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This story contains strong language (L)
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After a long hard day, I arrive home at last. It has been way too long since I’ve eaten and intolerably long since Charlotte and I last made love. I pull my car into the drive, exhausted and fed up by the day I’ve had, and turn my key in the lock.

As I walk in, the house seems darker than usual. My wife waits for me in the hallway. She wears a long skirt, tights, and heels as well as a green jumper that looks so great on her. Unusually for a weeknight, she also has her makeup and earrings on. She looks at me with a very sexy smile. She’s up to something, I know, but what?

Before I have a chance to say hi, she puts her finger to her lips and whispers, “Shh, the kids are in bed.” That makes me even more suspicious; it’s only 8.15.

But I have little time to think about this as she takes me by the hand and leads me through to the candlelit conservatory. Some gentle music plays, and as I take it all in, she draws close to me, pressing her body against mine. Placing her hand on the back of my head, she pulls me in for a long, deep, passionate kiss. I run my hand over her butt and can feel through the skirt that she’s wearing stockings for me tonight. She breaks off the kiss and smiles at me as soon as she realises that I know.

“Dinner is served, my love,” she whispers as she leads me over to the table.

Charlotte has prepared a delicious meal: roast lamb served with a bottle of red wine. But while I enjoy it, my heart pounds, and my cock grows in my pants as I wonder what she has planned. She teases me throughout the meal, asking me about my day but stroking my leg with her foot while I try to reply. I can never finish a sentence.

Suddenly she takes a big gulp of wine and says, “Ooh, it’s hot in here,” then takes her jumper right off.

I nearly drop my glass on the floor. Charlotte’s wearing a sexy black lace bra that she only ever wears to turn me on.

“Sorry, what were you saying?” she says innocently, but I can barely speak. She laughs at how flustered she has got me, then quickly stands up.

“Right, time for dessert,” she says, then slowly unzips her skirt and lets it fall to the floor. Now my wonderful, sexy wife looks exquisite in the candlelight. I see the black lace bra, crotchless black lacy panties, black fishnet stocking, and heels. Leaning over, she gives me a quick kiss on the lips, and I can’t help but gaze down at her beautiful breasts.

“I’ll be right back,” she promises before leaving the room. Returning with a large bowl of strawberries and cream, she places them on the table in front of me.

“Aren’t you having any?” I ask.

“No, tonight I’m serving you.”  While I’m wondering about this, she walks behind me, grabs my left wrist, whips out one of my old ties, and deftly ties my wrist to the chair. I didn’t expect this! But I offer no resistance as she secures the other. With me firmly bound, she moves in front of me.

“Now, dessert!” she says with a gleam in her eye. What has she got planned?

Moving slowly forward, Charlotte spreads her beautiful legs and sits on my lap, straddling me. My cock is fully erect, and if I had a hand free, I’d plunge it deep into her, but all I can do is be her plaything for now.

She holds the bowl of strawberries covered in cream and feeds them to me with a spoon. All the while, she rocks back and forth on my legs, tantalisingly out of reach of my cock. Seeing how much I want her, she laughs; Charlotte loves teasing me.  She enjoys knowing how much she can turn me on and gets a thrill from stringing me along for a long as she can.

She offers me the spoon again, this time putting it just out of reach, so I have to lean in to get it. As I do, she pulls it farther away, and I have to chase it with my mouth, so cruel.

“Whoops!” she says as the strawberry drops from the spoon and lands between her breasts. Charlotte folds her arms under her mounds to push them up. “Take it,” she whispers, and I hungrily thrust my head into her soft bosom.

Taking the succulent strawberry between my teeth, I bite down, releasing the juices all over her. I lean in once more and taste the sweet juices and cream on my wife’s beautiful breasts, licking off every last drop.

Charlotte sees that I’m consumed by lust for her, but still, she does not give my cock the release it so desperately needs. She wants to play some more. So she puts a strawberry in both sides of her bra and demands I remove them with my mouth.

Happily, I oblige. I scoop my tongue deep and low into each cup, one at a time, taking the strawberry into my mouth and playing with Charlotte’s nipples with my tongue.

At this, she gives a little sigh of pleasure, then immediately composes herself, trying to stay in control of the situation and of me.

“This is just getting in the way, isn’t it?” she softly purrs, and reaching behind herself, she unhooks her bra. It falls off her milk-white shoulders and drops to the floor, revealing her luscious, soft, cream-covered tits. Charlotte leans back so that they are just out of range of my hungry tongue and, putting her hands behind her head, shakes her tits for me as she grinds herself into my lap.

I’m so horny now I could come all over her from where I sit, but there is even more teasing to come. She leans in one more time, and I lick the rest of the cream from her breasts like a crazed animal. Feeling the feminine softness of her sumptuous tits on my tongue almost brings me to the edge, and I think, “This is it. Time for you to impale yourself on my cock, my lovely wife.”

Instead, she stands and walks back toward the table. When she turns away, I can see her gorgeous body from behind, her legs perfection in her stockings and heels. Above this, I gaze on her wonderful curvy bottom and hips, my favourite part of her.

Charlotte places both her hands on her hips and slowly sways them from side to side. She then turns to look over her shoulder like a 40s pin-up and smiles.

“Enjoying the show?” she says.

I try to respond, but desire so overcomes my brain that I can’t even speak!

She continues to the table and bends over, placing her elbows on the glass. Then she does something that blows my mind completely. On each side of the table is tied a wrist restraint. She places each of her wrists in one of them, fastening them with her teeth.

“Oh, dear,” she says in mock dismay, “looks like I can’t get away.” She spreads her legs and leans over even further so her nipples are on the cold glass of the table and, oh, she is a feast for my eyes. Her hips sway from side to side, and I can see her pussy lips between her legs. Even in the low light, I can see that she is moistening, ready for me to invade her body.

As ready as she is, I still have a problem: I can’t get free. I remain tied to this damned chair!

“This is ridiculous, honey!” I cry in desperation. “I can’t get to you!”

“Nah,” she replies, “you just don’t want me enough.” She purrs, still swaying her delicious bum as if in time to a slow beat.

Man, I wish I could squeeze that bum right now. “Oh, I want you, alright, baby,” I pant. “I want you so much.”

“Really?” she says as she looks over her shoulder at me again, smiling a wicked smile. “Well, if you escape, you can have me!” She laughs, seeing how much this is turning me on. I knew she loved to tease me, but this is just torture—sexy, sweet, torture.

I strain at my bonds. It seems they won’t come away with sheer brute strength. I’m going to have to pick at the knots. It’s not easy. I fumble, pry, and dig away with my fingers while Charlotte shakes her ass at me, causing the sweet flesh of her buttocks to bounce up and down. She grinds her pussy on the table, and I can hear the scratches of pubic hair on the glass.

“Mmm,” she moans. “My pussy is getting really wet for you, honey. Come inside me, babe; come into me now!”

My eyes glue onto her glistening love place and her shapely legs that look so sexy in those stockings. The part of my brain that is trying to release the knots fights a battle with the part wanting with all my being to fuck my wife.

At last, the first knot loosens! I shake my right hand free and quickly free my left, noting the red marks on my wrists. She sure didn’t make it easy for me!

Charlotte carries on her slow seductive movements and makes mock sexy moans at me, but she is at my mercy now! I know what she’s thinking: that I’m going to drop my pants and thrust straight in. Well, I have to admit I want to, but if she thinks I’m letting her get away with being a merciless tease earlier, she is very much mistaken. Oh yes, two can play at that game, darling! I crouch behind her and place one finger on her ankle.

“Aren’t you going to take me?” she says, sounding a bit disappointed.

“In a minute,” I reply, trying to sound calm and in control. (All an act; I’m as horny as hell.) Slowly, I move my finger up her stockinged leg to her thigh, lingering longer when my finger meets flesh. I trace it all the way up to her vulva.

She draws a sharp intake of breath. “Hmm, there was no calculated teasing in that,” I think. “It was completely involuntary. Now I get to turn you into a quivering heap of desire, my love.”

I give her outer lips a few more soft strokes. Noticing that she is holding her breath in anticipation, I take my hand away and pause for a while just to let the tension build. Her bum looks SOOO good—lovely and plump and round—that I cannot resist. I place a strawberry at the top of her buttock cleft. As I lean down to take a bite, I put my hand on her vulva and give a firm circular massage to her pleasure hole.

“Mmm,” she sighs as she moves her hips in time to my strokes.

I move my hand back slightly and part her with my fingers. My middle finger goes in, and I rest it at her entrance. She is SO WET! The merest touch brings another intake of breath. I know she wanted to be the one calling the shots tonight, but I can tell her body is starting to surrender to the heat building inside. I slowly move my finger forward to her clit, which is nice and hard and swollen, ready for me to play with it.

“AAAAHH!!!” She moans as the pressure on her love pearl brings a convulsion through her whole body. She starts to tense up to try and fight the orgasm—she says it makes it feel better that way—so I increase the pressure on her clit with my middle finger while I squeeze from the sides with the other fingers. She lets out an involuntary spasm of pleasure but still tries to hold off cumming. But when I plunge my thumb deep into her pussy, she screams, “OOOH, YESS!” and she gives in to the explosion inside.

I take a moment to gaze on the beautiful sight before me and know that God has truly blessed me with a wife that is so sexually appealing to me. The view of her pleasing plump behind writhing in ecstasy makes my manhood so hard. I cannot resist. I take a handful of cream in each hand and smear it all over both buttocks. As my fingers again play with her pussy, I kneel and take my tongue to each delicious cheek. The taste of the cream against her soft, pink flesh fills me with desire. I must have more of this. Taking the bowlful of cream, I scoop up as much as I can and spread it liberally over her big sexy bum. While I lick it off, I move my fingers in and out of her pussy again and again. I start slowly and then get faster, speeding up to a vigorous, hot finger-fucking. I feel her whole body begin to tense as she throws her head back; she’s getting close, I can tell.

Having given her ass a good cleaning with my tongue, I move down to her lady place. I start by giving her outer labia a long, slow lick. She responds instantly and arches her back. She is panting, and the ends of her hair are getting sweaty. Working my tongue inside her, I taste her sweet juices, and, oh, how she is flowing tonight. I flick her clitoris with the end of my tongue, and she spasms violently, giving out a loud groan of pleasure. I do it again, and again, making sure I leave an agonising pause between each lick, and with every lashing, she bucks harder and pants faster.


“Okay, then, since you’ve been such a good girl!” Within my trousers, my cock is rock hard, red hot, and dying to be set free. I undo my waistband, take off my undies, and let them fall to the floor. Then I stand with my cock just at the entrance to her pussy and wait.

“Come on, John, what are you waiting for? Just give me your co…..oooh!”

And with that, I thrust into my wife. Her delicious, juicy cunt envelops my swollen member. A wave of pleasure overtakes both of our bodies, and we become one flesh. The whole world disappears; all that’s left is our hot bodies locked in the sweet embrace of hard cock buried deep in wet cunt.

I slowly pull back until I’m nearly out and then hammer my cock into her. She moans with pleasure and throws her head back. I do this another four times, driving myself into her harder each time. Now her head stays up, and, pushing down with her arms on the table, she arches her back. I can feel her whole body becoming tense and can tell a massive orgasm is building inside her.

I try going slow again, but she is having none of it. She rocks her whole body back and forth, pushing herself at me again and again. I put my hands on her delicious, curvy hips and grip hard, while her body moves faster and she fucks me for all she is worth.

I can feel the warm sensation spreading from my dick to my whole body; my limbs start to tingle, and I know I am close to exploding inside her.

I look down. She is fucking me really hard! Her face is red, and sweat is dripping from her forehead. I take over the rhythm and drive myself into her like a hammer drill.


And I fuck her faster and harder than ever. She screams in ecstasy as her body bucks and writhes, completely taken over by the orgasm exploding inside of her. With that, I could take no more, and the volcano inside me finally erupted.

“Oh, YES!” I bellow as waves of orgasm hit me, and the world seems to melt away. The only thing I am aware of is my dick sending shock waves through me as I fire my cum into her hot vagina. I cry out each time I launch, and each spurt hits me like a cannonball. Still, I pound hard against her as my cock fills my wife’s hot pussy with cum.

Soon the orgasm abates, and I come back down. My wife lies motionless on the table as if stunned. Her orgasm has taken her, and she won’t know where she is for a few minutes yet!  I can no longer bear my weight, so I sit back down and watch my cum leak out of my motionless wife’s pussy and drip down her soft, stocking-clad legs.

As soon as I can walk again, I come over to her and release her from her restraints.

“Oh, yeah. You properly fucked my brains out that time,” Charlotte sighs as she peels herself off the table.

“And you, me, darling. That was truly amazing!” I reply.

We give the table a quick wipe and go over to the sofa for a cuddle. Charlotte lies with her head on my chest, still in her stockings. I’ve removed all my clothes to feel her warm body against mine.

“You know, I didn’t mean for you to make me cum so hard. I was trying to give you what you wanted tonight,” she says.

“I know. Don’t worry, you did! That was so amazing! You are the sexiest woman on planet Earth, babe.”

“Thanks, you’re pretty darn good yourself!” She snuggles in closer, and her soft breasts press against my chest.

“You’re so awesome, babe. I love you.”

“I love you too,” she whispers back.

And we lay in the warm afterglow of our lovemaking, knowing God has joined us together. We belong to each other, to share our bodies with each other and be united as one flesh, forever.

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    • HappyHubby says:

      I agree BT, whoever the narrator is she does an amazing!! job. I have browsed through the stories just trying to find the ones she narrates. Others do a fine job but she is far and away the best imo.

    • HappyHubby says:

      Just listened to whole story. The gal I was referring to has narrated a number of stories including #158 – I Love Sunday for reference. This might be the same person. Either way she (or they) are incredible narrators. Either way I hope MH will encourage her /them to narrate more often.

  1. Sarge says:

    BedTiger, you are an amazing writer. Your style make the story “cum” alive with every word. The narrator you’ve chosen is incredible too, and with such a sexy voice that make a wonderful story even better. If you’ve read any of my stories you’ll know that I’m a widower, and have been for 8> years, so these stories you’ve written become my conduit to place my dear wife into the position of the female in your writing. My wife was a koala at times, but she could become a grizzly bear without a clue that she was about to rock my body. Please share more, and I’ll finish a story that I've started too.
    As HornyGG would say, “Stay Horny.”

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