An Unforgettable Day

The church filled with applause, as the pastor presented us to our family and friends for the first time as husband and wife. After the wedding ceremony, we continued the festivities at a nearby hotel for our reception. A cocktail hour got things started, followed by dinner. We made sure to visit every table to thank people for coming out and celebrating with us. Then we danced the night away, having the time of our lives with our family and friends.

As the evening came to a close, we said our goodbyes and shuffled off to our honeymoon suite. We both lay on the bed, staring at each other and recapping the day’s events. We were filled with a mix of nerves and excitement as we contemplated the first that awaited us both. We had saved ourselves for marriage, and although we had read about what to expect, book knowledge about sex differs significantly from actually experiencing it.

After cuddling and talking a while, my bride rolled over, put her hand on my chest, and said, “Well, we do have one more thing left for the day.” Still looking stunning in her white wedding dress, she got up and walked to the bathroom.

A few moments later, I raised my head and peered over at the bathroom entrance, where she now stood seductively, dressed in a sexy white bridal lingerie outfit she had picked out weeks earlier. She sauntered over to our king-sized bed, stopped between my knees at the foot of the bed, and dropped to the floor. Slowly, she moved her hands up my pants to my belt and unbuckled them. My cock grew erect in anticipation of what lay ahead as she helped me undress.

As I then helped my wife out of her lingerie, she said with a smile, “I’ve been thinking about this moment all day.”

I grinned ear to ear as I replied, “You look gorgeous, baby. I’m the luckiest man alive!”

My cock was fully hard now; she took it into her mouth. She slowly stroked my erection while sucking on the head as she made circular motions with her tongue. Little by little, she allowed more of me into her mouth, making sure her saliva lubricated every last inch of my hard cock.

“Oh, baby, that feels so good!” I told her as I watched my beautiful wife work up and down my shaft and felt pleasure washed over me. My hand instinctively started to stroke her hair as she took more of my cock into her mouth. Her hands moved from my thighs to caressing my balls, rolling them between her fingers as she worked her magic on my throbbing dick.

I pulled her face up to mine, and we kissed passionately, just staring into each other’s eyes. That moment, even if it only lasted for a few seconds, felt as if time had stopped. Our eyes said more than our words ever could.

“I want to taste you,” I told her. “I’m dying to taste my gorgeous wife’s pussy.”

She pulled herself up my body, and steadying herself with the help of the headboard, lowered her pussy onto my face. My tongue teased her as I took my time kissing up her thighs and around her perfect, plump lips. I couldn’t help but stop and smile as I just stared at my wife’s amazing body and beautiful pussy. Then I focused on her clit with my tongue while sucking on her pussy lips, which drew out a moan as she drove her hips into me to get more of my tongue. Her juices tasted so sweet that I couldn’t get enough and wanted to give her as much attention and pleasure as I could.

“Mmmmm, lick that pussy, baby,” she uttered, bucking her hips and making sure I tasted all of her. Her thighs began to clench around me as her orgasm drew closer and closer. Her moans grew in intensity as I continued working her clit while she bucked uncontrollably. My lips and tongue focused solely on her clit as she moaned, saying, “I need your cock inside me. I’m ready!” She realigned her body with mine, and we embraced.

“I love you so much, baby,” I said as our lips connected once again.

She started stroking my cock and replied, “I love you too. Today has been the best day of my life, and I can’t think of a better way to end it!” She then spread her legs, inviting me to enter her. With her hand, she guided me to the entrance of her pussy, and I slowly pushed in.

Our kiss broke with her sharp intake of air as she felt my dick penetrate her pussy. Slowly, I inched into her, making sure to stop at intervals to allow her to get used to me inside her. My cock slid deeper and deeper into her as her muscles started to relax, having acclimated to my girth. I pushed into her until fully enveloped, giving her every inch.

She moaned in ecstasy as she took all of me, and we bided our time, kissing and absorbing this first moment truly as one. We then repositioned; I lay down on my back, and she got on top of me, bracing her hands on my chest as she started slowly riding my cock. Every movement produced an intense amount of pleasure for both of us as I began to thrust from the bottom. She intuited how to speed up and slow down at just the right time, making every movement feel amazing.

As I cupped her breasts and used my fingers to play with her nipples, she said, “I love your big cock! I’m looking forward to doing this for the rest of our lives!”

“You’re incredible!” I replied. “Your pussy feels out of this world!”

As she started increasing her pace, her tits mesmerized me, swaying back and forth with each thrust. I used my hand to start rubbing her clit as she ground on my cock. The sight of her beautiful face smiling and moaning with pleasure drew me close to orgasm, and I let her know I was about to cum.

“Fill my pussy, baby,” she said. “Give me your cum!”

My wife’s words sent me over the edge. I lifted her body and thrust with the first spray of my cum. Then I pulled back only to slam back in, delivering more of my load and releasing everything I had deep inside her.

My wife responded by pushing herself deep on my cock, not wanting a drop to go to waste. Then she collapsed on top of me, and we kissed, enjoying being in each other’s arms.

“I’m going to enjoy this cock for the rest of my life,” she said with a smile as she climbed off me.

We enjoyed a warm shower, helping each other get cleaned up, and reminisced about this unforgettable day.

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7 replies
  1. SouthernHeat says:

    Thanks for sharing your first time with us! Such a special memory on your wedding day. I’m sure you will have many many more hot sexy experiences to share with us!

  2. LovingMan says:

    Beautifully written! Your descriptions are excellent. That first time together after the wedding is a treasured memory for my wife and I. Thanks for sharing!

  3. one day you are mine says:

    it's so good to hear your first time! As a virgin, I always look forward to when this day comes…

    We will like to hear more about your experiences😉

  4. SamtheMan says:

    Nice Story. We were so tired on our wedding night that we got Taco Bell, ate in the room and fell asleep. We kept our first sex for the next night, and we were so hot for each other that there was no time for foreplay; it took us months before we ever did oral.

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