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The pandemic had disrupted everything, including his company. He had to transition his employees and himself to working from home. Surprisingly, business remained good, and to accommodate some of his employees’ challenges at home, he decided to hire an additional part-time worker to help with some of the basic tasks.

Today was the first day of interviews, and he was conducting them via web meetings. A phone interview didn’t seem right; he wanted to see and talk with them in person.

As he finished preparations, his wife came up behind him. He started to tuck in his shirt, but she reached around, grabbed the fabric, and began tucking it into the front of his pants for him. Her hand extended far beyond the material and cupped him, providing a gentle squeeze. Then she stretched up to deliver a soft kiss on his neck.

“Good luck with the interviews today.”

“Thanks,” he said, turning to see her beautiful face. He wrapped his arms around her and let them fall as he grabbed her butt. Squeezing it, he pulled her close to him as they kissed.

“Once you get this sorted out, you can hopefully focus on something a little more rewarding,” she said, smiling with a wink before pulling him in for one last kiss.

He stepped into his home office and closed the door. He had five interviews to get through this morning, so he settled in and made the first call.


The interviews were mixed, as always. He was optimistic about a couple of candidates and would need to schedule a follow up with them. His last meeting of the day would begin in five minutes. From her resume, he worried this applicant was overqualified. However, she had agreed to meet, and he felt he had been very upfront with the job description he’d posted.

He logged into the meeting a little early, so he’d be ready when she linked in. While scanning her resume one last time, he received the notification that she had joined. He glanced up at the screen as her feed connected, and a breath caught in his chest at the sight. He worried if he should quickly disconnect. A woman’s figure was on his screen, leaning towards the camera. Her ample cleavage, supported by a sheer form-fitting white blouse, heaved. Her face remained off-camera, and by her movements, he assumed she was adjusting the camera as it repeatedly plunged in and out of her cleavage.

“Hello?” he muttered. He felt uncomfortable with the situation and had to work hard to avoid any awkwardness as his eyes darted from the screen to the floor, ceiling, and anywhere else that wouldn’t give away his intrigue.

“Hello!?!” he nearly shouted.

“Oh, sorry! Just getting this camera angle right.” Her voice was immediately recognizable.

His wife slowly stepped back from the camera, and her beautiful face came into full view. Glasses she neither needed nor ever wore framed her striking eyes.

A confused grin spread across his face.

“Let me introduce myself,” she offered as she sat in her chair. “I’m Rachel, and I am incredibly invested in exploring this available position.” She used a more breathy tone than usual and overemphasized the words “exploring” and “position.”

He paused momentarily. “Rachel, huh?” he replied. That was not his wife’s name, and slowly, the lengths that his wife had taken to set up this scenario set in.

She looked amazing. The thin blouse tightly hugged her curves, and he’d glimpsed a short pencil skirt and her sexy legs before she’d hidden them beneath her desk. Her eyes probed his through the screen, and he wanted nothing more than to walk out of the office and find her.

“So… Rachel,” he continued, clearing his throat, “thank you for taking the time to meet today. Tell me, what is it about this position that excites you?” He was willing to explore this situation and wanted to see where she would take it. She had invested too much time for him to cut it short.

“Thank you for your time, as well. I would say the challenge of the position excites me the most. I like things fast and hard and can see myself being very satisfied in these efforts.”

“Well played,” he thought to himself.

“Rachel” gave him a knowing smile as she adjusted again in her chair and pulled at her shirt collar, allowing more cleavage to show. She looked right into the camera as her hands blatantly cupped her breasts while acting as though nothing had happened.

“So,” he continued, “would you say you push back against change or welcome it?”

She looked on calmly. “The bigger the change, the better. I enjoy variety. I may push back against it incredibly hard, again and again. However, I only do that so I can promote and, I would dare say, inspire a bigger change.”

His mouth went dry as he sat in silence, his mind flashing to the times his wife had repeatedly thrust her pussy back against his throbbing cock. It was his turn to adjust in his chair.

“I” m sorry. Was that not the answer you were looking for?” she asked, doing her best to act innocent.

“No. I mean yes, that answer was perfect,” he stammered. Then he continued. “How well do you handle working with a supervisor?”

“Well, if you are asking if I do well as a subordinate, I can comply with any demands placed on me. I also can take charge when needed. I find that most relationships require some give and take. But I especially enjoy giving…” She trailed off and acted lost in her thoughts.

He adjusted in his seat again. Looking down, he searched through the resume she had provided. “Where did she come up with this stuff?” he wondered to himself. An odd bullet on her resume stood out to him.

“I see here that you are a linguist. In which languages are you fluent?” he asked.

“Oh, I apologize. That must have been a typo. I did not mean to imply that I was fluent in any foreign languages, just very good with my tongue.” She leaned forward as she said it. Her breasts rested on the desk and pushed up as she leaned in, slowly licking her lips.

He stared, not wanting to interrupt the show she was providing. She pulled her glasses from her face and used them to lead his eyes to her breasts and then back to her lips as she seductively bit them. Apparently satisfied with the tease, she replaced her glasses and settled back in her chair.

“Well, Rachel—” he paused looking up at her from the resume he held in his hand, “I am prone to offer you the position on the condition of you providing examples of your job skills, including attention to detail, effectiveness, and teamwork. Do you have examples you can share?”

I think my past performance speaks for itself,” she started, smiling softly, “however, I am happy to demonstrate my abilities.” She pushed her chair back away from the desk. “I gave great attention to detail this morning,” she continued as she lifted and spread her legs to expose her smoothly shaved pussy, unobstructed by any panties, “when I shaved my pussy just for you.” She reached her hands down and slowly started to play with herself, giving him a perfect view of her pussy as her fingers began slowly sliding in and out. She glanced up at him while one hand continued the gentle rubbing of her pussy, and her other hand reached up and pulled her tits from the confines of her blouse. Her eyes remained on him while she leaned down to lick her nipple, then rolled back. A lascivious smile graced her lips, and a soft moan escaped them as her fingers slid deeper into her pussy.

“My effectiveness? I think you can judge that by the size of your cock, which I can see has been growing in your pants.”

“As for teamwork—well, you’ll just have to come in here and see how well I work with others.”

He had reached his breaking point. Quickly disconnecting from the meeting, he left the office and found his wife in their bedroom, on her knees and waiting for him. Her upper body was bare, her breasts firm and inviting. The pencil skirt remained in place along with high heels he hadn’t been able to appreciate fully earlier.

“Come to test my esprit de corps?” she asked.

He only smiled as he stepped toward her. She quickly undid his pants and pulled them down, releasing his swollen cock.

“Hmmm,” she murmured in appreciation. “I want to be your dirty little employee and suck this cock. Do you see these slutty glasses I bought? I want you to cum all over them.”

He groaned as she moaned all over his cock, sliding it in and out of her mouth.

Her eyes peered out from beneath the glasses, watching him as she engulfed his cock. Grabbing her tits, she rubbed them and continued to moan as her gaze alternated between the cock she was swallowing and his face. When she sensed his approaching orgasm, she freed him from her mouth and stroked him with her hands.

“Cum all over my face, please. Oh, I want to watch you cum all over me.”

With those words, it was over. He exploded all over her face, some cream dripping down to her tits though the majority spilled onto her glasses as requested. She sighed in contentment as she gently licked his cock one last time.

“Now,” she said, standing, “I didn’t shave this pussy for nothing.” Grabbing her blouse, she wiped the cum from her face and tits while repositioning on their bed.

He knelt at the edge and determinedly went to work on her pleading pussy. She was already near orgasm from anticipation, and soon she began thrusting her hips up to meet him as she grabbed his head with one hand to steady his face against her. His tongue felt wonderful sliding in and around her, and his fingers worked expertly as her climax took over.

She slowly came down from her bliss as he stood, his cock already resuming its aroused state. She reached for him, and he walked around the edge of the bed as she directed him toward her head. Reaching up, she slowly stroked his cock. Then, gently pulling him to her, she took him into her mouth, and he hardened quickly under her expert tongue. Letting him slip from her mouth, she guided his cock down to her breasts and began rubbing it across her nipples, occasionally slapping it against her tits.

“See,” she said, smiling, “I do well with change.” She adjusted to kneel on the bed and bent her head down, shoving her ass into the air toward him. “Now, give me something I can really push back against.”

He stood behind her and reached down to stroke her pussy before grabbing his cock and aiming it into her wet hole.

“Fuck me!” she moaned as he slid his full length inside. “I mean it! Grab me and just fuck me,” she begged.

He didn’t need any more encouragement. Immediately, he grabbed his wife’s hips and pulled her into him as he thrust in and out. Moans escaped both their mouths with each thrust. Her free hand frantically rubbed her clit as his shaft hardened. She pushed back, grinding against his cock as both had orgasms wash over them.

Spent, they both lay down on the bed. After a moment, she leaned over. “So, do you think I have the job?”

He laughed. “You can have any job you want.”

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9 replies
  1. TLC2383 says:

    Very hot story. I have always found glasses to be a turn on, and cumming on my wife's face while she wears glasses is one of my favorite role play scenarios. In fact, we did some professor/student role play the other night. She dressed up in her schoolgirl lingerie and wore some dark-rimmed glasses that she knows I love. Needless to say, I came all over her face when she finished her "oral exam."

    • one day you are mine says:

      what about practical exam?
      student need to perform well in practical too😉

  2. hornyGG says:

    "Fuck me!" she moaned as he slid his full length inside. " I mean it! Grab me and just fuck me!" she begged.
    I loved that! Pure raw passion. Great story, Hot4her! Keep writing and stay horny!


  3. SouthernHeat says:

    Such a fun and sexy story! Such sexy flirting and sexual tension and build up! I really enjoyed it! Hope your u share more of your stories with us?

  4. LovingMan says:

    Wonderful story. We also loved the sexual tension and the build up! My wife… when really turned on… also loves to be pounded while she kneels on the bed and I stand on the floor behind her & take her from behind. Married sex is such an intense blessing!

  5. one day you are mine says:

    I love this interview.
    I guess no one else has any chance in that position.

    "Cum all over my face, please. Oh, I want to watch you cum all over me."
    “I didn’t shave this pussy for nothing.”
    Hottest lines..

  6. MedSunset69 says:

    Great story Hot4Her! Very well written and the sexual tension was wonderful. Loved it! Got my cock rock hard and I finished your story shooting cum. Thank you for that. 😉

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