To the Edge

Over the years, my wife and I have experimented quite extensively with “edging” during intercourse, oral sex, and masturbation. For those unfamiliar with edging, it’s a sexual technique of bringing your partner (or yourself) very close to orgasm (to the “edge,” if you will), only to stop or alter the stimulation and thus delay the orgasm. The point is to keep doing that repeatedly. Then finally, when orgasm comes, the climax is even more pleasurable and intense.

Edging isn’t easy! We’ve had our fair share of “misses,” when perhaps she over-stimulated me and I came too soon or vice versa. Lauren’s favorite way to be edged is with a mix of her vibrator and my tongue, along with some manual G-spot stimulation, all of which result in a longer, stronger, and far wetter orgasm for her. She has also used her vibrator on my cock.

Communication during edging is crucial to success. And success really comes down to how many times you can get to the edge, go back, and keep doing that until finally, you have a very intense orgasm. When you are the partner being edged, you are completely surrendering your pleasure to your spouse—they are in control. Conversely, when you are edging your spouse, you have to pay close attention to them and how they’re sexually reacting to keep them from orgasming too soon. As a couple becomes experienced with edging through trial and error, they ultimately become much more adept at understanding each other sexually and how to bring about the most enjoyable orgasms. For these and other reasons, edging is, in my view, a very healthy sexual practice in marriage.

Very recently, while in bed and quite inspired by sexual desire and horny for my woman, I asked Lauren to edge me with her hands and mouth. Keep in mind that we actually use the term “edge” with each other. She smiled and said OK.

Since Lauren tends to like me to be in the sexually dominant position, I straddled her with my fully erect cock hovering right over her breasts. After some breast sex, she took my manhood into her mouth, sucking me deeply for long enough to create a nice lube. Then she licked my balls while she massaged the tip of my wet cock—my glans—and my frenulum with her thumb, a stimulative technique that is perfect for edging a man. Next, she twirled her index finger around my glans and asked me how it felt.

“Absolutely wonderful,” I answered.

With her index finger and thumb, she then worked my shaft back and forth, creating a distinct “friction” at the tip of my cock with her thumb that caused me to harden even more.

“How does that feel?” she asked again, smiling.

“So good,” I replied.

By this time, pre-cum was flowing, and she used it for extra lube and to taste. The tip of my cock was swollen and super red.

“Let me know if you think you’re getting too close to cumming,” Lauren commanded. She teased my glans and frenulum and worked my shaft back and forth with her index finger and thumb, all while watching my dick closely. Occasionally, she picked up her pace and grip to a full-on handjob.

Lauren brought me close to ejaculating no fewer than ten times. She even gave me some urethral stimulation. Every time I got close to cumming, she either stopped or changed things up. Once she felt it was “all clear,” she’d resumed what she did before. Once in a while, she took me into her mouth to re-lube my phalanx or taste my pre-cum.

“How do I taste?” I asked a few times.

“Salty and good,” she’d respond.

All of this went on for about 45 minutes! Quite honestly, for at least 40 of those minutes, I felt like I was in a dreamlike state. I hardly remember what happened because Lauren had me so deep in sexual pleasure, almost to the point of me blacking out as I straddled her. She kept me so close to orgasming for an incredibly long time without letting me cross the threshold.

I was incoherent as she continued to gently and patiently work my shaft back and forth while massaging my glans with her thumb on every upward stroke. My cock was throbbing, my glans distended and fire-red, and my pre-cum oozing. I felt like three loads-worth of cum simmered within my balls.

Finally, she decided to let me cross the line and cum. She told me to get on my back, which I did. Lauren got between my legs and resumed using her index finger and thumb to gently work my shaft back and forth while licking my balls. Spreading her long legs, she began to masturbate with her other hand.

“Are you ready to cum, baby?” she asked, smiling at me while tonguing my balls. She knew exactly what she was doing and what was about to happen next.

I’m telling you, the pleasure I felt in that moment—a tidal wave-like rush of cum building in me—was off the charts. I nearly blacked out. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh,” I moaned as thick, creamy ropes of semen rocketed out of me in four or five huge spurts and landed on my midsection, chest, and even neck.

Not letting up in her stimulating as the cum exploded from me, Lauren smiled approvingly, marveling at the mess. I hadn’t shot a load that big since my 20s. It was thick, white, and everywhere.

“Oh, baby, that was fun to watch,” Lauren said, now milking the few last drops with her cum-covered hand.

“Biggest load of my life,” I whimpered.

“Uh-huh, look at it,” she said, chuckling, as she began to nonchalantly lick the semen from her fingers and then from my body, swallowing as she went. “How did you do that?” she asked, still licking and swallowing, her tongue tickling me as she unflinchingly mopped it all up. “That was incredible.” A minute or so passed as she finished up with the mess, and then she laid on top on me.

“And you just ate it all?”

She smiled, always the sexual pleaser. “I guess it’s a special talent,” she answered, and then we kissed.

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9 replies
  1. LovingMan says:

    We do edging too, although this session of edging you describe is epic! I loved your descriptive language in the story. I’ve felt that near blacking out feeling as well. About the vibrator on your penis… I never have liked that. But my wife using her vibrator during intercourse… THAT feels great! I can feel the vibrations through her vaginal wall! I thought that your use of the correct anatomical terms was refreshing too. The techniques your wife used were inspiring. We will have to try some of those. Thanks for the story.

  2. JohnE says:

    Very well written! I do a lot of edging prior to sex with my wife. When I finally cum during sex, the experience is similar to what you described. Sometimes it's ribbons of cum, other times it's more of a geyser-like shoot, snow-coning all over my cock. My wife then lovingly licks it all up.

    • tinwaiting says:

      JohnE, that’s such a hot description of how you cum. As a guy, I can totally relate to shooting ribbons and other times just watching it coat my shaft.

  3. JohnE says:

    The edging gets me good and ready for sex. My cock is as hard as I can get it. Even my wife will comment, "You're really big tonight!" Then she gets treated to my best loads. Satisfying for both of us, big orgasm for me, lots of semen for her.

  4. DexterousD says:

    It is great that you two have worked on this together to the point it is a key part of your repertoire. It seems that honing this technique has improved your communication and attentiveness to each other, while the communication in turn has increased and extended your pleasure. Well done! I’d like to discuss and explore this with my wife.

  5. Mike2020 says:

    I quite often “edge” when I masturbate, holding myself near the brink of orgasm for a long time before I tug and stroke myself through. During normal sexual intercourse with my wife I find edging impossible and I can’t hold back. But we’ve found how to edge when she hand jobs me, stroking my penis with her hand. As my penis tightens on its build up to orgasm I ask her to ease off and just lightly stroke the head of my erect penis or the ridge between my penis head and shaft with her fingertips. That way she can keep my penis rock hard and almost in an agony of sexual pleasure for several minutes. I can’t hold back for ever, but when I cum in her hand like that – wow!.

  6. 1blessedman says:

    Edging is wonderful. A good long edging session always produces a big volume of cum. The aching feeling in my balls is powerfully released and the gushing of cum gives an incredible sensation. Great story and great details of ecstasy!

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