Shower Fun (L/A) ~ Ignite Story

This story contains strong language (L) and anal sex (A).

Preface – this is the final part of my “fantasies fulfilled” story series. In this series of fantasies that I’d love to live out, my wife and I are full-on embracing our desires, kinks, and the pleasures we can give and receive from each other. We allow ourselves to be fully vulnerable and open with each other, and get really turned on by the desire we have for each other! This story also features PLENTY of dirty talk – which my wife and I enjoy (I know it’s not everyone’s thing, so wanted to gives a heads up).

The first two stories took place on the same night. In the first, my wife pegged me and had me swallow my own load. In the second story, my wife rode my face to a well-deserved and delicious orgasm. After both encounters, she teased me with the possibilities of living out my kinkiest fantasy…

I woke up and stretched groggily before getting out of bed. I quickly glanced at my gorgeous, naked, wife. She normally doesn’t sleep nude, but we had such a sexually charged night that she didn’t bother putting clothes back on after pegging me then riding my face—and honestly, no way I was gonna complain about that. Even if it goes nowhere, I *love* seeing my wife naked and it’s a wonderful gift only I get to enjoy.

As I stared over her gorgeous curves and beautiful belly, I was reminded of a birthday gift a couple of years ago where we just hung out naked all day before she jerked me off onto her wonderful tits (which I promptly licked off). I then remembered how last night she teased me twice with the prospect of not only finally licking her sexy little asshole but fulfilling my kinkiest fantasy: eating my load out of her ass. (Her exact words being “whatever cum is in there tonight will be added to the cum you can eat out of my ass tomorrow.”) Just remembering her words got me to half-mast.

I thought about waking her up with some nipple licking and going down on her again, but I heard our dog stirring in the hallway, making the noise that meant she needed to be let out. Besides, it’d be great for my wife to sleep in. And even if we didn’t do what she had teased, I knew we would connect later today. So I quietly left the room, went downstairs, and let our pup out.

While downstairs, I started to get ready for the morning. I made some coffee; prepared a quick breakfast, putting my wife’s in the microwave oven so that she could heat it up when she got up; and headed out. We had scheduled a puppy playdate with a friend for most of the day, and it was a nice enough morning that I opted to take a nice stroll over instead of a quick drive.

I quickly texted my wife, saying “Thank you so much for an amazing night, my beloved! There’s some coffee in the pot, and there’s a breakfast sandwich in the microwave for you ❤️. I’m taking our pup over for her playdate. See you soon, my love.”

On the walk over, I couldn’t help but reflect on our activities from the night before. She had pegged me to an incredible orgasm and later rode my face to her own. Not only that, but she had sent me a bunch of sexy selfies, something she rarely did. I was thankful for the shorts I was wearing, as they helped conceal the erection I was growing. I began to say a prayer of thanks, again thanking the Lord for blessing me with such an amazing woman who I could not only experience these things with but even just express them in a judgment-free space with no fear. I further thanked our amazing God for helping her open her mind and body to all its pleasures and for blessing her with an orgasm last night. I went on to thank the Lord for yesterday and asked for understanding and gratefulness if things went back to normal. I further thanked the Lord for his grace and said my amens as I arrived at the friend’s place.

After setting a pick-up time and chatting briefly with my friend and his wife, I started the walk home. I pulled my phone out of my pocket to pick some music to listen to and that’s when I saw that I had forgotten to take my phone off of airplane mode!

As soon as my data was on, I saw several text notifications! Given the last bunch of texts from my wife, this caused me to throb, and I was again grateful for the heavy shorts and long baggy shirt I was wearing. Even though there was no guarantee of anything sexual, and I had cum ridiculously hard at my wife’s hands and strapon just last night, I found myself responding like a horny teenager. Everything involving my wife—even a simple text from her—was getting me going. I paused to remind myself that there might be nothing sexual in the texts; it was probably just a thank you for the food. I was wrong.

I quickly opened our text convo. The first few messages were innocent enough: “Last night was amazing,” “I love you so much,” “Thank you for breakfast,” and “I think you forgot to turn your data back on, lol.”

Then it started to take a turn: “I loved being such a naughty girl last night, Daddy—and I loved how revved up I got you. I loved knowing I was making you hard for your little girl at work, on the bus, and in the drive-through. I like making your cock get hard and throb when there’s nothing you can do about it. In fact, I like it so much that I’m gonna make you throb for me now (or whenever you get these ;))” That made my eyes (and dick) bulge!

“I love taking sexy selfies for my daddy… It’s making me wet…” she sent, followed by another pic that showed off her ass, with the caption, “Bet you can’t wait to lick and eat what’s between these cheeks.”

I couldn’t stop staring, again thankful for my clothing choices. “I love that my asshole gets you going so much, Daddy – and today, you’re gonna finally get to lick it and eat your cum out of it,” she texted.

Holy. Crap. I had to stop walking. I had to calm down. And I had to thank the Lord again for what a giving woman my wife was. I don’t really know why I want this so badly, but I have for some time. I mean, the naughtiness and kinky factor of it appeals, but I think it’s more the intimacy of it—she’s allowing me her most private of holes in ways we’ve never done. I had to say a prayer of thanks for such an incredible woman.

“Mission accomplished my beloved ;)” I finally texted her back.

After pausing to calm down, I continued my walk and got a ding! I opened our convo, and she said, “I had to run out and get some things. I saw a cute shirt I wanted to try…and, I’m *loving* being such a naughty girl for you today, Daddy. Hope you enjoy this final pic ;)”

She took a photo of herself topless (and shoeless!) in a changing room!! She’s getting bold! Fuck, is this hot!

I texted back, “Fuck, you’re making this a hard walk.”

She immediately responded, “Good 😉 I’ll see you at home, Daddy.”

I took a moment to get myself adjusted so walking was doable, and I walked home as quickly as possible.

I arrived about 15 minutes later and found my wife in the kitchen. I walked up and gave her a heavy kiss, with her quickly slipping her tongue into my mouth. She then asked how I enjoyed the walk while flashing a sexy smirk before asking what time we’d be picking up the pup. As she questioned me, I glanced around the room and noticed only one small bag that appeared to only have one thing in it.

I then answered, “Around six. Hey, where’s the shirt?” She smirked again and answered, “Oh, there was no shirt. I just wanted to send you a pic of me being naughty,” and we both burst out laughing.

As the chuckles died down, I asked her, “So what did you run out for, my love?” She opened the bag and pulled out a bottle of chocolate syrup. “What’s that for?” I asked.

She stared me in the eye as she pulled her leggings down below her luscious ass. Then she grabbed to bottle and said, “For this, Daddy,” as she drizzled the syrup over her ass cheek.

“Oh, fuck!” I growled as I leaned down and started licking the chocolate off her delectable ass.

She giggled and lightly moaned, saying, “Mmmmm, I love getting you so horny you can’t contain yourself.” She drizzled more syrup for me to lick off her ass cheek. “I love making you so naughty, Daddy.” She then lightly pushed me back and told me to meet her in the shower in five minutes before dropping her leggings and heading upstairs.

I heard her start the shower, run to the bedroom, and then back to the bathroom. After waiting for five of the longest minutes of my life, I stripped and ran naked upstairs. I opened the door to see one of my favorite sights: my wife soaping her body. Sexy times or not, I love seeing her naked and wet.

As I hopped in the shower, she pulled me close, kissed me hard, and began to soapily stroke my very hard cock. She felt me tremble as she released me and chuckled about how worked up I was.

Then, she got me to soap down her wonderful body, especially encouraging me to spend time on her ass. “After you get between my cheeks, why don’t you make sure my feet are nice and clean,” she said, followed by a wink.

So I rubbed my fingers along her ass crack, quickly circling around the hole before dropping to my knees.  She lifted her feet one at a time to my eye level, which I quickly scrubbed, and gave each toe a quick suck. I resisted the urge to touch myself and got up to wash my hair and face. Part of me wanted to keep sucking her delicious toes, but I really wanted to lick her asshole.

After rinsing the soap off my face, I turn to see another amazing sight – my wife swaying her ass, teasing me.

“Go ahead, Daddy,” she said, looking over her shoulder and sexily smirking as she pulled her cheeks apart. “Lick your little girl’s asshole.”

I got back down on my knees and leaned forward. I started giving her ass light pecks across her cheeks. It took everything in me not to touch myself, but I was so turned on at this moment that a light breeze would make me shoot, let alone my hand.

As my pecks got closer to her sexy little asshole, I heard my wife’s breathing start to get heavier, and then I noticed a familiar scent. “Holy shit, she’s getting wet! She’s enjoying this!” I thought to myself.

I arrived at her asshole and gave it a light peck, which caused her to breathe in sharply and moan, followed by a light lick right above it which made her moan again. I then got to the bottom of her crack and gave a long, firm lick that ended directly on her asshole.

“Oooohhh, FUUUUCK,” she moaned.

Like a man possessed, I started licking her hole like crazy! With quick licks, light licks, firm licks, I circle her delicious asshole and flick it with my tongue, which brought out even more moans!

“Fuck, yes, Daddy! Lick my fucking asshole! This feels SO GOOD! Fuck!” she moaned and yelled.

Spurred on by her talk, I grabbed one of her hands and guided it around her waist to her pussy. She let go of her other cheek so she could brace herself on the wall while she started rubbing her pussy. This spurred me on to pull her cheeks apart, firm up my tongue, lean back in, and slowly push the tip of my tongue into her asshole.


I pulled back and pushed more of my tongue in.

“FUCK!” She started rubbing her clit faster, and I kept thrusting my tongue in and out of her amazing asshole.  “KEEP GOING, DADDY! TONGUE-FUCK MY ASSHOLE!!”

I gutturally groaned and pushed as much of my tongue into her ass as I could, loving every second.

“LUBE YOUR LITTLE GIRL’S ASS SO YOU CAN FUCK IT!” Her yell made me increase my efforts even more, and I saw her fingers flying across her clit. “I need your cock in my ass now, Daddy,” she moans.

I stand up and notice she brought lubricant. Even though I had been tonguing her ass, I thought it’d be better to still use the lube. I drizzled a lot onto her asshole, lightly pushing my finger in to get some inside, which gave me a moment to calm myself enough so I didn’t fire upon entry.  I poured some lube onto my cock, lined up, and savored the view (one of my favorites). Then I started to push and slid right in all the way, causing us both to shudder and moan.

I started slowly thrusting into her ass, my wife rubbing her clit like crazy. I could tell she was nearing her orgasm. “I need to taste you,” I moaned, so she moved her pussy-soaked fingers to my mouth to suck clean.

As she removed her fingers from my mouth, she leaned back, kissed me hard, and shoved her tongue into my mouth. We made out as I started thrusting into her ass quicker. She shifted forward again and resumed rubbing herself, her orgasm fast approaching.

“Mmm, I love how my ass and juices taste on your tongue,” she moaned as she rubbed her clit. “I love your cock in me, Daddy. Are you excited to blow your load in my ass?”

I could only groan, to which she responded, “Mmm, I bet you are.” Her asshole clenched around me, adding to her tight grip. I groaned again, knowing I would cum soon.

She looked over her shoulder, directly into my eyes, and said, “I can’t wait to watch you be my cum slut as you eat your load out of my freshly fucked asshole!”

Holy. Shit. That did it! Point of no return hit. I reached around to her front and started to pinch her nipple.

“OH, FUCK!” she yelled. I had caught her by surprise, but it seemed to push her over the edge. “OH, FUCK, YES! I’M CUMMING! YES! FUCK!”

Feeling her ass pulse around me, I groaned deeply and loudly and started cumming hard into her ass.

“Fuck, yes, Daddy! Cum in me!” We both groaned. “Empty your balls into my ass!” she cried, which made me cum even more. It amazed me how hot and dirty her talk had become.

We both moaned, my wife still rubbing herself, as I slowed down my thrusting. I finally pulled out, breathing deeply, as a last dribble of cum decorated her asshole. I back up and got to my knees, catching my breath.

“What are you waiting for, Daddy?” I heard my wife ask.

I reached forward and used my left hand to pull her cheeks apart. Now, sometimes things can appeal before you orgasm that don’t after. This was not one of those times. Seeing my wife rub herself while staring at her cum-glazed, winking asshole and hearing her moan, “Do iiiit, hun. It’s all yours!” was driving me crazy.

As I leaned forward more, my hand brushed my cock, which I realized was still erect, and I started lightly stroking as I got my first taste of her cum-covered asshole. We both moaned, my wife even whimpering as I started licking more forcefully to get as much cum as possible. My wife kept moaning as she rubbed herself, prompting me to lick her asshole more—and stroke myself faster.

Our moans increased in pitch and frequency, and my wife let out the most heavenly “Yesssssss!” as she rubbed herself to a second orgasm with my tongue buried in her cum-drenched asshole. She tittered as her asshole clenched around my tongue, which sent me over the edge. My wife chuckled even more as she heard me moan and felt me cum on her heels and feet.

Afterward, we both just sighed heavily and enjoyed the silence and the hot water. My wife looked back and smiled and asked, “How was that, my love?”

All I could do was smile as I breathed heavily again. She helped me to my feet and gave me a quick peck on the lips before we washed ourselves again.

After getting clean, we headed downstairs for a lovely afternoon together. We made lunch, snuggled on the couch watching The Office, and eventually walked over hand-in-hand to pick up our pup.

We still had the rest of the weekend, and I knew we would do more things. I was again thankful. No matter what we’d end up doing, be they tamer or kink-a-thons, she was what made them all so enjoyable. And for the umpteenth time that day, I thanked the Lord for such a wonderful wife.

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