Midnight Fun

Today at the office, I had a lot of work, so I came home tired. After taking a shower, My husband and I started making dinner. We ate and cleaned up, then I went to give him a good night kiss, and to my surprise, my husband started kissing me back. His lips traveled down my neck and then started down further, but I immediately stopped him. “I’m so tired I can’t do that,” I explained. “It’s okay,” he replied. He let me head off to bed while he went back to a project for work. I fell asleep immediately. 

At around midnight, my man snuck into our bedroom and woke me up with his gentle touching and caressing. Ooooh, the anticipation!

I usually sleep on my stomach with my left leg up a little bit. My husband started by running his hand up my leg, stopping just short of my womanhood. Then he started rubbing on my butt, trying to get me to wake up. He lightly kissed my ear and stroked my face. I stirred a little bit, but I was not fully awake yet.

My man’s lips grazed my ear again as he started caressing my boobs. He moved down to my neck and began kissing it, then moved to my mouth and lightly kissed my lips. Then he went down to my boobs, kissing on them and even biting a little. By this time, I was fully awake and surprised to see him but happy at the same time. He raised back up to plant a passionately kiss on my lips.

We kissed for a few more minutes, and then my husband told me to lie back as he pleased me. Unselfishly putting my needs ahead of his, he traveled down my body, kissing me everywhere. He knows how the anticipation of his next move excites me; my husband’s expertise as a lover means that he knows exactly what I want.

When he arrived at his final destination—his most favorite place for his mouth—hubby started licking my labia gently and caressing them with love. After a few minutes of that, he began to rub my clitoris with his finger, arousing me thoroughly before he went deeper into my vagina. Finding my G-Spot, he started rubbing it, and within a few seconds, I orgasmed right onto his hand. 

Now it was my turn. I started by licking my cum from my husband’s hand, and then I gave him a taste of it by kissing him. Now I could see that his shaft had erected fully, but I wanted to make him wait a little more. I slowly started kissing his neck, then his chest, and again on his lips while rubbing his shaft with my hand. He was about to come, so I sat on my knees and took his manhood into my mouth to give him a blowjob.

As he reached the edge of orgasm, my husband pulled my hair and made me go faster and faster. With a loud, “Ahhhhhhh,” he released his hot cum into my mouth. I had never seen him this horny. 

Now we were both tired, so we rested for a few minutes on the bed. But we both knew something was missing, so my husband started kissing me again, getting me aroused. Then, putting a pillow under my knees and giving me another to lay my head upon, he made me kneel in doggy-style. When I guided his shaft into my swollen pussy, we were ready. He grabbed my hair and started thrusting his shaft up and down.

“Uhhh. Ahhh. Hmmm,” I moaned, silently urging my husband to go faster and deeper. I think he understood me because he fulfilled my desire, speeding up his thrusts until, a few seconds later, we both orgasmed with relief and happiness. 

 After that, he lay down on the bed and slept, and I snoozed on his chest for a while. Later that night, we awoke a few times, and he gave me a few more orgasms before we’d drifted off again. That was a night we’re never going to forget!

I hope you liked my story. I am eager to hear your comments. ~ Bornhorny


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10 replies
  1. Biggs123 says:

    Hot story! I’m sure there is a lot of variation for different guys, and it also depends on the situation. But I wonder, what do many of you married men do with your hard dicks while you’re feasting on your wives’ wet pussies? Do you stroke your cock? Just let your rigid shaft go untouched and focus 100% on pleasing her? I’d be interested to hear any guys’ response or women’s observations.

    [From MH: This is a very interesting and potentially helpful discussion starter! We are going to turn it into a discussion post! https://marriageheat.com/2020/06/24/what-about-poor-dick/ ]

  2. Sultryheat says:

    Hey Bornhorny, GREAT story and VERY hot! My husband Brian and I often have sexual escapades in the middle of the night. We sleep in the nude so it makes the opportunity easier that way. I love nothing more than to wake up with my legs spread wide open and his tongue in my pussy, doing what he does best! He is a pussy worshipper and can’t seem to get enough…God I’m a lucky girl! I Love to look down and watch him stroking his big hard cock slowly while he feasts! I also love for him to approach me stroking himself before he slides it into my mouth! Yum!

  3. WeldersWife says:

    Midnight romps are the best! For me, as I’m sure many women have felt less than desirable at times, waking up to my man with his hands and mouth on my body makes me feel like the ultimate prize 😊. Just thinking about him being so turned on that he can’t wait to have me…..mmmm. Hot story!

    • Fiftyfitfidelity says:

      A lot of time we find "inspiration" late at night. Putting that against her usually gets a great response. This story was incredible from the beginning. My wife has expressed, afterwards, that she wishes her teeth were brushed or something along the "less than desirable" category.

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