Our Hottest Sex Tape Yet

Last night we shot our hottest sex tape yet, and I’ve already watched it a handful of times this morning (pun intended). Our homemade sex tape collection goes back to 2004 when we were only 30. From 2004 until our son was born in 2008, we were pretty prolific with the camera, and then the pace dropped off for a few years with only a few tapes here and there, only to pick up four years ago.

We rarely watch our tapes, but last night we were in bed and fired up a few from years past. Now, I said “we” rarely watch them, but the truth is that I watch them a good bit, especially a 2004 tape that shows me giving my wife a gratuitous facial. Honestly, the ones that are most graphic—and there are a few that leave nothing to the imagination, especially the most recent 4K tapes—turn me on the most. The vast majority of our tapes show a single act, e.g., her giving me a blowjob, me going down on her, us in doggy-style, us masturbating together, etc.

So, last night we made it through four of our tapes, with lots of foreplay ensuing, and then I said to my wife, “I think we should take it to an even higher level right here, right now.”

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“You’ll see,” I replied.

She giggled as I gave the camera to her and then proceeded to go down on her, asking her to record me licking her pussy. After a couple of minutes, I took the camera from her and recorded us both masturbating, including her using her dildo on herself.

Then came an overhead blowjob with me recording all of the action as she f%cked her pussy with her dildo. After that, she got on top of me and rode me reverse cowgirl with me filming all of the action. She was super wet, and my cock just slipped effortlessly into her. She leaned forward, her absolutely perfect ass cheeks (thanks to our Peloton) opening a bit, and oh, the view I got for the glorious five or six minutes she rode me. I gave her light anal play with the fingers of my other hand, which drives her absolutely wild.

By then, I could barely hold the camera steady because I was so worked up. I almost put it on the bedside table because I could hardly control it anymore, but we both decided to stay the course.

I told her to get in doggy position, where I proceeded to ram her extremely hard. I had the camera in hand, recording all of the action. I slapped her left ass cheek with my left hand while holding the camera with my right. Down on her elbows, she reached back and began masturbating to bring herself to orgasm. I was feeling so good that I had no idea if I was getting good angles with the camera—I hoped so, but it was impossible to pay attention. The cum simmered in me, and I had to distract myself mentally to avoid cumming as I wanted her to orgasm first.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh,” she moaned as she began to cum. Her pussy was incredibly warm and wet, and I knew then I was mere seconds away from the explosion. The camera shook in my hand as I absolutely pounded her as hard as I could while she orgasmed. For her, the harder the better. I slapped her ass cheek hard and called her a “slutty bitch,” (two things she loves).

“Oh, baby, I want you to cum,” she demanded as her orgasms subsided.

“Suck my cock, honey,” I said back. (Quick side note: Pussy to mouth is a massive turn-on for me.)

My wife flipped over, and I got over her. She took my throbbing cock, covered with her juices, in her mouth and worked me for a few seconds with her hand and mouth. Then she opened her mouth, stuck out her tongue, and started jerking me off with the tip of my cock on her tongue.

Barely coherent, I checked the camera to ensure the right angle, and oh, did I have it.

I then exploded with cum, semen pouring out of my cock all over her tongue and face. She swallowed what was on her tongue, and then I took my cock and mopped up what was on her cheeks. She swallowed all of that, too, by taking my cock back into her mouth.

“Holy f$ck,” I said, as she milked every last drop from me.

I shot a few seconds of her, my cum still on her face, and of her beautiful breasts before I turned ended the recording. We watched the 23 minutes of insanity and then went to bed.

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29 replies
  1. hornyGG says:

    Think it's time Ben and I make another "love tape". We love watching the other three we made. So hot!
    I enjoyed the story very much. Keep writing and stay horny!


    • MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

      Go for it! We have been on a roll lately and our "library" is now quite extensive. It is fun to watch how we've evolved sexually since our first video in 2004. I will say that we have gotten much more graphic and the 4K camera we now have allows for some insane video quality. The video I wrote about above was definitely among the more graphic we've shot and I recommend going as graphic as possible. Every time I've rewatched this particular video and I come upon her in reverse cowgirl position leaning forward, it just blows my mind and gets me so hot–the 4K technology is insane. Our latest video shows some role-playing–kind of a new frontier in our sexual journey.

  2. Tulsa says:

    Fun fun stuff! We are fans too!
    We began a long time ago, taking pictures with a Polaroid. We started taking vids, when the equipment became easy to do at home, and affordable. Now with digital, it's a piece of cake!
    They are 'motivational', if we are separated for some time by business trips or whatever, to watch alone. REALLY fun to watch together!
    I thought it was just me looking and watching them from time to time, when my wife was away. I found out different, when I got home a few days early from a long trip, and found her on the bed surrounded by the old pictures, and toys!
    Fun to look at the old ones now! 'Hey baby…..check out your 6-pack abs!'. 🙂

    • MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

      That's awesome. We started with a small Sony digital camera back in '04 and have moved those videos over to a secure place. Our rule is that none of the videos can be stored in the cloud. Anyway, one of the things we've very much noted that we both look so much better now than we did in 2004! Hard to believe but yes! She doesn't watch the videos–or at least claims she doesn't–but we both really enjoy watching them together. I watch them alone for sure but when I'm traveling don't have access to them as we don't have them in the cloud. It is funny that she still gets kind of embarrassed by the super graphic parts of our "movies" but deep down she gets super turned on when we watch them. We did upload one of our videos to a site a few years ago and we're not proud of that (was a weak moment for us) but we have enjoyed over the years seeing the comments.

    • Tulsa says:

      When we started , there was no such thing as digital, or 'the cloud.' 🙂
      We don't use the cloud for anything. We just have no confidence in all that. My wife has watched them alone much more often than me. I've never seen her get embarrassed when we watch them together. Horny, without a doubt, especially the ones where I'm doing oral on her, but not embarrassed! 😉
      She wasn't embarrassed when I caught her watching them either. Startled most definitely. Wildly horny would be more like it! I saved money on my clothes. I think she would have ripped them off when she saw me standing there watching her, if I hadn't taken them off already!

    • MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

      We store them on flash drives. We are very careful about knowing where our flash drives are. The worry is that if they were stored anywhere else they might accidentally wind up in the cloud due to backup services, etc.

  3. HuskyKitty says:

    This was an AWESOME story! Thank you! In fact, this is something that the Mrs. and I have come to enjoy a great deal. There’s something about the new angles of enjoyment when we watch each other make love. We also like to turn up the volume too as background for our next sexual activity! God bless, MarriedtoaHotBabe. 👍🏼

    • MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

      The angles have been fun. It took some time for my wife to relax and be OK with the absolutely crazy angles the videos were showing of her but it's all good now. And it's not just her…she's shot some pretty wild angles with me, too!

  4. PacMan says:

    We film sporadically and it’s just my favorite thing in the world. Wish we had started earlier. This last 2 years, we’ve probably made 20 videos. The funny thing is that I was just stroking my cock while watching one of our latest videos (a few minutes ago). Then I decided to check out MH, and here’s this amazing sex tape story. It definitely was fun to stroke to and visualize in my head! Sounds like a super hot scene. Damn, someone needs to create a Christian porn site. I would be a paid member! And maybe a contributor!! 😍

  5. TLC2383 says:

    Yes! More stories like this one. I absolutely love cumming on my wife's face and hope she will let me film it happening some day. If she reads this story maybe that will help convince her. She still has so many hangs ups about what is right and wrong for Christians to do sexually but this site and stories like this go a long way towards opening her up.

    • MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

      It's a delicate matter for sure because the whole facial thing kind of came from porn BUT my wife is totally cool with it and plays along. That said, most of our tapes don't end with a facial but this one did. As for what's right and wrong for Christian married couples to do, our philosophy is that ANYTHING we both consent to that's just between the two of us is OK. We really have no limits so long as it's just the two of us.

    • MarriageHeat says:

      That is MH's take as well.

      Isn't it sad that ideas for new things to try sexually generally do come from porn these days? Wouldn't it be great if they instead came from frank conversations between close Christian friends? When we stop thinking of the pleasures of the marriage bed as a dirty or inappropriate subject, that will become more of a reality. At least, we hope so.

    • MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

      MH: Not long after we got married, my wife and I had friends who were very open about conversations concerning their sex life. We eventually kind of got into it, too, and some of those conversations were quite…well…graphic. We even went skinny dipping together. It got to the point where I started having fantasies about the other wife and then group sex. I never shared that with my wife but I wonder what thoughts she had as well. It all felt quite uncomfortable and I since then I've struggled with how friends have conversations about sex without feelings and instincts kicking in.

    • MarriageHeat says:

      Good points well taken, especially if one is tempted to make such fantasies a reality. Maybe an anonymous written format like ours is the best choice after all, at least for some. But I'm sure some sexual advice or ideas for the marital (monogamous) relationship are safely exchanged between same-sex friends, man to man or woman to woman, when such friendships reach a certain level of trust.

    • 5OhsRomantic says:

      Fully agree with you @MarriageHeat " Wouldn't it be great if they instead came from frank conversations between close Christian friends? When we stop thinking of the pleasures of the marriage bed as a dirty or inappropriate subject, that will become more of a reality. At least, we hope so." This is EXACTLY what I'm hoping to get started. Thanks for providing one of the platforms to encourage others to do just that! Keep it up!

    • Tulsa says:

      No doubt, the format here, or an anonymous message board, is easiest, and therefore probably the best.
      That said, we do have one couple we are friends with, and have been for many years, who we freely talk about all things sexual. I, nor none of us, have had a desire or thoughts for the other couples spouse, or wanting to get into a pile. Maybe that is rare? Our discussions just make us want to test things out on our own wife or husband. WE have also had some 'show and tell' between couples, but still, no sharing of anything past married couples….if that makes sense.

  6. YoungCouple69 says:

    @MarriedtoaHotBabe, your description– "She was super wet, and my cock just slipped effortlessly into her. She leaned forward, her absolutely perfect ass cheeks (thanks to our Peloton) opening a bit, and oh, the view I got for the glorious five or six minutes she rode me."–this has to be my favorite position! I love watching my wife's wet pussy lips engulf my member as I hold her amazing ass in this position. She often uses a vibrator while we do this and the sensation of her cumming on my cock is unreal. Does anyone else get a kick out of reverse cowgirl? Great story–we will have to try filming sometime just for fun.

    • MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

      Thanks for the feedback! Glad you enjoyed it! Reverse cowgirl is a position we didn't try until a few years ago. My wife usually just rode me in traditional cowgirl. But I remember one night we kind of accidentally fell into reverse cowgirl and it was a lot of fun for us. She has a really stellar ass, and I am always afforded quite the view!

  7. SamtheMan says:

    Very Hot Story! I don't get a hard on as often as I used to when reading the stories. I'm not sure if it's because I've gotten older or because I have similar stories of my own. I rate the stories by how hard I get when reading each story and this was definitely a 5. My wife and I have never made a sex tape and that's one of my biggest desires but it will be a cold day in Jamaica when that happens. Reverse cowgirl is my favorite position followed closely by Cowgirl. Love those views!

    • MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

      Glad you liked the story! We’ve watched this video a few times since and I’ve watched it several times and it’s pretty legendary I would say for homemade sex tapes. The reverse cowgirl scene is absolutely stellar because of her gorgeous ass and how she worked me. I hope you and your wife try a video. Maybe don’t show her face in the first one?

  8. 1blessedman says:

    I hope you have a gimble! Thanks for sharing your most intimate sexual fervor! No doubt those vids show the beauty of God’s creation and exactly why it was not good for man to be alone!

  9. Giants05 says:

    Wow this gets me wanting to do a video so bad. I know she is for it as well. Taking nude photos makes her hot lately so know the videos will send her over the edge.

    • Fearless Lunk says:

      Oh yes! We have been filming more in the last couple of years…. and sometimes it makes my DW go wild. It’s soooooo sexy!!!!

    • MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

      Awesome! Don't be shy about getting graphic with the camera. You will be glad you have graphic shots. Also, I can't recommend a 4K camera enough, and if you do get one, do some day-time shoots. It is incredible what a daytime sex tape looks like when it's been shot with a 4K. Also, we have started incorporating some role playing into our sex tapes and it's been hot. Last bit of advice: Shoot lots of point of view angles from both of you. My wife loves to see what it all looks like from my angle and vice versa.

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