Surprise More Than A Quickie – Poem

I wrote this short entry in my sex journal (an iPhone app) and even found a picture to go with it. But reading through my the journal recently, I just discovered that I had never got around to posting it here on MH. (I don’t post all my sex journal entries but I had intended to post this one.) This was a quick entry in list form with limited punctuation. I tweaked it today just a bit; I realized that it read kind of like a poem, so I made it into a non-rhyming poem. This was not intended to be a poem when I first wrote this two months ago. But I guess making love to my amazing wife inspired me.

So, here is another sex list from back in November, in poetic (but not rhyming) form:

Surprise More a than A Quickie” – “Morning Sex List

Quickie day

Both of us showered

We met naked on the bed

Had window’s blackout curtains open

Little sun dots illuminated Melodie

From right breast, down her leg

And to her right knee

This was very sexy to me

She liked it too

Always good to see her appreciate her beautiful curves

She rolled a bit to reposition herself

Sun dots lit up her other beautiful breast and leg

I lay on my back

Melodie loved on my closest-to-her nip

I pumped my rod to get hard

This all felt VERY nice

Gave her the looped vibe

Melodie complained that it wasn’t that kind of day

She reminded me it was just a quickie day (where usually only I go for the big O)

I loved on HER closest to me nip

She said it felt like being tickled

She was annoyed

Her nips made me really hard so…

Applied lube n coconut oil

To her beautiful pussy

Did X position (intercourse at right angles- me on my side and her on her back and her using vibe on clit)

I had an EXCELLENT orgasm

She used the vibe but didn’t climax. . . yet

She was doing her pelvic moves

Kegal compressions

As we had intercourse.

Cuddled a bit afterward in spoon position

She let me cup her beautiful boobs (like in the photo)

I was happy and thought we were done

She was on her side facing away

Started kissing her back and shoulder

I was pumping my growing erection w/ my free hand

Surprised that she was responding

Subtle sexy sighs escaped her lips

Gave both her nipples manual attention

MORE sexy sighs from Melodie

NOT as subtle

I handed her the more powerful bullet vibe

Slid to X position briefly

But then came up to her left side

Went to work on loving on her left nip

She was flushed

Arching her back

More sexy sighs

Much louder now

When I latched onto her nip…


I was genuinely surprised

And pleased

Sometimes the quickie sex-play

and sex get her really going…

And it becomes a surprise more than a quickie

Melodie said it was a nice orgasm

So, since she had a nice orgasm

She wasn’t annoyed with me anymore

I slid back down into X position

Pumped away in her happy and swollen pussy

Her orgasmic contractions

Had not totally subsided

Plus she did her moves again

The ultimate hug is a pussy-on-penis hug

Feels amazing every time

I had another Gr8 orgasm

She thanked me

I thanked her too

I guess I tickled her correctly

Getting to do more than a quickie

Was an answer to my prayers this morning

I had also prayed

That we both would be content

And satisfied

With whatever we did this morning.

This had been beyond my expectations

Blessed to have my beautiful-kind-patient-sexy wife!

Praise be to God for her being in my life

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