Under Cover

What a mind-blowing experience.  But it was not my ‘mind’ that was blown.  What was happening, was happening slightly lower down and under the sheets.

I was fast asleep in the early hours of the morning.  I am really not sure how it woke me, but I was suddenly very aware of my cock getting attention.  My wife had gone ‘undercover’ and taken my completely soft cock in her mouth and started sucking it very tenderly.  I did not try to wake immediately, but rather relaxed and enjoyed the extreme sensations that I was having.

She was calm and very focused on what she was doing.  Her tongue was licking around the head very slowly while playing with my balls.  Although I tried to keep my pose, I became as hard as a rock in a flash.  Her sounds of satisfaction confirmed that she was pleased with the results she was getting.

She had pulled back my foreskin and was giving very soft and tender attention to the head. She was making small circles around and around and around. Then she would change and suck it like a baby sucks a dummy (pacifier). It was very evident that she was in no hurry to make me cum and that she was taking her time to give me as much pleasure and sensations as possible.   At one point, she put her finger against the head, closed my foreskin over her finger and then started making circles all around my head that was now leaking pre-cum at a shocking rate.

I was so focused on all my sensations that only after quite some time did I become aware of the fact that she was fingering herself and playing with her cit while she was giving me all this joy.  This suddenly came to light when I heard her grunting with her mouth still firmly locked around my cock.  Her body started shaking and I knew that she was having a massive orgasm with her fingers buried deep in her pussy.

I was hoping to have a lot more time to experience the sensations of her mouth, but as she came I was pushed over the edge and lost my load down her throat.   She came out from under the sheets with a massive grin on her face and cum dripping down her chin.  Now that was, I would say, “Good Under-Cover Work”!

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11 replies
    • ClimaXX says:

      I think we should be open enough to share the story with our wives and tell them, "This would be a dream come true if you would do that for me as well !!"

    • HeSaid-SheSaid says:

      Oh, my wife knows full well what my dreams and desires are regarding oral. But is just so happens she is one of those wives who is opposed to giving oral (and kind of indifferent about receiving), so it is a very rare occurrence. Sigh.

  1. HigherQuest says:

    Loved your story ClimaXX…whew…really hot!

    I think many couples are not free enough with their unabashed enjoyment of sex to do this for their spouse. It can certainly go both ways. I'm sure many women would love to awaken to having their pussies licked and their clits sucked. Overcoming all the stigmas against initiating, what is proper, what is just too much enjoyment of sex, has been especially hard for Christians. Kudos to your lovely wife who seems to have conquered all these emotional negatives and simply wanted to get the both of you off at the beginning of your day. What fun!

    • ClimaXX says:

      Higher Quest, I do believe what you are saying is pure truth. Let us build a bridge and get over all our stupid hang-ups. I have woken my wife many times with my mouth on her pussy. She loved it every time. What I would usually do is tell her a few days before, "I think it is time for me to start eating that lovely pussy of yours while you are still sleeping. I need to taste you again like that." Her response has always been positive, but the fact that I mention it before the time prepares her and also creates some erotic expectation in her.
      So, let us share our need to be woken like that, but also our desire to wake our spouse like that.

    • Cuddles says:

      Hmmm so that means there's still lots I can leisurely munch away on and have a good laugh at while you rustle up a new one or two for all of us to enjoy!

      Congratulations ClimaXX 🤗🤗🤗💐

      Have you created a record?

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