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TorrHead wrote a great sex-by-firelight tale called “Logs On The Fire.”  I commented on his story and decided to make a post of my comment and a bit more. TorrHead writes so well. I love his use of words. The way the relationship between him and his wife is described is brilliant! And his description of his wife and the setting are inspiring!

His story happened during the Christmas season.  We have a tradition of a romp in the living room each Christmas season that’s always near the lit-up Christmas tree. It started years ago when we had kids at home. We used to have Christmas lights strung up in the bedroom during the Holidays, but the action moved to the living room when we became empty-nesters because each of us likes how the other looks in the Christmas tree lights. For this yearly event, we even have some sexy his-and-hers Christmas lingerie we wear. (That’s a story I should share someday.)

For people without a fireplace… We love firelight too, but since we don’t have a hearth, we often use a fireplace DVD or fireplace video with soft relaxing music on YouTube on the TV. For Christmas, we can use the DVD or a Christmas fire video with Christmas carols being played. (We have a flatscreen TV in the bedroom too.)

Setting the mood is something we do year-round.  We have a diffuser with a firelight setting to which I add lavender essential oil and water when we are going to make love.  Halite lamps cast a fiery glow in our bedroom, too. I absolutely love how my sexy wife’s curves light up in firelight or halite lamplight. If you buy more than one halite lamp, you get a more even glow.  Now, in my opinion, my wife looks fantastic and glorious lit up by the fire’s and halite lamps’ glow. This is especially true if she’s in sexy lingerie or nude.

I guess I’m a boob man, and seeing the soft orange/yellow light reflecting off my wife’s beautiful full breasts is so delightful. Also, when she is nude and lit up from all sides, I am amazed that God has blessed me so much! My wife is Scandinavian, and her porcelain skin glows in that light! TorrHead, my wife, in the firelight, looks like a Nordic Goddess too!

I would be willing to bet that all women look great by halite lamplight.

Halite is rock salt. They put a light inside the hollowed-out large rock, and the glow is truly beautiful. No two lamps are identical, which adds to the charm. We even have one that consists of a basket of smaller halite stones. Some nights, we put one lamp up high to illuminate from above. (We don’t leave it up there because we get earthquakes here.)

I’ve heard it said that a TV in the bedroom ruins your sex life. Well, that’s not true for us because another thing we often do, to set the mood, is put on a YouTube video of a beautiful waterfall or forest scene with birds or soft guitar or harp or some kind of mellow music.

We have a massage table in the bedroom that we set up in front of the TV, and that can set the mood for a very erotic massage and much more.

Blackout curtains in our bedroom allow us to use the halite lamps and nature or fireplace videos to set the mood and make love during the day. Since we are retired, and it’s easier on my bad heart, we usually make love at mid-morning.

Often I turn on a fireplace or nature video and leave the sound muted. We have some playlists of our favorite romantic love songs that we like to listen to during many of our lovemaking sessions. Other times I just turn on the halite lamps and diffuser with a sexy songs playlist. Keeping the variety is part of what keeps the sex sessions interesting and fun.

I love my wife so much, and setting the mood helps us be able to show each other that love in a sexual way. I actually think that we older believers see our spouses kind of with our spiritual eyes. We know that we are both no longer young, but we find each other beautiful and sexy. I think that is a Spiritual Gift.

Keep on loving each other, and I hope some of these ideas will be helpful.

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  1. StillLikeNewlyweds says:

    Thank you for this story. I’m going to have to look into those Halite lamps, sounds really interesting. We have done the video fire before as well. (My wife always jokes that it is too hot here in the south for a fire). Don’t know if you have a favorite, but I tried many, including some Roku channels (they were deleted as soon as the commercials cut in! Mood killer!) wasn’t happy with most until I found one on YouTube that is real time. Can’t put a link here but search YouTube for “4k real time fireplace”. The user has a 3 hour one and a 6 hour. NO LOOP! both with the real cracklings and pops, no background music (we like to pick our own). Wood is added but they softly cut out the actual placing of the logs.

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