Prayer Before or After Sexy Time?

My fiance and I are wondering what others do—pray before “the dirty” or after? Throughout our dating and engagement, we have loved praying together before bed every night, whether that be by phone or after a date. It’s something that we plan to continue into our marriage, but we were wondering: if you pray together at night, what is your preference, “doing it” before our after prayer time?

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  1. Waiting Hardly says:

    We used to pray beforehand and offer it up to God as an act of worship. The Bible commands married couples to have sex, and every act of obedience to God is, in its own way, and act of worship. If it was super spontaneous, we would pray afterwards and thank Him for such a wonderful blessing.

  2. LovingMan says:

    Hi tikyik (cool moniker). We are a senior married couple and each other’s lover. (Tom n Melodie). You asked a good question. We prayed and I even blessed my nervous virginal wife before our first time on our wedding night. (I had been married previously… but I was still nervous). Now we usually pray afterwards… or when we say grace before brunch we thank God for our loving and passionate love making session. (We now almost always make love in the mid-morning. That is the safest time for me due to my bad heart.)
    Often I say a prayer in my heart DURING sex, for my wife to be able to reach orgasm and to fully enjoy the sexual experience we are having together.
    Not all Christians believe that God can inspire you, but we do… so I feel that at times during our lovemaking that I get inspired to know when it’s time to switch which breast I’m loving on, or when to touch Melodie a different way etc.
    I firmly believe that God cares about your married sex experience and He can and will answer your prayers concerning your sexual relationship with your spouse.
    I read once the words of a pastor who said that Satan wants you to have lots of sex before marriage and very little sex once you ARE married. So that also means that God wants you to have the LEAST amount of sex possible BEFORE marriage and the MOST amount of sex possible AFTER you are married.

  3. 1blessedman says:

    Thanks giving offered during, at times. My only other comment is that we have to break the moulds and ideas that sex is “dirty” as described above. That insidious thinking is what is partially wrong with Christians' aspect of sex. All consensual and mutually edifying sex between spouses is beautiful…it is what God created! Beautiful!

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