Stream of Consciousness During Sex

Before foreplay

I’m so horny and want her. But she’s reading. Does she want it, too?

Should I just tell her I’m horny or should I start with a kiss and maybe some wandering hands?

I know Sunday night isn’t her ideal time for sex since she’s usually stressed about going to work tomorrow, but maybe give this a try?

Let’s give her a kiss and see how she responds…….

Nice! She liked that.

Now let’s move in on her tits and see how she responds…..

Her tits feel so good.

The way she kissed me and is letting me play with her tits, she’s open for business tonight!

Now to take things another step…..

Wow! Her pussy is smooth as silk—no stubble at all. She must have just shaven tonight. For me?

Her pussy isn’t wet. I wonder if I slide in two fingers if she’ll start to get wet……

Oh man, she liked that.

I’d better lick her left nipple now so I’m treating her tits equally.

I’m super hard and really want her to take hold of my cock.

Oh man, her hand around my cock feels really good. I’m so tempted to let her keep going but I have so many other options….

Her pussy is getting wetter.

She looks so fucking hot. What did I do to deserve this woman?

This angle isn’t easy! I’m getting sore!

I love it when she masturbates. I’m gonna get in front of her and totally jerk myself off while I watch.

Spread your lips for me, baby. You know I love that.

She’s not spreading her lips to show me her pinkness. Should I ask her to do that?

I wonder if she’s gonna get the dildo or if I should?

Nice. She wants the dildo. I’ll get it for her.

Is she still masturbating? (as I walk to the dresser to get the dildo and then look back.)

This thing is huge. Is it bigger than I am? She appreciates my size, right?

Heavy Foreplay

For 20 years she’s sucked my cock this way (me on my knees next to her while she’s on her side, with her legs spread, giving me a blowjob). Does this make me boring?

I never get sick of this view.

Take it in your mouth another inch…..

I think I’ll slap my cock against her tongue just because I can.

The way she’s working her dildo and my cock at the same time, she’s quite the multi-tasker.

Holy fuck, I think I may cum.

Why does it turn me on when my cock hits the side of her cheek, forming a “bump”? Is that a fetish?

Does she want me to cum or does she want to fuck? I’d better ask.

Even though we’re gonna fuck, this feels too good to stop.

My wife can really suck cock.

Wait…is it that she’s good at sucking my cock, or just cock?

How many cocks did she suck before me? Let’s not think about that.

She’s working me like she wants me to cum.

I wonder how wet she is? She must be soaked with that big dildo in her pussy and my cock in her hungry mouth.

I really wanna shoot my cum down her throat.

This view I have of my cock in her mouth is epic.

She’s licking my pre-cum……

I wonder how wet she is? Think I’ll check but will the dildo get in the way?

This doesn’t feel like a “foreplay blowjob”; it feels like a “cum in my mouth or on my face blowjob.”

What does she want to do?

If we don’t fuck and instead I blow my load in her mouth, will that be selfish of me?

Oh wow. Her pussy is soaking wet.

With my cock in her mouth and the big dildo in her pussy, what is she thinking about…two guys? Or just me and the dildo?

Why is it turning me on thinking about another guy’s cock in my wife’s pussy right now?

I really need to have some discipline and get my cock out of her mouth so I can start eating her pussy.

Wow. She won’t stop sucking me off.

Oh my. I love it when she looks into my eyes with my cock in her mouth.

I need to stop this. Now. Or else I’m gonna blow my load.

OK, that was hard (pulling out of her mouth).

Her pussy is dripping wet.

How much teasing should I give her before I start eating her pussy? How about none?

My tongue is already tired licking her clit.

Where’s the dildo? Oh, there it is (in her hand).

That dildo is gigantic. I need to measure it sometime to make sure it’s not bigger than my cock.

Oh man, she’s spreading her lips for me. YES!

That pussy….so beautiful. She knows it, too.

I have to masturbate as she does this.

She’s totally getting off on herself right now.

I love it when she asks me to “lick my pussy.”

My tongue is getting tired!

Think I’ll reach up and pinch her nipples (she loves that).

Oh good. She’s about to cum.

I really wanna fuck her.

My tongue is about to freeze up on me.

She tastes good tonight.

Oh fuck, she’s seconds from cumming.

Time to attack her clit even harder and faster!

She’s cumming! Time to fuck!


My cock is aching. She’s gonna love it.

Holy fuck. She’s dripping wet.

I love it when she wants reverse cowgirl.

Wow. This feels really good.

That’s right, baby. Lean forward so I can enjoy the amazing view of your ass.

What did I do to deserve a woman with an ass that beautiful?

I can’t let myself cum this quickly. Two minutes? Really. Time to start distracting myself.

(Various uncomfortable thoughts to distract myself from cumming.)

The wet-vagina sounds are interesting.

I’m kind of in the mood for doggy style but let’s do missionary instead.

Wow. She’s masturbating while we transition into a new position.

She’s so flexible.

Her bare pussy feels so smooth.

Why does she shave her pussy bare? Is it for me?

It would be kind of cool if “Julie and Alex” were in here watching. Yeah, I just had that thought.

I really don’t want them in our bedroom. I need to control that thought.

But my wife is so fucking hot that it turns me on imagining others watching her. And my cock pounding her.

That’s a sin. Stop thinking that!

How many other guys would love to be fucking my wife right now? Probably a lot.

She’s a MILF.

I shouldn’t have these thoughts. God, I’m sorry.

Is she gonna cum again?

Do most wives masturbate during sex?

Wow. That view.

Her pussy is getting wetter.

I can feel the cum.

Oh fuck.

[near blackout]

[ears ringing]

Where do I cum?

She already came so it’s up to me.

If I cum in her pussy, which I’d prefer, she’ll need to do some cleanup and it’s past bedtime. So maybe I should make this easy for her and pull out?

Her pussy feels amazing.

I really wanna blow my load inside her.

Need to make this easy for her.

OK, let’s pull out at the very last second.

Would be fun if I hit her in the face with my cum after I pull out! Wait. I’m 47 and can’t shoot that far anymore. How about I hit her tits?

I’m getting sore in my hips.

This feels so good.

I can’t hold it any longer.

I hope she strokes my cock when I pull out!

That took a lot of discipline! (pulling out)

Oh yeah, stroke it, baby.

Hoping for a big load!

YES! Hit her tits!

So glad I’m married to a woman who knows to stroke it when I pull out.

Wow. That’s messy! I’m proud of my work.

I’m tired.

She has cum all over her midsection and tits. Should I get her a washcloth?

Don’t drip cum on the carpet, baby.

That ass (as she walks in the bathroom)…..

My cock is sticky. I should probably wash off?

My ears are still ringing.

Time to wash off and go to bed.

Oh, man, there’s a wet spot!

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10 replies
  1. Flying Hubby says:

    Gosh darn I can relate. You putting that in print reminds me how much does go through my head while I’m enjoying all that. There are soooo many options. Sometimes it’s a timing issue, but I like to remember she’s mine and we get to do this again. I love my beautiful wife.

  2. Giants05 says:

    Wow this was amazing ..can relate to these stories so much being married for 14 years and wiyh my wife for 20. I really think these ladies shave their pussies smooth to drive us men wild. After reading your stories, she has ordered her first dildo.

    • MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

      Congrats on your wife ordering her first dildo! How does she like it? My wife has a few and she definitely prefers the largest of the bunch. On why women may shave their pussies, the reasons likely vary. My wife absolutely does it to turn me on, but I also think it makes her feel sexy. The first time she shaved herself bare, I was blown away. It was just so naughty of her to do that. It's still a massive turn-on for me. She has told me that most women at her gym go bare down there, too.

    • Giants05 says:

      Omg Marriedtoahotbabe she loved it. We took turns using it and while one was using it on her the other was concentrating on other areas. She even took a pic using it on herself a few days ago which is something new and hot.
      I agree w you w the feeling sexy part and driving us guys nuts w the shaving it goes hand in hand. If they know it drives us nuts they feel super hot and sexy. If we dont tell them it drives us nuts in a good way they don't feel sexy. 2 things that blow my mind his her shaven and her in a thong 😃

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