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As I begin what may be a controversial story, one to which some may take offense, I ask that you bear with it to the end unless it offends you to the point you need to stop reading. If not, read on, and you’ll see how it all comes together at the end. Those familiar with my previous posts will understand; those not familiar may think I’m writing pornography and not hot biblical monogamy. But the latter is what it is. The fantasy I describe here is not for everybody; but for my husband and me, this kind of play still keeps us sexually active yet deeply devoted to the Lord and to one another. Moreover, we are never tempted to step outside of marriage for a new thrill since we manufacture our own.

I’ve been in this world far longer than most people who still enjoy sex, and that gives me a fairly unique edge when it comes to insight. Many couples cease to have sex in their forties and fifties or even earlier, and I think that’s because they simply forget to maintain their bodies, they gain weight, and on top of that, they let their imaginations dry up. Fantasy is a powerful but too often neglected tool. Without physical and mental sex appeal, plus some degree of fantasy, we all tend to fall into sexual doldrums that often spell the end of sex life, no matter how wonderful sex “used to be.”

Both my husband and I are older, and it admittedly takes a lot of effort to maintain our intimacy, but it’s worth it! Decades ago, we started to consistently work on our bodies through diet and exercise, and we look and feel twenty-plus years younger than our actual age. Losing your sex appeal is the first step toward losing sex altogether, so we don’t plan to let that happen until the Lord calls us home.



It was early on a Tuesday morning, and I was just stepping out of my morning shower. Before entering, I’d put a Keurig cup in my coffee maker, hoping it would be immediately ready when I finished my bath. I was alone in the house, and I dried my body with no sense of urgency, the towel touching my most intimate parts. The sexy sensation I felt was magnified by a long period of missing the sex with my husband that I love so much, and I lingered a long while just feeling myself. His absence for the past couple of days was enough to have me panting at even the slightest sensation of touch on those most sensitive private parts of my anatomy.

I’m no youngster, but I’ve seen a lot of the best and the worst in life. I cling to my faith in Christ like it’s the only thing that matters, and to me, that’s life itself. But to deny the way He made me is anathema; there’s no way to minimize or neutralize my sexual aspect. I love it and relish the wonderful gift I’ve been given by my Maker.

As I pondered these eternal thoughts, I put away my fluffy towel and put on my white robe, tying the waist belt around me to hold myself decently covered. Without further ado, I headed to the kitchen and fixed up the waiting cup of coffee with a little sugar and cream, and savored the first taste of the day.

As I stood in the kitchen, our doorbell rang. I had called for a repairman for my washing machine a few days ago; perhaps one had come. I walked directly to the front door; through the sidelight, I could see a man outside in a pair of blue work overalls with some kind of logo on one side. He stood patiently waiting for an answer to his call, holding some papers in his hand. His gray mane and receding hairline attested to his maturity, but he had none of the other markers of age—no bulging abdomen, humped back, or hint of the falling countenance I’d seen in so many similarly weathered faces. Quite the contrary, he was slim and far more muscular than most men in his age group, with well-defined arms showcased by his short-sleeved attire. Even more enticing, his blue eyes sparkled in the subdued morning light, and as I opened the door, a huge smile lit up his face.

“Morning, ma’am,” he said while looking me up and down. “I’m Jess, and I have an order to come here and do some work for you. Something about a washing machine?”

My eyes went wide, and for some reason, I felt a strong twinge of desire for this good-looking older man. I’m a Christian, so such thoughts should be light-years from my mind; I’m also a creature of flesh, and just this situation can be so enticing. I couldn’t help but return his up-and-down evaluation. A little embarrassed by my obvious fascination and my morning horny feeling, I mentally retreated to a safer position as I invited him in to do his work.

“Of course, come in, Jess,” I said, a bit uncomfortable with my feelings but willing to chance the encounter as routine and of no real significance. After all, his job was to fix my washing machine, nothing more, and I felt a little ashamed at my sensual feelings. “My name is Gina.”

“Well, Gina, first we have to get you to sign a couple of things,” he said as we entered the living room, motioning me toward the nearest chair. “It’s just routine, but they give me fits if I don’t get the paperwork right.”

“Okay, have a seat, and we’ll get the preliminaries done.”

I felt very giddy all of a sudden as he took the seat beside me and shoved the papers and a pen toward me. I set down my coffee on the low table and took them, initialing where it was indicated and signing at the bottom. While I did this, my treacherous robe fell open, letting one of my substantial boobs escape momentarily, and revealing the other one briefly as well. I covered quickly and looked to see if he had noticed.

Indeed he had, and his look revealed what could only be described as lust! As I handed the papers back to him, I couldn’t help noticing that his cock was either fully erect or nearly there. It tented his overalls, and he made no discernible effort to hide it.

I felt a familiar warm sensation between my legs. As I tightened the runaway robe back around me, it crawled upward to reveal most of my thighs.

Jess’s eyes widened, and his cock enlarged, becoming even more noticeable through the fabric of his clothes, and I wondered, Now where will I go with this. He hadn’t said much, so it almost surprised me when he spoke up.

“Ma’am, that’s a mighty pretty pair of legs if I ever saw any.”

I gulped, overcome by his boldness. Though embarrassed, I couldn’t keep my eyes off his growing manhood, and he easily caught me in the act. There wasn’t much for me to say that wouldn’t sound extremely awkward. He spoke again before I could say anything, anyway.

“Can I just touch one of those legs?” he asked, moving slightly closer to me. My initial impulse was to run, but something about this guy attracted me so much, and my early morning session of touching myself while drying after my shower had my sexual energy buzzing.

“Well, if you just want a little touch,” I heard myself saying. Surely that couldn’t hurt, but it felt weird to say this to a repairman.

He slid out of his chair and moved next to me with his knees on the floor. Lovingly, almost reverently, he raised a tentative right hand, bringing it to rest on my left knee.

The warm, pleasant sensation set my mind racing. What am I doing? Those tender blue eyes looked up at me and deep into my own. I could smell his cologne, and up close, I noted that he was freshly shaved. He exerted an unbearable pull on my entire being.

He rose from stroking my leg, and I found myself face to face with him, his lips closing in on mine! We kissed deeply, our tongues probing like long-time lovers, his taste mixing with mine in intoxicating fashion. The kiss must have lasted several minutes, and by the time we parted, his hand had moved up my muscular thigh all the way to my well-groomed bush.

I moaned in pleasure as he touched my swelling clit with one finger and slipped another into my increasingly lubricated pussy. His touch felt awesome. He was giving me something I desperately needed, and I didn’t know how to stop the runaway train, even if I had the will to do so.

While he used his right hand between my legs, which were now spreading much wider apart to accommodate him, he used his left hand to untie my robe. We let it fall away so that I was completely naked. He loved on my tits with his hand and his mouth, alternating between them. Meanwhile, his marvelous fingers probed my womanhood ever more deeply, my lubrication allowing him to put two or three fingers in me.

What the heck, I’ll have a good time, I finally concluded. I reached for the long zipper on the front of Jess’s overalls.

When he realized my intent, he stopped petting me and stood up, using his dripping fingers to unzip. Then he pushed the coveralls off his bare shoulders and let them drop to the floor. He had on a t-shirt, which he deftly removed in one motion, revealing a muscled, hairy chest. Last, he dropped his briefs, shoes, and socks to make us absolutely even.

His very nice cock, as rigid as a towering pine tree, sprang into view as his underwear fell, and I really wanted some of it. He sensed this and moved to a position that allowed me to savor the smell and touch of this wonderful organ.

I first masturbated it a little, producing a savory drop of pre-cum almost immediately; my first oral touch on his cock was to connect my tongue to that drop and lick it away. I then took his thick shaft and directed it into my hungry mouth. Taking the head first, I gently chewed it a bit as I continued with more pumping strokes, twisting the shaft slightly as I let it slowly fill my mouth. I lost my grip on it when it finally began to reach down into my throat. I bobbed my head forward and back, matching his strokes as he literally fucked my face with abandon. I enjoyed the taste of his copious pre-cum coating my tongue.

Now he managed to get his hand back between my legs. Probing my cunt once more with his fantastic fingers, he occasionally complimented me on my body, every part of it as he sampled all. I couldn’t tell exactly what he was doing between my thighs, but his hand and fingers deep in my privates felt awesome, and I gave in completely and began to do my own fucking motion on his hand!

We kept this up for at least thirty minutes, during which time he went down on me and gave me a clit-licking like no other, also darting his tongue in and out of my slit regularly as he brought me near the point of orgasm. I didn’t want to cum now, though—I wanted that cock to shoot off in me! I moved to the sofa, spread my legs in a wordless invitation to enter me. As he seemed hesitant, I made it mandatory: “Fuck me!”

He stroked his shaft a few times, then with great care, he climbed aboard. His cock felt as wonderful against the vulva of my cunt as it had inside my mouth. It was large, but not painfully so. He slowly got the head of it past my outer and inner lips and then used those incredible cock muscles to raise it up and down inside me a few times. The sensation was almost unequaled, but as he slid his tool deeper, I made gleeful sounds until he reached full depth.

For a moment, we lay there, bound together in perfect harmony, but then we began the heart of the actual sex act—him thrusting and me meeting each thrust expertly. He fucked me with ever more urgency, and I him, until the whole world blurred as I approached orgasm. He was very tuned in to my breathing and vocalizations, because as I exploded, he did, too, shooting me full of his seed and leaving both of us breathless. As we slowly recovered, I used my robe, which I could luckily reach, to catch the copious fluids we’d produced. He uncunted, his member spent and slowly deflating, as a torrent of juice poured out of my slit.

“That may be the best pussy I’ve ever had, ma’am—I mean Gina,” he said. “Wow!”

He never ceased looking at my still-naked form lying on the sofa as he stood up to dress. I stroked my clit, dipping my finger into my overflowing slit. Obviously, I deeply craved more, but it appeared he was done.

“Is that all you have, Jess?” I asked, genuinely wanting to do it again. I’m usually a one-orgasm gal, but this whole situation was enough to drive any normal woman wild. “Not that this time wasn’t terrific, but now…”

“I’m afraid so, Gina,” he said as he finished dressing. “I used to be able to do it three or four times, but not anymore. Sorry.”

“Well, rats. It was good, but I’m just primed for more. Can’t you at least pet a little? Might rejuvenate you some.”

No, I’m done, Gina. It sure was good, though,” he said as he zipped up his overalls and straightened them with his hands. “We’ve got to do this again. But wait, there might be a perfect answer to your right-now need. Warren, my assistant, is waiting patiently in the van. He’s a really sexy guy, I’ve heard. I’ll send him in and give you time to check him out if you want.”

“No!” I said emphatically. I couldn’t possibly do a double; the first time pushed the limits far beyond the point of sanity. Still, my hand on my pussy was moving me toward a masturbation orgasm—what did I have to lose?

“Are you sure?” asked Jess. “If you don’t like his looks, just send him packing back to the van. I’ll get your washing machine fixed in a flash.”

I was struggling with the thought of being a gang-bang victim or something of the sort, but I needed another orgasm. Normally, I really like giving one to myself, but after that great fuck—and with an alternative offered—the thought wasn’t very appealing.

“Okay, send Warren in. If he’s not my type, he’s out of here in half a minute.”

“Stand by, Gina. I’ll go in and start on your washer, but he’s yours for up to an hour if you want. And thanks! I can’t remember having sex that good in many years.”

“Thanks to you, too. Send in your understudy, and we’ll talk a little.”

I really felt it was over, but my clit and pussy still ached for more attention. Jess had only been gone a couple of minutes when another man, clad in the same overalls, tapped tentatively on the door.

“Come in, Warren,” I cooed, trying to sound as sexy as I could. He was of the same build and about the same age as Jess, so naturally, he appealed to me to some degree right off the bat.

“Hello, Gina,” he said in a tone that sounded quite uncomfortable and uneasy. His “boss,” if that was Jess’s role, had obviously mandated this encounter, and he wasn’t into it, or so it seemed to me. He very quickly set me straight regarding my doubts.

“Gina, I love sex. I love a woman like you who knows what she wants and goes after it. And I can’t promise how this will turn out, but I’ll do the best I can. Okay with you?”

My already hot pussy was getting even warmer again. Warren had not stopped savoring the look of my naked body since he stepped in, and I could tell he was itching to get his hands and fingers on me. The thought had me almost on the verge of orgasm, an unusual and unexpected surprise that I loved. I motioned him to come to me, noting with satisfaction the same bulge in his overalls that I’d seen on Jess.

“Wow, I didn’t think I’d like you at all,” I said as he began exploring me, starting with my boobs and then moving his hands all over me. He paid special attention to my just-fucked cunt, which I opened to him on cue as he felt his way up my legs to my inner thighs and ultimately reached that super-sensitive area. My need had hardly dissipated at all with the delay, and his fingers met that need in an unexpectedly intense way.

Warren lay beside me and kissed me with extreme tenderness, a deep kiss like the ones Jess and I had shared. His probing hands took advantage of our long kiss by finding every crease and curve of my body from my neck to my knees, making me writhe in pure pleasure.

“Take off that awful suit you’re wearing,” I commanded him in no uncertain terms. He had on a t-shirt as I expected, and after he unzipped and dropped his overalls, it took him only seconds to get completely naked and rejoin me. “That’s more like it,” I noted, looking him up and down.

He lay down on the couch, his member growing stiff and pointing like a dagger while he snuggled in behind me. He wasted no time in finding my pussy and easing his cock into me from the rear, after which he began a slow pumping motion. His cock very quickly went to full depth, and I moaned in satisfaction at the delicious sensation. He turned my head around toward his face and muttered something about how tight my cunt was, considering it had just been fucked by Jess. Then he kissed me again as he began to stroke my tits with one hand, occasionally letting it meander down to tug at my exposed ass cheek. The overall sensation was overpowering, and I felt I might prematurely end this by having another orgasm, a real rarity for me in this sex position.

He abruptly uncunted and rolled me over to face him. His slick dick was really standing up with the just-finished stimulation, and he motioned to it. “Suck it, hot woman,” he said.

I instantly obeyed, the smell and taste of cum not deterring me in the least. Peculiarly, there seemed to be no pre-cum coming from this hot cock, but it was just as much fun sucking and licking it. We played “fucking my mouth” for 15 or 20 minutes before we moved on to the next pleasurable stage.

Warren lay back on the sofa, his pole standing high after my thorough fellatio, and commanded me to climb on. I glanced over my shoulder as I mounted him and noted that he had a perfect view in our full-length mirror beside the fireplace. Now I knew he had been watching my long fellatio performance in that same mirror! His dick slid easily into my pussy, and my cheeks began humping him with vigor.

The sexy sight in the mirror gripped my attention, and I noticed he was also watching with great interest as he stroked in and out of me. I finally turned to him because watching myself in the mirror, while interesting, just doesn’t strike me the same way it does a man. Women are sensual creatures; men seem to be visual creatures. I concentrated on the delicious feel of his member repeatedly impaling me all the way to the deepest parts of my cunt.

Our tempo increased as we both neared orgasm. I stole one more glance in the mirror and began humping Warren with all my strength. He was nearing the point of shooting his load up me, and I was ready to explode once more. When it happened, his cum felt so sexy as spurt after spurt irrigated my deepest hole. My orgasm came nearly simultaneously, and I bucked wildly as powerful waves washed over me for a minute or more.

We lay thoroughly satisfied in one another’s arms for the longest time before we spoke. I was forced to leave him to save my sofa because profuse cum started dribbling out of my pussy. I reached for my bathrobe to once more clean up a bit and also used it to dry his drenched member.

“Wow, dear, that was one of our best ever,” I finally said. “Where did you come up with the details of this one?”

“Oh, it’s not far from standard sexy stuff, I suppose. Going outside after our first fuck, pretending to be someone else—that just came to me as I planned this episode. Fantasy sure is fun!”

“It sure is,” I replied sincerely. “And it only gets better, it seems. Now I’m really looking forward to our next fantasy. I love you, honey.”

“And you know I love you. Wow, I haven’t had two orgasms in one day for several years!”

“You sure surprised me,” I said. “Surprise me again whenever you want!”

“Don’t worry, I will,” he assured me. “Wheels are turning right now. What if you worked as a waitress?”

“A waitress? Hm-m. Could be some possibilities there.”

We drifted off to sleep on the sofa, awakening for an early afternoon lunch in our own kitchen.


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  1. SouthernHeat says:

    This role play fantasy was sexy, fun and hot! It’s so great that you keep things interesting and spicy in your golden years! Certainly an inspiration to the rest of us!

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