Shower Surprise

Oh, how I wanted to jump my love… but boy, did I need a shower!

My wonderful husband was glued to his phone, listening to the president give his daily briefing on our country’s situation. I needed to get him in there, but how to distract him…?

I put on my big, fluffy robe and mentioned something about hopping in the shower, saying that he could join me in a bit if he wanted.  Then, hidden under my robe, I snuck a sexy one-piece fishnet number that starts at a lovely tied-string halter top and continues down to attached garters and stockings, all in one piece. I love it because it makes me feel super confident and sexy and because it has garters only, no panties; he doesn’t even have to take it off of me!

I turned on the shower and slipped into the ensemble. Then, before hopping under the water, I sent him a few selfies, with a text that said, “Five minutes. Get ready. ;)” I wanted him nice and hard by the time I was clean and ready for him in the shower.

As I showered, I noticed how the water falling on the lacy fishnet material felt particularly nice on my nipples, already making them perk up. By the time my husband poked his head in through the shower curtain, I had uncovered one breast and was pinching and rolling a nipple. Normally, playing with my nipples isn’t a turn on until much later in the game, but tonight, ooh, it felt good.

As my husband got in the shower, I noticed my plan had worked. He was already quite hard. Before I knew it, I was pressed up against the wall of the shower with my feet braced up on the side of the bathtub for support as my husband stood in front of me and thrust deep inside me.

Ohh, it felt so good. I didn’t come that time, but surprising my husband and feeling the passion and intensity and the water all made for an incredible evening.

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5 replies
  1. PacMan says:

    This was short and sweet and still quite a turn on. I’m envisioning seeing my wife wear a fishnet top in the shower and playing with her hard nipples, and it’s definitely given me a serious erection. YUM!

  2. MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

    Super hot. I haven’t seen my wife in a garter in years—you’ve inspired me! Shower sex is so amazing. A few weekend ago I go an amazing blowjob in the shower and let me tell you—the water wasn’t the only thing that showered my wife.

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