Alone Time

The workday had just ended, and it was one of those rare evenings when we had the house to ourselves for a few hours.  We were just about to go for a walk in our neighborhood when E asked me, “What plans do you have in mind for tonight besides making love to your wife?”

I quickly quipped, “That was my only plan.”

We finished our walk, and E started to make a light dinner.  Without mentioning it, I went into our master bedroom for a quick shower to clean up.  When I came back into the kitchen and slithered an arm around E while she was making dinner, she noted how good I smelled and said she would have to do the same after we ate.  We enjoyed our meal with a glass of wine, and then E went to shower while I cleaned up the dishes.

E had mentioned while we were eating that it had been a while since we had broken out the Liberator Wedge.*  It had been hiding in our master closet without an appearance for months.

After cleaning up the kitchen, I quickly started to get our bedroom organized while my bride was showering.  I l laid a blanket and a few pillows on the floor along with our ramp/wedge combo and a few of our favorite toys and lube.  Then I went into the bathroom and met E as she was just toweling off and putting on lingerie.  I spun her around, peppering soft kisses on the back of her neck and slipping my hands up her front for a feel of her soft mounds.  I whispered that I had some things waiting for us, and we proceeded back out to our bedroom.

As I pointed out the options within reach, I mentioned that I would like us to take our time, alternating our pleasure for one another.  The rule was that if one of us felt we were going to climax, we needed to give the other a signal to slow down or change roles.

E started by lying back on the ramp and pulling me on top of her.  We kissed, and she hugged me tightly.  I wanted to feel my chest against her beautiful mounds, so I slowly pulled the top of her lingerie off her.  At the same time, she slipped off my t-shirt and wrapped me in her arms again.

I reached my right hand between her legs and started to stroke her lady place, running my fingers over the top of her undergarment.  E started to squirm and made a move to remove her bottoms, and I was eager to help.  I slid them off and ran my fingers from the bottom of her opening to the top.  I could tell she was already swollen from her warm shower and was eager for my touch.  I slid myself down to get level with her shaven mound and started to take in my post-dinner dessert.  She tasted so incredible, and I loved how her opening welcomed my tongue and lips for her pleasure.  I took my time circling her with my lips and mouth, wanting her to savor every second.

Eventually, I slid up to start kissing her, and she took that as a signal to change positions.  I reversed the wedge so that I lay with my pelvis raised and my head back, which gave an extra rush and a feeling of being submissive.  With my pelvis propped up, E had great access to run her tongue along the underside of my scrotum, which gave me great pleasure.  In time, she alternated taking each testicle in her mouth, gently caressing them with her soft lips.  She then held my balls in one hand while she ran the fingernails from her other hand under and over them.  It was such a glorious feeling knowing that she had me in her hands and that I was hers to control.  She eventually took my head in her mouth and started stroking me, and my intensity rose.  I was worried about climaxing, so I tugged on her arm to let her know it was her turn again.

This time she decided to prop herself on all fours over the high side of the wedge with her chest down.  I was sitting at her rear with full access to her womanhood.  One of the toys I had set to the side was our glass dildo, lying in a dish of warm water.  I first grabbed a bit of lube and massaged E as she bent over,  waiting.  I started to run the ribs of the escalating glass circles across her opening.  E much prefers the real thing to the glass, so she always wants me to run this toy across her, letting her feel the firmness.

After some play, I decided to swap out the glass for our mini-wand.  I found a pulsating tempo and worked it down to a medium speed. E was extremely wet, pink, and hot.  She squirmed as I ran the wand’s head outside her opening with one hand and a couple of fingers of the other over her swollen skin.  The head of the vibrator lined up perfectly with the openness of her lips, and the stimulation ramped up her breathing.

At this point, my plans of taking our time were at risk.  I knew I had E in a helpless place, and instead of backing off, I massaged her clit with my fingers as I kept the vibration over her opening.

Immediately she gasped and started to shake uncontrollably.  She raised herself to kneel up with my hands and the wand between her legs.  She held that position and quivered as I held her tight with my free hand.  In seconds, E pulled the vibrator out of my hand, went back on all fours, and pulled me in to take her from behind.

The height and angle were perfect as I easily entered her.  Using the force of her hands on the floor, she rocked back into me, and we pounded each other rapidly.  I love the raw hunger and want that this position generates, but the downside is that it’s the position that makes me climax the fastest.  She enveloped me, pushing back into my rod, with her vagina pulling me in like a vacuum right up to my balls.  With a few more thrusts, I exploded inside of her.

I held her tight in that position for a minute or two as we came down from our high.  As we got dressed, E told me, “I didn’t think we would be able to take our time.  I really needed that.”

I also needed it.  I love the moments when we have the house to ourselves and can give pleasure to one another just as God designed.

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