18th Anniversary Cruise ~ Ignite Giveaway 2020 Winner

Our romantic cruise has been nothing short of a week of passion.  My wife of 18 years has worked hard to tease and please me for five days with little sign of letting up. I sit stroking my cock as I watch her dress for dinner. She pulls her black dress on over her pushup bra and a black thong and looks at her body in the mirror.

She makes an annoyed face and says, “This isn’t working.” I try to reassure her that she looks gorgeous, but she pulls up her skirt and hooks her fingers in her panties, sliding them off.  “That’s better,” she says as she looks at me.

I stand up and walk over to her. I run my hands over her butt and slide them around her hips to the front, where I can feel her soft curves. As I hold her close, I agree that it’s much better. We press our lips together and kiss, brushing our tongues against each other as it gets hotter and deeper.

I look at her and can feel my hunger for her body. This trip has been the sexiest vacation that we have ever had. I feel so grateful that she has been so adventurous and playful. She spins around in her tight black dress, her ample cleavage bursting out the top. Her striking, short-and-sassy hairstyle frames her beautiful face perfectly, and her eyes shine brightly. We set off for dinner.

At dinner, I reach over and touch her thigh. The soft, smooth skin is so inviting. As I move my hand a bit, she spreads her knees apart a little, daring me to explore more of her legs. It thrills me to touch her inner thigh. I want her; I want to touch her. My hand slowly slides up her thigh until it is almost there. It climbs further to reach her soft mound, her wet lips—and feels her hand there instead.

She smiles at me and raises a glistening finger to my lips. I stop to smell the scent of her sex; there is nothing as erotic as the smell of her juices. I inhale deeply, closing my eyes and imagining tasting her. That’s when she lets me suck her finger clean. She likes my lips and tongue on her finger and gets more turned on.

After dinner, we take a walk on deck and look out over the ocean. The stars reflect off the water, and everything is perfect. I grab her and press my erection against her ass as she leans against the railing.  One of my hands goes up to her breast, and the other pulls her hip hard against me. She can feel the hardness and the warmth coming from my pants.

“I want you so bad,” I whisper in her ear. “You are so beautiful.”

She smiles and takes my hand, leading me to a clamshell. Taking a seat on the edge, she slides to the back, intentionally opening her legs wide so I can see her beautiful pussy. She makes herself comfortable, her legs still apart, and spreads the juices around her lips, enjoying the feel of her engorged labia.

I climb in next to her and start to rub her mound, feeling how wet she’s become. My erection strains against my pants as I spread her lips and slip a finger into her wetness, exploring her and teasing her.

But she has other ideas for this encounter and unzips my pants, releasing my shaft.  As she leans over me, I feel her warm breath on my cock, the teasing tickle of her tongue as she swirls it around the head, and the gentle kiss of her lips. I lean my head back and close my eyes. I love to watch her work on my shaft, but I need to get a handle on my desire or else I am going to come in her mouth.

Her lips and tongue keep working over my member. Expertly, she takes me to the edge of ecstasy to dangle me there for a moment before pulling me back. She wouldn’t let me come if I wanted to. Her hand starts to play with my sack, and I can feel the wetness of her saliva dripping down my shaft.

I whisper to her, “This isn’t fair; I don’t get to taste or tease you.”

With a little extra saliva and a few more licks of her tongue, she pulls off of my dick and carefully places my member back in my pants. She gets off of the clamshell and takes my hand, leading me to our room. She doesn’t take her eyes off of me all the while.

We enter the room, and she stops in front of me. I grab her waist and kiss her again as her fingers run through my hair. Our tongues explore each other’s mouths in tender play. Then she leads me onto the bed, our lips still locked, and I carefully lower myself over her. As I run my hand down her side and squeeze her thigh, she lets out a moan and releases my mouth.

She braces her hands on my chest and rolls me onto my back, then kneels by my feet, lifting her sexy dress just enough so that I can see the soft gap between her thighs.  She straddles me, burying my face in her tits. They are so large and firm. I kiss the skin slowly and licking her bosom, enjoying the smell.

She grinds her hips, feeling my hard erection against her exposed pussy. Then she brings her head even with mine, and we look into each other’s eyes. We kiss, long, deep, and wet. Mouths wide open, our tongues explore, touch, and taste.

She pulls away and stands up in front of me. I watch as she wriggles out of the dress, making a show of it for me while she turns away. The hem rises, exposing her thighs, then farther until her sexy ass appears. She looks back over her shoulder at me to make sure that she has my full attention. Encouraged by the look of pure lust on my face, she pulls the dress the rest of the way off. I can see her sexy silhouette, the side of her breast.

She turns around with one arm covering her breasts.  Her other hand comes up her side, hiding one nipple, while the first moves to cover the other. She squeezes and teases her tits in front of me. Then she slides her hands up, dropping her boobs. The sight sends blood rushing to my cock as it struggles in the confines of my pants.  It’s the first I have seen of her completely naked body tonight, and as always, I am not disappointed. I want her!

She crawls over to me and begins to unbutton my shirt, kissing each bit of exposed flesh and rubbing her palms over my chest and my stomach. As she opens my shirt fully, I watch her tongue lick my nipples and cause electrical shocks to wrack my body; I flinch with every soft wet flick. She finishes with a tender bite before sliding up to face me and kiss me with a passionate thrust. I put my arms around her, caressing her back, touching the sensitive skin, and feeling her body.

She arches upward, so I move my head down and start licking her hard nipples whilst caressing her tits with both my hands; they are amazing! Perfectly round and naturally big. I can’t get enough of them, and my moaning increases.

“Oh, yes,” she heaves. “Don’t stop…”

So I don’t. My lips lock onto one nipple, and I try to suck as much of her breast into my mouth as I can.

Her body suddenly squirms. She lets out a muffled scream before collapsing on me and starting to suck on my neck. It amazes me that she gets so turned on from me playing with and sucking on her breasts! Her panting begins to slow, and she looks at me.

I brush blonde hair out of her face and shower her with kisses soft and tender, delicate, and subtle.

“Can I?” She asks with a playful look on her face, glancing down at my pants.

“Please,” I reply.

She shuffles down and begins to unbutton my pants. Grabbing them, she pulls them down so that my cock springs out. Her eyes widen. She removes my trousers, shoes, and socks completely while I sit up and remove my shirt. Then she stands, her full perky boobs sticking out nicely over a flat stomach, sexy legs, and a fully shaven pussy; my cock is ready to explode.

I watch as she moves closer to my cock and gently grabs it. Not taking her eyes off mine, she bends and reaches to lick the tip and gently grabs my sack. She parts her lips and begins to gorge on my cock. My eyes roll back in pleasure as her fingers touch the soft skin between my legs. I can’t stop watching as she bobs up and down, each stroke coming closer to taking my full length.

Very carefully, I begin to thrust my pelvis in time with her as she releases my thighs and slides a hand down between her legs to her wet pussy.  I love watching as she sucks me and rubs herself. I can hear the wet sounds of her mouth on my member and her fingers rubbing rhythmically on her clitoris.

She brings her fingers up in front of my face. A string of her juices stretches between two fingers, and she presses them against my lips. I hungrily lick and suck her fingers, tasting her arousal, until they return to her wet, warm labia, flicking her clitoris. Her moaning tells me more than her words could.

She pulls her head away from my cock with a sudden jerk and puts it in between her breasts, giving me an amazing view as my dick slides between her tits. Her saliva glistens on her chest and my manhood as it slides effortlessly between the soft flesh she presses against me.

I am so close to coming all over her face when she stops and stands up. She climbs on the bed, straddling me and lowering her weight onto my erection. Then she begins to tease me, rubbing her clit over the bottom of my shaft whilst grabbing her ankles… and then suddenly, she swallows me up.

My breath is taken away instantly as she leans into me, her hair brushing down over my face as my cock pushes deeper into her warm, wet pussy. We kiss…hard. We begin to form a rhythm with deliberate and long movements. Each time, her legs slide away and stretch out until she lies on top of me, our love controlled by the rhythm that matches the rocking of the boat.

I flip her over and kneel in front of her body, pushing her legs upwards and outwards. Her arms reach high above her head as if she were tied up as I slide my body away from her and dive into her pussy with my whole mouth.  I lose complete control when I taste her salty warm insides, and I furiously lick, suck, kiss, and savor her.

There is no possibility of escape as she grabs my head and keeps me in place, grinding against and covering my face with her juices. Her orgasm comes hard, and she shakes and cries out.

I slide my fingers into her, and they come out covered in her thick cream. I love the taste and rub it on her clit so that I can lick it off. She pants rapidly, and beads of sweat slide off her spent body, her moans constant and deep.

I stand up and tell her to bend over, and with a wicked smile, she does. Positioning her ass high in the air, I once again begin eating her dripping pussy, this time full of desire and with precision.  I start to rub her ass with my hands as I lick.

My mind wants this to last all night, but my body wants release! I move behind her and bury my cock deep inside that wanton body. When I bottom out, she lets out a gorgeous shriek, and I grab her hips and pull her tight against me.  I start to find a rhythm again. The passion and heat now control my actions; I’m a beast unleashed. I let go of her hips, lean into her, and put my arms around her stomach, sliding my hands down until I find her wet clit. I pump and rub furiously. I can tell she is close to orgasming again, but she pulls herself away from me with a wet sound and throws me on the bed to jump on top of me.

She whispers, “cum inside me.”

My body begins to tense as I speed up. She puts her hands on my chest, pushing to achieve more thrust to get me deeper inside. I grab her tits hard and come inside her pussy, my whole being exploding and shaking with immense power.  She calls out as she feels it empty deep inside her.

Our hot, wet bodies deflate into each other as I wrap my arms around her, not wanting to let go. We kiss with an innocent softness, lying face to face on the bed. I stroke the hair from her face and just stare deep into those blue eyes as her hand feels the beat of my heart. Our bodies begin to cool down, and our composure returns to normal after what seems like a beautiful eternity. Our combined juices drip out of her and onto me. We smell the sex as we hold each other and fall asleep.

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  1. HappyHubby says:

    Fantastic story. So well written. It describes a night /scenario of lovemaking that I think every one would love to experience. Sexy vacations are simply the best!

    And I agree with your photo assessment, MH does an incredible job of choosing photos but this might have been a case of too much to do and not enough time. Please assure your wife that the picture you painted in the story is one of a smoking hot wife, in love with and eager to please her hubby.

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