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Text Message Role Play?

Hi guys! New on the site today. Christian married man here looking for some advice.

We have been married for 21 years now. She is 42, and I'm 41. I'm more sexual than she is, and we have sex 5-10 times a year. She comes from a strict family (never speaking of sex), and I come from a more open-minded family.

Now I'm planning an evening for the 10th of January. I'm going to cook dinner and make a whole romantic evening. I'll bring out beds to the living room and create a "tent" over them, put some Christmas lights over the fabrics, and create a romantic atmosphere.

The plan is: I'm cooking, and she will come home from work. She will go to shower and get her self ready for a romantic evening (already planned and she knows about it.)

After dinner, my idea is to take her for a ride in the car where we listen to music (we usually do that), and she will drink champagne.

When we come home, I think I'll tell her to put on sexy lingerie and heels, sit on the sofa with a glass of champagne. While she does, I'll take a ride by myself then park somewhere and text her.

I'd like to create a sext-message role play. I know she would like that. (We have been talking about role play but have never actually done it.) But my ideas are so dry; I don't know what to do.

We are not into the "sexy secretary," "nurse," "king," "handyman," etc. but more "real life" play.

Please, do have you any ideas for roles?

Help a brother out! 🙂

p.s. English is my 7th language. Sorry for misspellings, wrong words, etc. (I'm Serbian, living in Sweden:)

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  1. Rab Keth says:

    One of our favorite ways to roleplay is to play like we are back at different times in our life. My wife has a similar background to yours and frequency of sex is similar. We pick deliberately great times, safe times, times where she was all in and recreate those. Sometimes we will imagine we are back in our dating days, tease, and push pre marriage boundaries and then when we are so worked up we go beyond those boundaries and revel in that joy. Or we recreate how the wedding night "should have been". Instead of two awkward lovers we are now pros who know deeply each other's bodies and longings. Sometimes we shift roles where one of us pretends to be more experienced and the other less experienced and shy. Hope that helps.

  2. Wife lover says:

    Great idea to keep the spark alive. One idea might be, when you leave, you can role play that you’ve been gone away for work for many days or even weeks. Start by telling her how you need her and can’t wait to get to her, but then your flight gets delayed. Tell her that can't wait and start sexting and send pics back and forth of self-stimulation and tell one another what you want to do to one another when you finally reach home.

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