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Hey! This is my first story, so I’m starting with when we were newly married. One day, my husband went to his office, and I sent a message intended to bring him back home. Here’s what it said:

Maharaj (that’s what I used to call him), yesterday when I lay down beside you, you immediately took me into your arms and gave me a peck on my forehead.

But I wanted a little more. I wanted to kiss you badly and soooo deeply that you couldn’t even imagine. We kissed so passionately that I lost myself into you. You kept pulling me towards you. I wanted to “take over the crown,” but your dominance attracted me. I kissed your chest—I love that, I swear; your muscles made me swoon.

All of a sudden, you ripped off my pajama pants. I was on top of the world as you laid me back on the bed. When you looked at up my mound, I protested and covered my pussy, but you kept on insisting and nudging my hand to get me to remove it from your target. You started to shower small kisses here and there. It was all new, again and again. When your tongue touched my flesh, I moaned in pleasure-pain.

Suddenly, you put your mouth over the front of my pussy. I trembled, wanting you to taste me—and yes! You did! I kept on saying no, but my moans contradicted me. You started to plying my G-spot with your tongue, licking it, eating it. I was in heaven. I wanted all of you, wanted you to enter me entirely because your tongue was giving me such incredible pleasure.

I shouted, “Maharaj, please come inside!” You didn’t have on your boxers, so your manhood was on display, fully erect. Then you directed me to get on all fours.

I was shocked! But I did as you said and felt you use your saliva to slather my pussy. Then you tried to put your big manhood into me. I felt a slicing pain before you took it out again. You covered it with a lot more saliva, put its head on my entrance, then pushed it in slowly this time. It filled me to the brim, stretching my walls. Then you started to thrust hard inside me repeatedly.

I shuddered. My juices flowed continuously. You asked me if I was okay, whether this position felt good, but I couldn’t answer. Still, you understood and turned me over onto my back.

By now, I was hot and sweaty. I removed my t-shirt, the only cloth left on my body. Then you again filled me and started thrusting slowly but deep. I was in seventh heaven. I felt something forming in my womb, an ache to reach my destination. And soon, you started to fill me faster.

“No! I want it slow!” Yes, I came slowly, but it was quite a long orgasm. Then I felt sore and tired and weak in the legs. But you were insatiable! You started to pound me hard and fast until I came again. I didn’t have any power…

After this message, he came back early just to teach me a lesson for teasing him at work! 🤣

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  1. 1blessedman says:

    Awesome! Women should freely express their sexual feelings to their husband. No lesson to teach. I would have hurried home to high five, fist bump, applauded, congratulated, thanked, and otherwise showered with many blessings, my wife for such marriage heat!

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