Show Postponed! (But Not Cancelled!)

As I sat down at our kitchen table for breakfast, I noticed a handwritten card sticking out from under my plate.  Lucy pretended not to watch me, but it was clear that she wanted to see my reaction.  The note had a picture of her vibrator and a small bottle of coconut oil with the following message:  “Showtime @ 21.00 tonight – I booked a front-row seat just for you. This is a Solo performance.”

There was an immediate response in my body as my cock jumped to attention.  The fact that I was still in my short PJ pants made it impossible to hide my excitement, and Lucy was very quick to notice the head of my cock sticking out at the leg opening of my shorts.  She just smiled, swung around, showing me her sexy arse, and left the room.

The rest of my day was filled with excitement, naughty text messages, a constant erection, and checking the clock at least 10 times.  Things became even more difficult when I received a close-up photo of her very wet and swollen clit.  My wife was making love to me in a very special way.  I immediately imagined the euphoria that I experience every time my lips cover her little love-button and I feel her body shaking as she starts having her orgasms.

I arrived home and found Lucy in the kitchen, preparing dinner.  It was very normal for her to be in the kitchen at that time of the day.  The only difference was that—apart from wearing a very tiny, white, see-thru apron and high heels—she was completely NAKED!   She turned around, showing off her naked boobs, and I started moving towards her, but she stopped me with a very strict hand gesture.

“You are only welcome in here if you are completely naked.  Drop your clothes where you are standing and go have a shower, giving special attention to that hard cock, then join me for dinner.”

In seconds I had dropped my clothes on the kitchen floor and rushed to the bathroom.  I did as I was instructed and made very sure that I was super clean.  The only problem I had was preventing myself from cumming while my soapy hand was running up and down over my cock-head.  I was still wet from the shower when I rushed back to the kitchen.

The evening started unfolding slightly differently than we expected.  The focus was supposed to be on Lucy’s invitation to watch her giving me a masturbation show, but by the time I walked into the kitchen, we were both in a state of sexual frenzy.  The only ‘clothing’ between the two of us was her tiny apron. The first thing I saw was that Lucy was busy fingering her pussy, and when she saw me, she opened her legs wider to give me a full view of her wetness and her engorged pussy lips.

“Are you ready for your supper?  Take a seat and close your eyes!”

I sat down and waited.  What was she going to serve me?  I heard her coming closer and expected to hear her putting down a plate of food for me, but then I felt her stepping on the edge of the chair I was sitting on.  I opened my eyes.

Lucy was sitting on the table where my plate should have been. She opened her legs,  put both her hands behind my head, pulled my mouth into her pussy, and fell back on the table.

“Dinner is served.  I hope you are ravenous.  Now Eat Me!”

Her clit was swollen and stood out like a little cock.  She was so sensitive and started shaking within seconds.  I plunged my tongue into her pussy and then circled her clit, over and over.

“Pinch my nipples.  Oh, yes.  Harder!”  Lucy wanted more. She pushed my hands away and grabbed her nipples, pinching and pulling them so hard that it shocked me—and then she screamed! No words. She just screamed!!  She was like a wild, untamed animal.

I sucked, licked, and bit Lucy’s clit, and she just kept on cumming. My face was drenched in her juices, and my cock was dripping precum down my leg.  She hooked her legs behind my shoulders, which gave me access to her ass.  My middle finger pressed against the opening and then slipped in so easily.  Her screams increased, and her body shook, out of control.

I could not hold back any longer. I stood up and plunged my cock into her pussy.  She was so wet that I slipped in with absolutely no resistance.  I did not last more than 30 seconds before I emptied my load into her.   My legs could not hold me upright, and I fell back onto my chair.  Her pussy was right in front of my face, swollen and dripping with our juices.

How could I resist?  It was so inviting.  I bent down and started cleaning her pussy and sucking her clit into my mouth.  My tongue went around and around and then over the sensitive tip.

Lucy whimpered like a puppy.  I was overjoyed;  giving her all this pleasure gives me the ultimate bliss.  I grabbed her wrists and pulled her even closer to my mouth, right where I wanted her.  Then I attacked her clit ferociously.  She could not pull away and could not stop her continuous orgasm.  She just kept on cumming.

But Lucy was becoming sensitive to the point of irritation, and I had to stop. I let go of her hands, and she just lay there, breathing deeply with one hand protecting her pussy from another attack while the other gently played with her nipple.

Without lifting her head, she said, “Tonight’s solo performance has been postponed for 24 hours due to the main actress suffering severe Pussy-Fatigue.”

My mind was already contemplating what would happen tomorrow evening.

(Postponed! Not cancelled! – “The Show” to follow soon.)

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13 replies
  1. HappyHubby says:

    Climax! Welcome back. So glad to see you submit again after a long haiatus. Your stories recounting your courtship texts with Lucy are among the hottest to ever grace the pages of MH! And wow, what great return. So HOT! Can't wait to hear the follow on story.

    • ClimaXX says:

      Happy Hubby, I should submit what happened the next night in the next teo or three days. Keep your eyes open for "The Show."

  2. LovingMan says:

    I have to add this. . . Great stories like this on MH counteract the world’s (& Satan’s) lies that married sex is boring. I have never read a LESS boring story in my life!

    • ClimaXX says:

      Tx LovingMan. I truly believe that we should decide EVERY DAY to be in love with our spouse. Say it! Show it! Tell others about it!

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