One time I suggested to my wife that she get toys for her sisters, but she said, “The reason they don’t enjoy sex as much as I do is that they have selfish husbands. You work so hard to help me grow, get me out of my shell in every aspect of life. You make me feel so confident in myself. That’s why we have great sex, not because we got new toys.”
The Bible says, “Whatever we do, do it for the glory of the Lord.” I never want to invest time into something that I can’t praise God for, and help draw others unto him. An intimate relationship with Christ is the answer to all your questions and needs. My wife and I have had our share of hardships, but if you’re willing and patient, Christ will work miracles on your behalf.
Now back to the story…
After some time, our cock rings had worn out. I was amazed at how much my wife enjoyed our three toys (two types of cock rings and a butterfly vibrator.) It seemed that more and more, she’d find special occasions to use them, usually about once a week or so. I loved it! One time after a special night of lovemaking, we were talking about our anniversary plans. I told her I’d like to try getting another toy if she was okay with it.
She said she wouldn’t mind if I  promised to be good while looking for it! I promised. She lay down and fell asleep beside me as I browsed Amazon for toys. (Note: I’m thankful for Amazon because it’s not a semi-porn sight with a bunch of links to things that would draw me away from my wife and Christ.) I read reviews on a few toys and found that the corded Hitachi Magic Wand * had great reviews. I also bought a simple rabbit. (She has not used the rabbit very much because she still doesn’t like toys that penetrate, I’m working her up to that😉.)
Our anniversary came, and that night we used the wand. Honestly, that was the true beginning of my wife’s toy craze. From that night on, the Magic Wand has never left our bedside-table drawer. She loves it because one, it’s amazing! Two, it’s inconspicuous. My wife calls it her “special neck-massager.” Our 8-year-old daughter once picked it up and asked what it was. I told her it was a tool to help mamma. But the rabbit, on the other hand, our ten-year-old son found. Once when I had taken it to the bathroom to clean, I forgot it there. Yikes! He brought it to us and asked what it was. I took it from him and said it was nothing important for him. He seemed suspicious, but I told him to let it go; I think he’s forgotten about it now. But with the wand, you don’t have to worry too much.
Over the first few months, she got more and more used to it. At first, she didn’t use it herself; she only had me use it on her. Then I had her use it while I was busy inside her. Then, one day, I asked if she’d use it while I watched. This was a milestone. As I said, in part two of this story, my wife is extremely conservative and only likes to orgasm on my cock. She had never masturbated before. She’d play with herself for my benefit but only orgasmed on my cock.
Now, when we’re together and get out the wand, she (almost exclusively) uses it herself. (At one point, we had to be apart for a few months, and she used it on video chat, too! Again another milestone.) We use it an average of twice a week!
We love the wand because now my wife can orgasm as quickly as I can. When I ask to be naughty and quickly masturbate, she says, “I’ll join you!” With the wand, she can orgasm anywhere, and in just a few minutes. Being a homeschooling mother of five, secretary for our business, and missionary wife keep her very busy. Now she can enjoy orgasms as frequently and as easily as I do. And because it’s so easy, she’s more apt to join in. It feels less like a task and more like a quick enjoyment.
This year I got her the “Satisfyer Pro 2.” She likes it, but it’s still not her favorite. She says it’s a different feeling and a good one, but it doesn’t beat the wand. We use the Satisfyer on trips and the wand at home.
Here’s a description of that wonderful first-time TOY STORY, using the Hitachi Magic Wand. If details cause you to stumble, you can stop reading now. Just use the advice part of my story.

BEST SEX EVER!!! We were on furlough in the states. Because of speaking engagements, we had been apart for almost two weeks—obviously, we were both very horny. A friend had gotten us an especially nice hotel room for our anniversary. I had ordered the wand earlier on Amazon, but the toy hadn’t arrived on time. We were both bummed about that. As we started our two-hour drive to the hotel, I said, “I was really looking forward to this being a special time with the new toy.”

She said, “I know. I was excited too. Do you want to look for another one?”
“What do you mean?” I was puzzled.
“Didn’t you get the butterfly vibrator at a couples’ adult store? Do you want to look for a store like that?”
I was surprised! My conservative wife just invited me to pick up a sex toy from an adult toy store! “I’d love to! But are you okay with that?”
“If you promise to be good! I’d like that a lot; I want it to be special for us.” I felt honored that she would trust me and so excited that I was dripping in my pants. We visited and flirted for the whole two-hour drive.
Once we’d checked in, I got online and found a “couples-friendly” adult toy store. My wife stayed back and got dressed up for me. When I came back from the store, she was lying seductively on her side across the king-size bed.
“You took long enough! Did you bring me back a gift?” she asked.
“I did! Are you ready for it?”
“Get naked and come do me!” she commanded. She had on a dark blue lace teddy. Her long, brushed hair fell softly over the curves of her body. She also wore a black lace pushup bra underneath the teddy that accented her plump, four-month pregnant breasts. Around her throat, she had a black lace choker necklace with black beads hanging from it. Dangling black earrings graced her earlobes, and many thin, black bracelets decorated both her wrists. She’d burnished her lips with soft red lipstick, and accented her eyes with blue shadow and mascara. She looked so tempting in the dimmed light.
“This mama wants to orgasm. Are you going to help her?” she asked as I approached the bed. She climbed under the soft, feather-filled, covers to get away from the cold air conditioning. I got the new toy ready, then laid it on the table beside us. I went to the end of the bed and crawled up under the covers. Then I started kissing her ankles, then her thighs, then her warm pussy. I spread her legs and began to dance my tongue over the tiny bump of her clitoris. Within seconds, I had her humping my face like a madwoman, begging me to get inside her.
“You know I love to hear you beg. The more you beg, the longer I make you wait. You know that, yet you still always beg!” I teasingly told her. I kissed her small baby bump and continued up her body, not neglecting her breasts, swirling my tongue around each nipple.
She was going crazy, “I want you now! stop teasing me!”
I complied and took the wand from the bed table, put some lubricant on the head, placed it on her lower pelvic bone, and turned it on low. She instantly moaned. As I worked the head down the mound of venus, her small v-like lips spread, and it touched her clitoris. She began rotating her hips and humping against it. In less than sixty seconds, she was orgasming! I had never, in all my life, seen her orgasm so quickly!
She got loud, as she moaned in ecstasy. She couldn’t even speak. She just kept crying, “ohhhh,” long and loud. I pulled it off once I knew her orgasm was subsiding. “Oh, boy!” She gasped.
“I’d say! That was crazy, how you came so quickly!” I said in surprise.
“I told you I was horny!” she said as she caught her breath.
“Do you want another one?” I asked. She nodded her head, so I pressed the wand against her soft mound and started it again. In less than three minutes, she was pumping out another orgasm! I knew if someone was in the hall or the room next to us, they could definitely hear her pleasure.
Again she moaned in delight. “Ohhh, yesss! Yes, yes, YESSSS!” she yelled out as she rode wave after wave of sexual bliss. Again, once I thought she had enough, I released the pressure, and she gasped. She lay there almost lifelessly.
I didn’t ask her if she wanted a third orgasm; I just turned up the vibrations and put it back on her shaved clove. She was shocked but took it like a good girl. Again, within three minutes, she was spasming on the bed with her eyes rolled back in her head. She was frantically grabbing at the blankets and screaming in pleasure. Her loud moans allowed her to release some of the sexual tension and enjoy the surges of pleasure even longer.
This time, I didn’t stop when I noticed her orgasm waning. This was her final one, and I was going to make it last. It was driving me wild to have such power over her!
Finally, she bucked. “Okay, okay, okay!” she called out as she turned to her side to get away from the vibrations.
I turned it off. Three orgasms all in under ten minutes! It was a record in more ways than one! They were by far the loudest orgasms I had ever heard her have! She was laughing and acted tipsy from the intensity. She wanted me just to hold my hand firmly against her pussy. As I did, she had aftershock spasms. She kept giggling and saying, “wow!”
She lay there with her eyes closed and a smile on her face for a minute or two. Then she said, “Please get on top of me and hold your cock inside me. Just lay on me; I want to feel your weight.”
I got over her, my cock sliding in so easily, and as it did, she spasmed and giggled even more. I have never seen her like that! It was like she was drunk; she’s never been drunk, either. I was so sexually mesmerized by her reactions to the wand that I found myself on the constant verge of orgasming myself.
I moved my cock very, very slowly in her still contracting vagina, feeling every bit of her. We had done nothing rough, so the sensitivity of my cock was at an all-time high. I was barely moving as I released my sperm. Oh! It felt so nice! I had to do almost no work to orgasm. I just lay there feeling every bit of the walls of her pussy squeezing my shaft gently as my cock pumped out load after load of built-up tension. It seemed like I could actually feel my balls pumping the warm liquid up through my shaft and deep into my beautiful wife’s intimate place, filling her up completely.
We lay there lifelessly as a mixture of sperm and pussy juices overflowed. It dripped out of her pussy and down her butt, soaking the bedsheets. We stayed like that for quite a while, my body on hers, both of us blown away by what had just happened. Completely content, we rested together.
A little later, we got into a hot shower and started making out like newlyweds.
“Do you want to go again?” I asked.
She bit her bottom lip, nodded, and said, “I’d like that! I came so quickly that I’m not even sore. But how do you want to cum this time? I feel selfish because it’s been all about me.”
“Love!” I said in a stern, loving voice. “Watching you cum is my pleasure! When you orgasm like you did, I get all I need!”
“Yes, but I want it to be extra special for you too.”
It WAS extra special for me, but I thought for a minute. “Well, can I pretend I’m going to cum in your mouth? I won’t actually do it, but if I can act it out, that would be really fun.”
“I’d like that, but can you do it the way I fantasize about it?”
She’s told me before that she doesn’t like cum in her mouth, but she does like the fantasy of me pinning her down by putting my knees on her shoulders. She imagines me making her look at my big cock then forcing her to drink it all up. She likes feeling helpless and vulnerable in the arms of the one she loves and trusts.
We started round two. I was already feeling extremely horny before we began, but now with her inviting me to pin her down, it was almost too much! My heart was pounding, pulsating massive amounts of
blood through my cock and making it physically throb; I could see it moving up and down from the pulses. My cock seemed to have never really softened since the first round. It was so intense, and I couldn’t get my mind off of it. I felt like we were on our honeymoon all over again, except this time with experience and knowledge.
She lay on the bed again, this time completely naked and her nipples erect from the cold air conditioning. She looked gorgeous in the dim light. Her baby bump drove me wild! I love knowing that I put that baby in her and that I was the cause of her body changing in such beautiful ways.
I lay down next to her hip and put lubricant on the head of the wand. She shivered as I touched it to her longing pussy. Without turning it on, I held it against her clit for a moment, increasing her anticipation and desire. I looked her up and down, taking in this beautiful scene, this sight that no other man has ever seen: beauty so intoxicating, beauty divine, created by God, a gift for my eyes only. I was in heaven.
“Stop torturing me!” she pleaded. I smiled as her words brought me back down to earth. I looked right into her eyes and flicked the switch.
She instantly started humping against the wand head. I thought it would be longer this time, but again within seconds, her back was arched up, her hands clenching in the sheets. She was moaning so loudly, much louder than the first time! I knew we were making an impression on our neighbors! I had never, in 14 years of sex with this wonderful bride, heard her howl like she did right then! She was lost in sensation and didn’t care who heard! I loved it! She was riding this bull of an orgasm, holding on for as long as she could before it threw her off.
Then with a screech, she pushed the wand away. “Okay, okay, okay… Oh, God! That was incredible!” She was breathing heavily.
My cock had dripped pre-cum all over her leg. “You are such a naughty girl, coming so quickly!” I said with a huge smile. “You’ve got me dripping all over the place! Are you ready for your next one?”
She held up her hand, “Just a minute; I’m recovering,” she said as her chest rose and fell.
I waited for a minute, then returned the wand to its home between her legs. She jumped, but I held her hips down firmly. I felt so dominant, so powerful over her. This toy was named perfectly: ‘the magic wand.’ I had her under my spell; I controlled her. I had the power to make her orgasm as many times as I wanted. Those thoughts drove me crazy!
Within two minutes, she was crying out again! “Fuuuuooooh!” She moaned as long as she had breath in her lungs, then gasped for more air and cried out again, “Ooohhh!”
I was holding her down with my left hand and working the wand with my right. I was going to make her ride this one as long as I could hold her down. One orgasm rolled right into another, without even a moment in-between. It was so intense for her! It wasn’t painful but close to it, such a mind-blowing experience—”Literally,” she informed me later. She bucked and convulsed as she continued to moan. “‘Kay, ‘kay, oooh-kay, pleasssse!” She begged for mercy as she tried to push my hand away.
I let it off, put the palm of my hand against her pelvis, and applied pressure. She jumped and spasmed from my touch. But then she grabbed my hand and pressed it harder against her pussy. Again, she was utterly cum-drunk, giggling and moaning.
“How was that?” I asked.
She tried to focus on me and just sheepishly laughed.
I smiled at her. “So, it was as incredible as it looked and sounded?”
She closed her eyes. “Better!” was all she could say.
I let her recoup and waited patiently for a few minutes.
She finally asked, “Are you going to cum?”
“I’ve been waiting for you to tell me when you’re ready.”
“Mmmm…I’m ready.”
I had been holding back; it took everything within me to let her lie there and recuperate. I felt like a beast ready to devour its prey!
“I’m warning you; I feel crazy!” I told her.
She just smiled, bit her bottom lip, and said, “Take me please!” That was my queue!
I got up quickly, straddled her chest, and pinned her shoulders under my knees. My long shaft was over her face.
“Look at my cock!” With my right hand, I held my cock, and with my left, I firmly grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her face towards it. “Look at it, don’t look away! You did this to me, you tortured me with your beauty, and now you’re going to pay!” I said as I slapped my cock against her lips and cheeks
“Oh, yes! Make me pay! I want to pay you back. I owe you!” She played along. “Please Let me have a drink! I’m so thirsty for your cum!” she begged. I was beating my cock right in her face! I didn’t need lubricant—my pre-cum had soaked my cock! It was dripping down my balls and onto her chin. “Thank you for giving me so many orgasms. I owe you, and I want to eat every drop of your cum to show my gratitude! Please give it to me! Force your cock deep down my throat! Make it where I have to drink up every drop!”
Her dirty talk was perfect, her pleading sublime. I was trying to hold off a little bit so I could enjoy this moment a while longer, but in less than two minutes, I was orgasming. With my left hand, I grabbed the
headboard and held my cock in my right, vibrating my thumb and finger right under the head. I held my body tight, every muscle rippling, keeping the pressure in as long as I could.
Then, like a pressure cooker, heat exploded from the end of my cock. “Oh!” I hollered
as the first jet of sperm shot against the headboard. I quickly leaned to the left so as not to hit her face and shot a second and third burst of cum, decorating the headboard with ribbons of white silk. I worked my cock head, milking out the last of my orgasm. It was perfect! I collapsed next to her, and we lay there in sex-drunken bliss as we fell asleep together.
The hotel was full of soldiers for some gathering. A little while later, as we went to dinner, we got in the elevator and started making out. But right before the door completely closed, a hand stopped the door. A few of the soldiers stepped in, so we quickly and awkwardly stopped kissing.
“Are you on your honeymoon?” one soldier asked.
I proudly said, “Nope, we have four kids, and it’s our fourteenth anniversary.”
“Wow! More power to you!”
My wife was blushing and quite embarrassed, but I was proud. She wondered if they had heard her in the room earlier. I told her later that it’s not fair that marriage gets such a bad rap, and I’m proud to say to people we’re twitterpated and infatuated with each other and have a great sex life! There is beautiful marriage heat for those who are willing to work it out.

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11 replies
    • Cuddles says:

      Me three! Cept this will be my first. I've been tossing up what to buy.
      I might get a rechargeable one.

      Great story, I loved reading it. I second all that Patient Passion said! Thank you and God bless you.

  1. PatientPassion says:

    What a beautiful description of being "love drunk!" I truly think this is one of the most beautiful moments a marriage can have. The vulnerability, ecstasy and slightly kinky things were awesome, but the laughter at it all (which might be the sexiest thing!) multiplied the impact of this story. The laughter makes it sound so fun… I'm struggling for words, but it just makes it feel RIGHT; how things SHOULD be! It's so powerful and playful at the same time, and I so look forward to that in my future marriage! I know intimacy like that won't come without work, but it seems completely worth any amount of work it might take!

    Proverbs 5:18-19 says "rejoice in the wife of your youth" and "be intoxicated always in her love," and I think you guys are matching that description perfectly! The Bible often warns us against drunkenness or a lack of self-control, yet here the beautiful contrast is to completely lose ourselves in love for our spouses. What a joy that is! This story is such an inspiration. It's an amazing picture of the kind of rich intimacy that can be had in marriage! Thank you, and may God continue to abundantly bless your marriage, your life and your work for him!

  2. christmakesithot says:

    PatientPassion, we can't thank you enough for your encouraging words! We love the feed back! It really inspires us to share more. My husband wrote this one, I can't wait for him to read your response! I am so blessed to have a Godly husband that encourages me and challenges me in rightouseness, and in kinkiness, lol. We've had so many challenges but we've pressed through and the light and passion on the others side is so worth the struggle! We always challenge young couples to fight for their marriages, because it's what God uses to grow and mature us and bring new levels of blessing and fun.

    • LovingMan says:

      The post and story was great. What you said about pressing through was beautiful too. Your husband helping you expand your sexual horizons is kind of cool too!

  3. christmakesithot says:

    Question for the Marriage Heat staff? How do you choose ignite stories? Is it random or the really good ones? Lol. Whatever it is, we were honored that ours was chosen for an ignite story and that it could maybe help you get more subscribers to this sight. We love you all and are thankful for your dedication and hard work to keep marriage hot.

  4. New Wife says:

    Thanks so much for sharing. Our experience and growth with toys was similar. It all started with a drug store vibrator. For the longest time, my husband was in charge of buying toys. But over time, I gained the confidence and his trust that I wasn't trying to "replace" him to suggest things I'd like to try. Now, either one of us will make the purchases, usually on-line now that we know which brands are high quality. I think he likes it even more when I make the purchases and surprise him. But I like surprises too!

    This has been a wonderful growth for us and I'm sure that our marriage is all the better for it.

  5. HappyHubby says:

    Wow, what an amazing story. Incredibly sexy and encouraging. It convinced me to buy a magic wand for my wife and WOW!!! I thought you were exaggerating about how quickly the orgasms would happen for your wife but it did the exact same thing for mine. The first time I used it she climaxed within 2 minutes or less and it usually takes 20 minutes or more of direct simulation after foreplay for her to cum.

    Also so great to hear the background and context. I love the example you set of how married, Godly sex can be so hot, kinky and holy.
    Hope you write many more stories!!

    • christmakesithot says:

      Thank you so much, HappyHubby! That's so neat to hear! It's also encouraging to us and makes us want to write more. Life has been extremely busy these days but we'll try. We have so many great moments we'd love to share with our MH family.

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