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As many of you know, May is officially Masturbation Month. Of course, for Ben and myself, every month is masturbation month. We are both long-time avid masturbators and enjoy our self-love sessions whether alone or together. I am a strong advocate for the benefits of masturbation. It plays an integral part in our marriage and our sexual pleasure, as you can tell by reading any of my stories. I hope that one day the “taboo curtain” that surrounds masturbation will lift for Christians, and we will embrace it as a natural and healthy part of our sexuality. I believe that, through MarriageHeat and education, the dark veil will be lifted. 

For National Masturbation Month, Ben and I decided to take a fifteen-day masturbation challenge. However as much as I enjoy my masturbation sessions, I really love to fuck and I wasn’t all that sure my will power would be strong enough to go without dick for a whole FIFTEEN days. Especially after watching him masturbate his big cock.

Let me reiterate, masturbation is a normal and healthy part of a person’s sexual growth. Not to mention it is fun. Remember: if you don’t know how to please yourself, how can you tell your spouse how to please you?

If y’all can bear with me, I am going to start from the beginning of our pledge and celebration of Masturbation Month. Hope y’all enjoy the story! God Bless and Stay horny!





Tuesday (The Challenge)

As you may know by reading my stories, Ben is a morning person when it comes to sex. I myself am not a real morning person. Now being that the “stay home order” was in effect, I would have preferred to sleep in as we had plenty of opportunity for sexual pleasure at any other time of the day. 

But being the kind person and wife that I am, I very rarely reject Ben’s desire for sex unless I am sick or just too tired. On those occasions, if Ben is really horny and needing relief, he will jack himself off in the shower. Sometimes he will masturbate in bed, and if I am not sick, watching him will often entice me to want to fuck. 

It was around 6:30 or so when Ben awakened me.

 “Gina! Gina, baby!” I hear Ben say. I was sleeping well so it took me a minute or so to shake the sleep fog from my brain. 

“Gina! You awake? ” Ben said. 

Wiping the sleep from my eyes, I notice Ben standing beside the bed on my side and holding his very erect cock. 

 “Baby, suck my cock!” Ben says. 

“Really, babe? What time is it?” I reply still trying to gather my thoughts after a deep sleep. 

“It’s after six. Babe, you awake? ” Ben says, then gently runs his fingers through my hair. 

“Seriously, Ben! I was sleeping so well. Can’t you just beat yourself off? I will be more than happy to suck you off a little later if you want. Just let me sleep a little while longer.” I say, then yawn sleepily. 

“I’m sorry, baby, but I would really rather have my dick sucked. Come on! Suck it for me,” Ben replied. 

I really would have preferred to go back to sleep, but then I remembered something from the scriptures that stated a husband and wife should never deny one another their desire for sex. Ok, maybe in not those exact words, but something along those lines. Besides I really enjoy sucking his cock. 

I looked up at Ben and smiled as I took his hard-on in my hand and give it a couple of slow strokes. His cock felt so good in my hand. He groaned as I stroked him.

 “My goodness! You are really hard this morning. Did you wake up with this or have you been a naughty boy and been playing with it?” I say with a wink.

Ben laughed briefly and said, “Gina, stop talking and suck me!”

I leaned forward and softly kissed the head of his cock, tasting the small drop of his precum as it coated my lips. He groaned as I teasingly licked around his cock head and down his meaty shaft. With my free hand, I fondled his balls as I continued to lick his dick up and down the shaft.

Ben groaned again and said, “Oh, Gina! Baby, that feels so fucking good!”

I love knowing that I am giving my love pleasure, and his words only intensified my desire to give him more pleasure.  I took his dick into my mouth and began sucking the head, getting it good and wet with my saliva as I slowly took a little more into my mouth. 

“Yes! Suck it! Suck that cock!” Ben groaned as I began to work my mouth up and down his dick. His hips began to move as he started to fuck my mouth. 

I gagged just a little as I worked more of him down my throat, then I pulled back. I released his balls and lightly tickled his perineum, then his ass. Ben groaned deeply and his breathing became deep and shallow as my finger found it’s way close to his asshole. 

He loves it when I tickle and finger his asshole. Often times it is like a pleasure button, once I hit that button it seems to trigger his orgasm. This would be one of those times.

” Oh, baby! Your gonna make me cum! I’m gonna cum!” Ben growled as his body began to tremble just a bit and his dick began to throb and shoot his baby gravy into my mouth. It was a pretty big load but I swallowed it hungrily. 

His body jerked and spasmed as I continued sucking him to get every drop. I love the taste of his cum. 

  ” Fuck! What are you trying to do? Suck my nuts out my dick!” Ben exclaimed.

I removed his dick from my mouth and giggled at his comment as I slowly massaged his softening member with my hand. 

“Feel better?” I said, then licked up the small drop of cum that I had managed to coax out with my hand.

” Definitely. That was great sugar! You do know how to suck cock. Want me to return the favor?” Ben said.

About that time my cell phone rang. It was our daughter Alicia.  

“Thanks, babe! You can pay me back a little later,” I said right before answering the phone. 

“Hey, sweetheart,” I said answering my phone. 

“Hey, mom! Did I wake you?” Alicia replied.  

“Oh no, your father already accomplished that. How are you?” I said 

“I am fine. I didn’t interrupt anything did I? ” Alicia replied with a chuckle. 

“No, we were just having a conversation about stuff. What’s going on?” I said as I gave Ben a wink.

“Would y’all mind keeping Callie tonight? Trey and I have been invited to go out with some friends and probably won’t be in till late,” she replied. 

“Of course we will keep our little darlin’. You two go out and have fun,” I said. 

“Great! Thanks, Mom! I will bring her around three if that is ok?” Alicia replied. 

“That would be fine. Just anytime you get ready will be fine. Just call and let us know so that we can be ready,”  I said.  (Ben prefers us not to walk around nude in front of Callie. He says he just wouldn’t feel right).

Later that night:

Ben and I absolutely love keeping our granddaughter, but she is a handful and keeps us on our toes. And like my friend Rose once said, ” It’s what keeps you young.”  That is true, but she still manages to tire us out.

It was around eight o’clock when while watching ” 101 Dalmatians ” (her favorite movie )  our little munchkin finally gave out and went to sleep on the couch. Ben picked her up and carried her to bed as I picked up her colors and coloring books. 

Ben and I stayed up and watched a little television before deciding to go to bed around 10:30.  We always leave the hall bathroom light on in case Callie gets up during the night to pee or something. 

Ben and I took a quick shower together, then crawled into bed. We lay close together and kissed, then said a brief prayer.

We lay there silently for several minutes when Ben said in a soft voice,  “Wanna cash in your I.O.U from this morning?”

“Hmmm, what do you have in mind?” I replied softly and smiled.

“What would you like? It’s your I.O.U sweetheart,” Ben said, then he began to kiss and nuzzle my neck. I love it when he does that.

We kissed passionately, our tounges entwined and a moan escaped my lips as our hands caressed each other’s naked flesh. It wasn’t long before I felt his cock stiffening against my thigh.

“Fuck me! I want your big dick in my pussy! Fuck me now baby!” I moaned. Then we kissed with heated passion once again.

As we kissed Ben mounted me and I soon felt the head of his dick push against the outer lips of my pussy. I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him inside me.

“Mmmmmph! Oh God Ben you fill me so good!” I gasped.

We kissed deeply as Ben began to slowly thrust. It felt so good I wanted to cry out, but we had our grandbaby in the house so I tried to control my passionate cries of pleasure. Ben would help as every time I started getting a little loud, he would muffle it with a kiss.

“Ohhhhh baby! Fuck me! Don’t stop! Your dick feels so fucking good!” I panted softly into his ear.

“Your pussy is so hot and wet baby! Feels really good to my dick!” Ben groaned as his thrust increased in tempo, causing the bed to creak in rhythm.

“Baby, fuck it! Fuck my hot cunt! Give it to me!” I moaned. This time he didn’t muffle it with a kiss.

Supporting his weight with his arms, he began fucking me with harder deeper strokes causing me to moan and make animalistic noises. I reached between us and began fingering my clit as he pumped his cock into me. I ended up grabbing a pillow to muffle what would have been a loud cry of pleasure as I drew closer to orgasm.

“I’m gonna cum! Your g- g -gonna m-m-make me cum! Yessssss, I’m cummcummmmiiinggg!” I squealed, putting the pillow over my face to try and muffle my cries as my orgasm washed over me.

“Your pussy is squeezing and sucking at my dick! Feels so fucking good!” Ben groaned as he continued to fuck me.  ” Turn over, I want you from behind!” he said as he suddenly pulled out of me.

“Ok, but let’s get on the floor. I’m afraid we’re gonna wake up Callie,” I said softly.

“Gina baby, we have been going at it pretty good and she hasn’t woken up yet! ” Ben replied.

“Your right, I guess!” I said as I turned over and got on all fours.

Ben positioned himself behind me, grabbed my hips, and pushed his cock into me, causing me to gasp. He then began thrusting and the bed once again started rocking and creaking with each thrust.

“Fuck! Your pussy feels good! Gonna fuck you till my cum floods your hot cunt bitch!” Ben growled as he pounded my pussy doggy style.

“Yes, give it to me! I want you to fill my cunt with your cum! Fuck me! Cum in my pussy! Your big dick feels so good in my pussy baby! Fuck me!” I panted, trying to urge him on to cum. It worked.

“I’m gonna cum! Ahhhhh, fuck!” Ben groaned, pushing deep inside me as his warm cum washed my insides. He pulled out and we collapsed side by side on the bed both of us sweaty and panting.

“Well babe, told you we wouldn’t wake her!” Ben said, then gave my ass cheek a playful smack.

“Yeah, I guess she is a sound sleeper. Unlike our three when they were small,” I replied as I got out of bed and walked to the bathroom to clean my sloppy cunt.

Ben laughed and said, “That is so true sweetheart!”

Coming back to bed I lay closely beside Ben. We kissed, then fell asleep peacefully in each other’s arms.

Thursday ( early afternoon ):

It was a nice warm day, so I decided to go out and sit by the pool (nude of course). Ben had a bad headache and decided to lay down for a nap.

The warm sun felt really good to my skin as I spread a towel out and sat in one of the patio lounge chairs and looked at my phone. Board with social media, I began browsing the internet.

As I scrolled through, I came upon this article that discussed Masturbation and May being Masturbation Month. I am generally pretty cautious when it comes to internet sites that discuss sexual topics because you just never know. But I would have never discovered Marriage Heat had I not taken the chance. So, intrigued, I took the chance and tapped into it.

I am not going to give the name of the site here because while the site was nicely done, the pictures and short videos are pretty explicit. I can’t say that I would label it as porn because while being explicit the photos and videos were done in a very professional, artful way. The article itself was well written, informative, and erotic.

After about forty-five minutes or so I got up and walked back inside. I walked to our bedroom and found that Ben was still sleeping. He was laying on his back and the covers removed exposing his nude sleeping form. He looked so peaceful and sexy laying there, his limp cock laying to the left against his thigh. I was tempted to take a picture with my phone, but decided not too. Besides, I have several nude photos of him, a few quite naughty.

I was sitting in the living room on the sofa when Ben walked into the kitchen. His dark hair was a mess (bed head!) as he poured himself a glass of tea.

“How are you feeling, babe?” I asked.

“Better. How are you?” he replied.

“I am good. Went outside and sat by the pool for a little while. It’s nice out today,” I said.

“Looks like it,” he said as he walked over and sat in his recliner.

“Ben! Did you know that this is Masturbation Month?” I said.

Ben looked at me with a quizzical glance and replied, “Really? They seem to have a month for everything nowadays.”

“True. But I read this article and it mentioned it. It also had a “Masturbation Challenge” where couples are refrained from having any type of sex except masturbation for a minimum of fifteen days,” I said.

Ben gave a brief laugh and said, “Let me guess, you want to do this challenge.”

“I don’t know. But it might be fun. We both enjoy masturbating anyway, so it’s not like it’s that big of a deal for us. At least to me.” I replied.

“I don’t know, Gina! No pussy for fifteen days is a pretty big sacrifice,” Ben said with a laugh.

I laughed and replied, “Hey, I’m gonna be going without too, mister! You know I love to fuck and how watching you beat off affects me. But it wouldn’t be called a “challenge” if it was going to be too easy.”

“I don’t know, let me think about it,” Ben said as he finished his glass of tea.

That night as Ben showered, I was in bed with my laptop logged into Marriage Heat. I read a couple of stories that had me feeling quite horny. Putting my laptop aside I moved the covers from my naked body and spread my legs. I ran my fingers through my pubic bush, then along my outer pussy lips. I was getting so wet and a soft moan escaped my lips as I touched my clit. Adding just the right amount of pressure I began to stroke it in a circular motion.

I was still jilling off when Ben walked in from the bathroom. He smiled when he saw me and stopped halfway between the bathroom and the bed. He didn’t say a word as he watched me masturbate. I could see that his cock was starting to grow hard.

His horny gaze and the site of his growing cock seemed to intensify my pleasure as my hand worked faster over my clit. It was then that he grabbed his dick and started slowly stroking it.

“Ohhhhhh Ben! Yes! Jerk your meat! I’m cumming! I’m cummm-ing!” I squealed as my orgasm hit. My body spasmed with pleasure and my legs shut tight trapping my hand between them.

He got into bed and crawled over next to me. He kissed me deeply as our tounges met in a passionate kiss. The passion of his kiss made me moan.

“I love you so much, my sweet Gina! I love watching you play with your hot pussy and make yourself cum. It is so erotic and beautiful. You are beautiful my love! I want to cum on you. I want to cum on your pretty face and beautiful tits” Ben said, then kissed me again.

” Oh, baby! Please do! I want to feel your warm cum on my skin!” I replied, my hand still on my pussy.

With that, Ben got up on his knees, took his cock in his hand and started to jack off. He started with slow strokes at first, then gradually built up speed. The muscles in his arm flexed as he gripped and pumped his hard-on. I love watching him jack off! It is so hot. My finger started slowly stroking my clit once more as I watched.

Ben grunted and groaned as he stroked himself. His face showed his pleasure and determination as he worked himself towards his orgasm. My own desire grew as I rubbed my clit a little faster.

“Ah fuck! Gina talk to me! Talk dirty to me like you know how to do!” Ben groaned.

“Want me to be naughty for you baby? Want me to tell you how hot you look as you beat that big dick? Want me to tell you how I am fingering myself as I watch you? How I want you to cum all over me! Cum for me baby! Cum on my face, my tits, my pussy, or wherever you want. Beat that meat and cum for me, baby!” I replied, as my fingers worked on my clit bringing me closer to another orgasm.

” I’m gonna cum baby! Yes! Fuck!” Ben bellowed as he aimed his dick at my face and shot his creamy load, he then shot the last few spurts onto my breast. 

“Yes! Oh God! Yes! I’m cumming again! Ohhhhhhhh-Ohhhhhhhhhhh fuck!” I cried as my second orgasm washed over me. My eyes closed tightly shut to keep his cum from getting into them.

Ben got out of bed and walked to the bathroom to get a damp rag so I could clean myself. He came back to bed, his dick having lost its rigidness danced as he walked. He smiled as he handed me the rag. 

As I cleaned my face he began to lick his cum from my breast and gently pulled at my nipples with his teeth.

“Hey! Easy baby!”  I said as he nibbled a little too hard.

He laughed and said, “Sorry! Listen, if you still want to do that challenge you mentioned earlier we can.”

“You sure? We don’t have to you know. It just seemed like it would be fun,” I replied as I cleaned the remaining cum from my face and hair.

“I’m sure. Besides like you say it might be fun. Tonight was sure intense.” He replied.

“Yes, it was baby! I always love it when we play together. Think I need a shower!” I said, then kissed him.  “I love you so much!”

More to come…



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39 replies
  1. Waiting Hardly says:

    I love how healthy and loving your relationship is! You both derive such joy in enjoying the gift of each other and of self stimulation! Thanks so much for sharing this!

  2. 5OhsRomantic says:

    GG, You (and Ben) hit it out with another awesome story! Actually, another awesome experience to share with us! Have you considered joining SOTB? The two of you would really add to the discussions and bring a wealth of experience and wisdom to share.

    • NewAdventures says:

      Couldn't agree more! GG and Ben have such a strong bond, I'm very thankful that they are willing to share and pass on their experiences/wisdom. What is SOTB?

    • hornyGG says:

      Thank you! Glad you enjoyed the story.
      I have requested to join SOTB. Requested last night, but haven't heard anything about acceptance or not yet.
      Ben opted out of joining, so if accepted it will only be me.
      Don't quite know what to expect or what is or isn't allowed, other than no lurkers and participation is encouraged. Can you give me a bit of an insight, so I won't go in blind? Thanks again and Stay horny!


    • MarriageHeat says:

      You know, it wouldn't be outside the scope of this site for someone to write an honest review of a resource they've tried, especially if you can tell us a story of how it has blessed or built your hot, monogamous marriage.

    • hornyGG says:

      Well, my membership to SOTB was denied. I guess my answers to their questions were not what they wanted. Not really sure. Kinda disappointing too be sure. Ben says it's no big deal, " their loss". I may try again at a later date. Stay Horny!


    • 5OhsRomantic says:

      Hmmm, check that again. I think that may have been a glitch. I know SOTB is getting a lot of new requests.
      Anyways, stay horny and keep writing!

    • pnwwoodsman says:

      If you think you were denied, check the spam folder. Or reapply. I had the same issue but I had mistyped my email address.

  3. Mercury7 says:

    Thank you for being so open to share your thoughts and your experiences. I also love to cum on my wife's gorgeous tits and then lick my cum off of them!

    • hornyGG says:

      Thank you so much! I love for Ben to cum on me ( wherever he wants) and find it so hot for him to lick up his cum. Bet your wife feels the same way.😉
      Anyway, God bless and stay horny always!


  4. LovingMan says:

    I love your sexy stories, GG. Ironically, my wife has a health problem so WE are forced right now into a masturbation challenge. But this is working out for us so well so far that I am starting my own story about it. You are an inspiration!

    • hornyGG says:

      Thank you so much LovingMan! Praying that God heals your wife soon. I take it that you and your wife masturbate together? That is awesome! Keep the connection even though you can't have intercourse at the present time.
      God bless and stay horny!


    • hornyGG says:

      Lol. I picked up the term "baby gravy " from a stylist who works for me. She was trying to get pregnant at the time. I thought it cute so I sometimes use it. Ben thought it was funny too the first time he heard me say it.
      Stay Horny!

    • CrazyHappyLoved says:

      Lol! I heard it (used jokingly) for the first time a couple of days ago on a Netflix original series called Roswell New Mexico.

  5. MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

    This was awesome! So, literally two hours ago, upon waking up, I asked my wife (while we were still in bed) if she wanted some "baby gravy" and she had no idea what I was referring to. I explained that it's cum. She laughed. I showed her this story. She then gave me a wild blowjob and, oh yeah, she got some baby gray unloaded in her mouth. I then returned the favor. Thank you for sharing and helping to inspire a great oral sex session this AM!

    • hornyGG says:

      Thanks! Awesome! Glad my story inspired some early morning fun. God bless and stay horny!

  6. Marriageheat19 says:

    Great story!! If it’s ok with moderators, would you be willing to leave the website for those of us that would be interested? It is so difficult to find tasteful sexual websites to enhance marriage. Thank you!

    • hornyGG says:

      Thanks! If it is ok with MH I will share it. I just got to find it again! The search begins!!!!
      Anyway, God bless you and Stay horny always!


  7. SouthernHeat says:

    Another wonderful story, GG! Love your loving relationship with Ben! So sexy and hot! I bet your gonna have trouble going that many days without fucking his cock.

    • hornyGG says:

      Thank you so much, Southernheat! This story continues, so watch for it. God bless and stay horny always, darlin'.



  8. AlwaysReady says:

    Another Fabulous story! My wife and I both love masturbation, alone and together. I'll be reading this one to her tonight. (because I'm sure she'll be too busy to read it herself 😉 ).

  9. one day you are mine says:

    It's very helpful story for me! Masturbution sure is fun… I always curious did married couple enjoy masturbution or not? Now I know. This is for Ben: Do orgasm through masturbution and orgasm in pussy feel different? Quite curious as yet it's plenty of time until I meet my future wife!
    I love masturbution, but I've never tried masturbution in the shower. Mostly I do it just before I sleep and sometimes I do it early morning too!
    Your story always help me to imagine sexual relationships between me and my wife😉

  10. California Coastal says:

    My mother had sex talks with me while making dinners at an early age. She stressed the sexual bond of a man and woman when married and how, before and after marriage, masturbation was a positive and healthy activity. I was a virgin till marriage but loved to practice masturbation regularly. It was always a joy to enjoy the feelings God gave me in a sexual sense.

    Hubby and I have long loved to masturbate. Whether it was alone, together, to each other or however. Since I am a nudist and work from home in my accounting business, I can often stop for a break and have a relaxing solo orgasm. We have made our patio in back private, so we can do anything we like back there—and we do. If we don't have full sex out back, I will stroke hubby's cock till he shoots. What a delight to watch him groan, squirm and finally ejaculate to my hand movements. Or, at times, he might put on a show for me, too.

    We have never been ashamed of our actions and find ourselves becoming closer as a couple from all of our sexual play.

    • hornyGG says:

      Awesome! My husband and I are practicing nudist as well. We seem to have alot in common. Stay horny always! God bless.

  11. Mtstreetdoc says:

    HornyGG- I have been enjoying stories on MH for about a year. A few months ago, I decided to go back to the very beginning and read every single entry in order. I am only up to like November 2015 or so. Your tales are always phenomenal. I am to the point where you were taking a break from writing, so now I know I have something to look forward to reading. As a fellow Southern State dweller, I often read your or Ben's yarns and am able to picture the similar things my wife and I enjoy in our wooded secluded back yard. Keep them coming.

  12. jon777 says:

    Me & my wife enjoyed many yrs of masturbation. We got married young & I had to teach her {enjoyable work}. Now that I'm a widower, I think of her when I pleasure myself.

  13. likaself says:

    A dear friend of mine is also and avid masturbator and strong advocate of masturbation in marriage. Sarah did some research and put it in an answer on Quora, 'Have you ever masturbated after marriage?'
    It was an oddly worded question, (there are a lot of people on Quora with English as a second language)
    So how did it go with your 15 day masturbation challenge?

  14. sarah k says:

    So wonderful to see other Christians who are avid masturbators.
    As soon as my friend likaself shared this story and I read the first paragraph, I know, I have found a home here.
    I believe being an avid masturbator would benefit all Christian. For one to maintain ones innocence before marriage and for sexual purity before and in marriage. I know my love of solo sex has been a boon to my marital relationship and sex life.
    And has clearly benefited our children.
    PS, I'm the Sarah Likaself has mentioned, she has many more answers on Quora than I do.

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