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There’s something sensual about a hotel room that makes my husband, Greg, and me very horny. I felt that tingle in my pussy as I unpacked. I hurriedly stuffed things into the cupboard and, in a flash, got my tiny dress off. Conveniently, I had worn nothing beneath it. As I turned around, I noticed a stark naked man with his cock standing proud.

“I have been watching you. I know that your adrenaline is always up when we have a room. Can I oblige you?” He motioned toward the hardness at the base of his abdomen.

“Oh, Greg, you read me like a book,” I said as I stepped toward him, “a sexy novella that I hope you’ll get lost in.” I dropped to my hands and knees, then turned to lie on the carpet with my head between Greg’s feet. Then I reached my arms up for him.

He commented on the droplets gathering in my overgrown bush, and as he lowered himself over my face, his pre-cum dripped onto my forehead. Greg aligned his mouth with my mound, then bent his legs slightly and expertly inserted his cock into my mouth. His thighs pressed against my cheeks, firmly locking us in position. Greg rolled his tongue around my swollen pussy lip, and as he found my hole, he gently started to suck.

On the other end, I couldn’t do much but wrap my hands around the back of his thighs and accept his thrusting. He pushed in deeper, touching the back of my throat and leaving a trail of pre-cum along my tongue to my lips.

Greg carried on exploring the insides of my swelling, and then his tongue hit my clit as his cock raced in and out of my mouth. Warmth suffused me as my clit began to swell between his lips. He stopped all motion, and we lay there absorbing the sensation of our sex organs going into overdrive. Then he began to move again, sucking at my juicy lips and nibbling my clit.

I started to suck him as he moved up and down. I could feel the heat building up in me, and so could he. My clit had grown very large, and as he suckled it, I screamed, “ IM CUMMIng!!”

He paused to give me a few seconds’ break, then came back full steam.  “One more push, baby. Hold on.”  I squirmed and shuddered while a thick wad of his cum poured into my mouth and down my throat. I drank it up hungrily as he wrapped his lips around my loose hole and sucked my cunt juices until I was dry. We lay in position for almost 20 minutes before we slowly untangled, sat up, and kissed.

That was the hottest 69 I ever had. But I suggested that next time, we should reverse the roles, with me on top and him at the bottom.

“Why not?” he agreed as we both dressed up and went for dinner, the smell of sex still clinging to us both.

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7 replies
  1. Tulsa says:

    Very hot! We are oral sex fans!

    Successful 69 is a tough one for us. One of us always 'wins', and ends up laying back and enjoys the ride to orgasm. Then the other can return the favor! Never can hit simultaneous orgasms or even close to it, like you two!

  2. Waiting Hardly says:

    When I was growing up my parents taught us that what was forbidden was a penis inside of a vagina. That was sex. We were free, with discretion and thought for not embarrassing others, to masturbate or do oral with our girlfriends. The sixty and nine was preferred because it took more effort to throw caution to the wind and end up having sex. At the very least, young people preparing for marriage should have oral explained to them and techniques suggested so they are not uncomfortable once they are married.
    Thanks for this story. And keep sharing!

  3. DexterousD says:

    Hey Suzyzz I love the way you’ve conveyed the urgency and passion in your story. I love 69 but my wife often finds the double action too distracting once she’s really heating up, though we’ve managed to stay with it and cum at the same time on several occasions. We find lying on our sides, each with one leg raised provides “equality of access” without either of us getting tired.

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