Chocolate Lovin’

We decided to start our scheduled full-lovemaking session this morning late because we wanted to watch the U.S. Presidential Inauguration. Afterward, we went to shower and found that our water was turned off because the city was working on the lines somewhere nearby.  (It would’ve been nice if they’d bothered to tell us in advance. They usually do.)

So I made us a pre-lovin’ lite breakfast of French toast cooked in a little bit of coconut oil (hence the illustration.)  Then we smeared the French toast with Nutella, a hazelnut and chocolate spread. This turned out to be a delicious foreshadowing of our cumming lovemaking.  I was nude except for a chef’s apron.

My wife came up behind me as I was cooking the French toast; she gave me a playful slap on the buns and told me that I was cute.  She had been about to get in the shower, so she was also nearly in the nude.       She wore a loose robe into the kitchen that she was not very careful about keeping closed, so I had several nice views of her sexy, full, Scandinavian breasts!

Now let me tell you why that Nutella was a foreshadowing of our cumming lovemaking session: On our last trip to our local sex toy shop, we’d bought a new powerful bullet vibrator AND, at an MH member’s suggestion, chocolate-flavored lube!

Just as we finished breakfast, the water came back on, so we went to our respective bathrooms to shower.  Soon we met on our bed.  My wife, Melodie, first read me a cool science article she’d found online about a new development in Quantum Physics.  We both love learning, and Science and History are our favorite topics to study.

As she read, I cupped and stroked my wife’s magnificent breasts.  I also noted to Melodie that, for us, Science is a turn-on, and she agreed.  After she finished the article, we laughed because although we both have advanced degrees in a branch of Science, neither of us has a degree in Quantum Physics.  Some of the article was WAY over our heads.

I looked over at my beautiful wife. Her porcelain skin glowed softly in the light coming through curtains that hung askew.  We got down to sexy business, beginning with kissing each other followed by me loving on Melodie’s beautiful nipples.  Soon they both looked like ripe raspberries.  Next, I mixed some of our new chocolate lube with coconut oil then slid it all over my wife’s external and internal pussy (her clitoris, labia, and vagina).

Melodie grabbed our new bullet vibrator and applied it to her clit.  I loved on her right nipple then did “tip on nip” on the same nipple.  (I pump my erection as I rub my tip on her nipple, hence “tip on nip.”)  She told me it felt good.

Then I moved to X-position; we lie at right angles to each other with me on my side and her on her back.  This allows us to make love while she buzzes her clitoris.  I also get a great view of her lovely face that grows even more beautiful when highly aroused, not to mention her beautiful bouncing boobies!

Eventually, I had a nice O.  Melodie twerked during intercourse but not during my O.  That was different—usually, she begins to twerk at the end of my orgasm to prolong my pleasure. Different is good, of course.

I slid out and I reached down with two fingers, inserted them into her now leaking pussy, and scooped some cum-chocolate “protein shake” to rub onto her nipples.  Then I proceeded to lick it off, like chocolate-dipped raspberries.  (Melodie’s hard nipples look just like ripe raspberries.)  But it tasted like pure European chocolate!  We have tasted the great chocolate in several countries in Europe. Of course, my wife is Scandinavian, so maybe this would be called Scandinavian chocolate!

I couldn’t believe it!  The chocolate-flavored lube mixed with the coconut oil and our natural juices was absolutely fantastic!   The Tahitian Vanilla Aloe Cadabra gel we often use tastes a lot like chocolate too when in the same kind of pussy-juice mix.  But this chocolate lube was fantastic!  It’s our erection-stirred, vaginal-wall-churned chocolate/coconut oil/protein shake.  It’s my new favorite taste!  (Maybe we should just call it our chocolate pussy purée… or maybe Melodie Malt… or crème de la cum?)

Next, I inserted the loop vibe instead of the G-spot vibe (turned on low) into Melodie’s pussy.  The loop handle was protruding from my wife’s still-a-little-leaky love tube.  She re-applied the new bullet vibe to her love button as I knelt beside her and did “tip on left nip,” 0n the one closest to me.

She cooed, “That feels good!”

It felt awesome to me, too, as I got to watch my wife climb the mountain to Orgasm Peak.  Cum to think of it, her breasts are beautiful twin peaks—Twin Raspberry Peaks, I should call them! And I was stimming one with my tip as I pushed her pink peak into my drill.

Melodie reached the orgasmic apex rather fast, arching her back and tensing up.  She announced her climax with her husky, sex voice, “I’m cumming!” As she slid back down Orgasm Mountain, she got leg cramps, but they soon went away.  She is sooooooo beautiful when she’s cumming!  I probably could have cum on her beautiful boobies (I WAS stroking my rod and stimulating her nipple as she came,) but I wanted another crack at drilling her mine of love with my drill!

So we cuddled for a short time as I stroked Melodie’s curvy boobs, and soon we were ready for round two.  So I returned to oral stimulation on my wife’s beautiful breasts as she went back to buzzing her love button.  Then she asked me to go inside her—my favorite request!  But as I got perpendicular to her in our X-position, about to enter her pulsating pussy, sudden major cramps in her gluteus maximus muscles hit with a vengeance! She nearly kicked me in the gonads and only a quick reaction time saved me; I gently blocked a kick or two. (Glad I studied martial arts!)

“Ow, ow, ow!” Melodie cried over and over again.

I immediately slid away (out of danger,) got up, and ran to get her some Calcium-Magnesium-Zinc supplements and a glass of milk.  The cramps soon calmed down, and we both had a good laugh.  That is what’s so great about long-term married sex.  You can laugh when things don’t work out as planned.

We soon resumed round two (or was it round three now?)  I alternated from one side of my wife to the other, with more tip-on-nips and my lips on her nips.  I smeared more of our “chocolate protein shake” on those peaks before I attacked them.  But I wanted more shake, so I moved my head between my wife’s now NOT cramping legs.  (If I’d done this during her previous cramps, she would have concussed me.)  I wanted some of our very personal shake directly from the container where we had mixed it.  It was still delicious!  I took a few laps, and then we went into X-position again.  She twerked at the end of my orgasm this time, which always prolongs and often intensifies my orgasm.

I slid out and scooped a bit out to give Melodie a taste of our shake, and she agreed that it tasted like European chocolate.  I promptly went back to the pleasant task of bringing her to another big O. She soon came a second time with my lips on her beautiful nips that were again flavored with our special European chocolate shake.

All-day-long, I could taste its flavor on my lips!  I felt extremely thankful to God for giving me this amazing wife, friend, companion, partner, and lover!

FYI:  The lube is called JO H2O Chocolate Delight.  Straight from the container, it was too strong, but it tasted good mixed with coconut oil and amazing (to  us anyway) when we added husband-n-wife love creams and churned it up in our special “mixer!”

By the way, I know that not all couples would enjoy the same things that we do!  And if you are the MH member who told me about chocolate lubricant, THANKS!  Also, I couldn’t find the post where you told me about chocolate lube, so who are you?

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7 replies
    • LovingMan says:

      Thanks Lauren & Joe (AKA Joespirit101)
      I’m glad you liked it. It’s 100% real event… although the European chocolatiers probably would hate me if they read this.

    • Joespirit101 says:

      I think stories read so much better when they come from a point of reality. at least for me.
      keep the stories coming.

      Love Lauren

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