Coastal Adventure

My wife and I are doctors, so the current health situation has us understandably stressed us. To prevent going off the deep end, we decided to take a few weeks off to spend with our family. If the virus consumes us, we at least want our kids to have great memories to treasure. So we booked a campsite at the coast and rented a caravan for the trip. We knew it meant one week of no sex, no sexy touching, but it didn’t bother us much because we’d get to spend all day and night with our son and daughter. We had little luggage; My wife only wore bikinis and beach shorts, I wore t-shirts and trousers or trunks the whole trip. The kids wore beach clothes too. We only took our surfboards, survival stuff, and my guitar, but that took up all the space.

My wife’s mom was also with us for the trip, too. Ever since we both started working, she has been the kids caretaker. She’s a very active, fit, and fashionable seventy-year-old woman.

It was almost nine-thirty and little Harper fell asleep beside me, with her head on my lap. So, I lifted her to the main bed. Ian, the elder, feared sleeping outside, so my wife tucked him in beside his little sister. Then we wished Mom a good night and headed outside to the sleeping tent we’d set up for ourselves beside the camper. A light, warm sea breeze caressed our faces as we went. When I lay down beside my wife, she hugged me from behind.

“I want you so bad. Why do you look so hot without a shirt?” She mumbled.

“Because I’m with you, Hope. I would love to make love to you too.” I said, turning and kissing her. She broke it off.

“My mom’s here, and our kids too.” She said with fear in her eyes.

”I found a trailhead at the back of the campground. Would you like to take a hike up it tomorrow?” I asked.

“You’re still exercising on vacation?” She asked rolling her eyes.

“If I want to look hot for my wife, I have to work out,” I said, kissing her again. We talked for a few more minutes, then fell asleep.

The next morning, both of us woke and worked out. She occasionally flashed me a look at various parts of her—sexily lifting the hem of her tee to the undercurve or her breast or tugging down her waistband, exposing her navel and lower belly—but she was furtive about it because my mother-in-law was also up, getting breakfast. Thank goodness for my baggy shorts! She had me so horny!

I took a bottle of water out of the cooler and pulled a t-shirt on before I helped Hope to her feet. She climbed back into our tent and emerged a few minutes later in her swimsuit.

“Mom! Tyler and I are going to check out the hiking trail he found. We will be back in a couple of hours.” Hope said through the over-sink window. She took my hand in hers as we turned to go.
“Be careful, Tyler. Even if there aren’t any wild animals, she will bite your head off.” She chuckled at her own pun, which tickled us even more than the joke itself. But I couldn’t help but hope that my head got attacked in some way.

I’m way taller than Hope, so I easily rested my hand across her shoulders and we chatted as we walked. Hope had her waterproof exercise mat under her arm and I carried the water. After about a half-hour, we found a clearing just getting its first touch from the rising sun, and we stopped for a drink. I let Hope drink first, then took a few sips before we resumed our hike.

But as I screwed the cap back on the bottle, Hope hurled herself at me, crashing her lips into mine. I kissed her back, the intensity over the top as our pent-up energy combined.

“We have another quarter mile to the top,” I said, afraid our children might spot us.

” I don’t care; this spot is secluded,” Hope said. “I don’t just “want” you right now—I need you, Tyler.”

Never the dominant partner in our marriage, Hope had recently begun to try taking the lead. And for the first time, I willingly followed.

“Down. Here,” she said, unfurling the mat and taking off her bikini. I lay down as instructed, but before I could reach for my waistband, Hope yanked down my shorts and took my rapidly growing shaft in her hand. She straddled me and pushed herself down on me, her wetness surrounding me. Bobbing up and down, her moans gradually grew into wild shrieks. Hope set the rhythm, slowly taking more and more of me with each stroke. I could tell she was close.
“ I’m cumming, Mr. Saltzman!” Hope cried. She came gloriously on top of me, her juice covering my thighs, then sat there, panting.

“I’m not done yet, Dr. Saltzman,” I said.

But she told me, “No!”

”Okay,” I said disappointedly, and reached for my shorts.

Hope reached forward, rising a bit to turn my face back to her. “I meant, ‘No, I am Mrs. Saltzman right now,’ and I need you to finish too.” Then she sat back onto me. “Ah!” She gasped, not quite recovered from her previous orgasm.

” Okay, then, Mrs. Saltzman,” I said. This time, I wanted to take the lead. I sat up and kissed her as I gently rocked her up and down on me.

”It is deeper this way!” She said, marveling at my strength.

“I know, Hope Saltzman,” I said.

”That’s right. Hope Saltzman, wife to Tyler Saltzman!” She said, going faster and faster. I thought it would take her a little while to orgasm again, but she was already groaning and grunting. Her breath came in short, quick gasps like mine.

“ I am…. go… ing…” bu before she could complete the phrase, we both fell from the heights of our orgasm.

A little while later, after absorbing the aftershocks, we hiked to the top of the hill and came back down. Breakfast was ready, but we didn’t see Mom, Harper, or Ian anywhere.

“Where are they?” Hope asked with concern, but I spotted them. I turned her towards the west, where our two kids were catching waves.

”Daddy!” I heard Harper yell.

“Baby!” I yelled back, taking my board and joining them.

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  1. LovingMan says:

    Fantastic story! Thanks for the important work you two are doing too. You deserved that vacation and lovely and sexy romp together in the great outdoors! Keep on Lovin’

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