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I never fully understood how special sex is between a husband and wife. When my husband and I were courting, we had many limitations. We were raised to treat and see sex as sacred. Sex is for marriage, for two people to be bonded as one. It’s a gift from God for spouses to enjoy. Nobody else can offer you this special gift.

I never truly understood the real meaning behind all of it until my husband and I got married. As soon as we said I do, we were bonded together. Everything was legal. He became my husband; his body was to be shared with me, and mine with him. We were one, not two. He and I would share something sacred and amazing, something nobody else could… something we could only give each other.

I remember our wedding day, us alone in the hotel room. How perfect it was. How legal it was in God’s eyes to see things others didn’t see. I gasped in awe at seeing my husband’s penis for the first time. He saw my breasts and body for the first time. We touched each other and our bodies reacted. There was no need to hide that I wanted him and he wanted me. We forgot about everything else.

Then came that moment, that sweet moment: our very first time. Our hearts pounded. We had waited for this. I lay back on the bed as my husband got between my legs. He kissed my neck and lips as we both tried to find my vaginal hole with a hand. Then our eyes locked, and we knew that in a few precious seconds, this would be our “becoming one flesh” moment.

There was a little pain and resistance, but once it was broken and we were one, we forgot about that small struggle. As I wrapped my legs around my husband, I couldn’t help but moan. This beautiful sensation! This pleasure! This gift! It was something we’d never known before, and we experienced it for the first time together.

I felt my husband’s sweat on my skin -his movement in and out of me. Oh, I didn’t want him to stop. I felt a deeper connection with him than ever before. Our bodies were in each other.

I heard my husband grunt and apologize. I didn’t realize what just happened until he pulled out of me. His sweet come. I made him come. My body did. Only I could do this. I loved it. I loved feeling his semen leaking out of me. As I lay next to him, I felt amazed. I felt a deeper love than I ever did before.

Sex is special in marriage. We each see our spouse in ways nobody sees them. We hear things nobody else hears. We share things nobody else shares. We know things nobody else knows. We are the only ones who can share and give this gift.

I know when my husband is about to release himself into me, recognize the way he grunts, closes his eyes, and pushes deeper into me. Oh, how I love seeing this. I’m the only one that can do this.

He sees me beg for him and feels me hold onto him. He senses how wet he gets me. I know what he likes. He knows what I like. When we’re finished, we lie next to each other, drenched in sweat, before cleaning each other up.

I’m happy we get to share this special, wonderful gift in marriage. God created this for spouses for a good reason. Enjoy yourselves. Sex offers many wonderful gifts and was created by God for you.

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10 replies
  1. LovingMan says:

    This is a beautiful and honest story. I was touched. I especially liked the ending: “God created this for spouses for a good reason. Enjoy yourselves. Sex offers many wonderful gifts and was created by God for you.“
    It is so true!

    • Honeymooners says:

      I remember hearing sex is a gift to be cherished. It offers so many things so many gifts. Only to be shared among a husband and wife. All created by God. I didn't truly understand until we became one and started receiving these precious gifts. It certainly does offer many gifts and I'm grateful God gave them to is to enjoy.

    • Honeymooners says:

      Yes. Sometimes my husband and I talk about that special first day together. It's something we will remember and cherish forever.

  2. Woods says:

    Thanks so much. This is how God intended it to be. We've been married over 40 years and when I look at her, whether she's dressed or naked, I can still see like a full color photograph my first glimpse of her naked body as we two virgins slipped beneath the covers on our wedding night. I think my heart stopped and I know what breath I still had in me simply rushed out as I said, "You're beautiful!" True then and true now. Again thanks for bringing back those memories.

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