The Weekend: Saturday Evening

This story is part three of a series. It contains consensual, playful, dominant/submissive role-play between husband and wife. You can read about Friday here and part Saturday morning here.

The morning’s exertions had left both of our minds blown, and we needed to chill for a bit. Dressed in our usual casual wear of jeans and sweaters, we walk to a local pub and step in for lunch and a few drinks. We sit down at a table—me with a beer, you with a glass of wine—and we chat about our everyday lives. All master and servant roles are dropped, and we are equals once again, as we always have been in our wonderful 20-year marriage.

A game of Rugby comes on the TV; I watch the game while you relax, reading a book with your feet in my lap. We are so relaxed in each other’s company that the afternoon flies by. When we feel hungry, we order dinner and then get back to reading and watching sports. This time you sit with your back against me and your head on my shoulder. The late-afternoon drinkers in the pub are getting more of a public display of affection than they would be used to at this time, and we are drawing a few glances. I laugh internally, “You don’t know the half of it, guys!

“So what’s the plan for later, honey?” you say softly into my ear.

“I thought we’d wander back home,” I reply. 

“Yes, obviously, and then?”

I look into your eyes and see that they are burning with pure desire. “I’m thinking more playtime—if you are willing and able, of course!”

“Oh, I’m certainly able, and I’ve never been more willing!” You finish your glass of wine in one gulp. “Shall we go then?” you ask eagerly, the hunger for some more kinky sex evident in the way you look at me.

Still, I take my time over the remainder of my drink. Good things come to those who wait, darling!

On the walk home, your pace seems a lot faster than normal, as if you’re hurrying to get home for something. I insist that we stop in a shop to get some bottles of craft beer for my dad.

“Cmon, hurry up!” you urge as I try and pick out something suitable.

“Patience, honey! Don’t forget he thinks we’re on a microbrewery tour! He’ll get very upset if we don’t get him a souvenir,” I reply with an innocent smile.

“Yeah, but I wanna go home!” you plead as you grab my backside. 

While I’m at the counter buying the beer, you come up beside me and put your hand on my bottom again. You start to squeeze and stroke whilst I try and pull my wallet out of my pocket. Your hand moves down to between my legs, and I can feel your touch on my inner thigh and perineum through my jeans. My facial expression must be giving me away because the young checkout girl is giving me an odd look! As she scans the last bottle, you reach even further and give my balls the gentlest of touches, causing me to jump slightly, so I squeeze my legs together hard, trapping your hand under my crotch. Ha! Got you!

“Ermm… that’ll be £12.40,” says the shop girl awkwardly.

“Certainly,” I reply, grinning widely as you struggle to free your hand. “Here you are. Sorry about my wife; she’s a very naughty girl!” 

“I am!” you say to her over my shoulder. “He needs to take me home and discipline me!”

Her face turns as red as a tomato, and she almost drops the bag of bottles as she hands them over. I release your hand, and we thank her as we walk out, fighting back laughter. As we leave, we hear her shout, “Jayne! Take over from me. I’m going for a break!” 

“Poor girl!” I jokingly admonish you as we walk home. “You got her properly red in the face, you did! She’s having to hide away in embarrassment now!”

“Nah, she’s probably just gone to the toilet to get herself off with her fingers!” You laugh. “I know used to when I was her age!”

“What, even at work?”

“Especially at work! I had some really boring jobs. And sometimes, I’d watch The Lost Boys or Dirty Dancing before work to get me in the mood,” you say with a very pointed wink at me, and I know exactly why you mentioned those two movies! You take my hand and quicken your walking pace, almost pulling me along like an impatient child on the way to Disneyland. 

I don’t think I can ever remember you being like this. So hungry, so naughty, so consumed by your desire for sex, so willing to let me have my way with you! I say a silent prayer of thanks to God; his love for us is evident in the blessing of our compatible desires.

Finally, we’re home. We’re barely through the door when you push me up against the wall and kiss me forcefully, thrusting your tongue into my mouth. Your arms wrap around me and squeeze hard. I have no choice but to return your kiss; such is the strength of your passion. After you break off, you look at me with pure lust in your eyes. “I know I’m going to be submitting to you soon, so I had to take charge while I had the chance!” you purr.

I have to admit that the powerful kiss you have just given me caught me right off guard. I find myself lost for words, and my cock is already at half-mast. “Ahem… erm, right then. Kiefer Sutherland!” I say the code word to go into character, trying my hardest to resume the strict dominant role.

“Yes, sir?” Your eyes light up as you get back into submissive mode.

I take a few breaths and give you my best authoritative look.  “Tonight, there is going to be an additional rule,” I instruct.  “Every time I pay you a compliment, you must repeat it back. Understood?”

“Okay, sir.”

“Good girl!”  I wait.  “That was a compliment, by the way!”

“Oh, sorry! Good boy, sir!”

“No, no, no, that’s not what I meant! If I compliment you, you must repeat the exact statement back about yourself, in the first person.”

“Ohhh, okay. I’m a good girl, sir?” you say hesitantly.

“Exactly right! Fantastic!”

“I’m fantastic, sir!” You smile. 

“You’ve got the hang of it already. Some kinky couples like to do humiliation play—you know, with insults. Personally, I’ve never seen the attraction, so this is the opposite.”

“Okay, sir. Yeah, I think I’d much prefer this way too.”

“Very well, give me two minutes in the bedroom, and we’ll be ready.”

I dart upstairs and begin setting up. After putting on some soft, sexy electronic music, I dim the lights. Then I lay out my choice of outfit on the bed and hang two sets of hand restraints with an attachment to fit over the frame atop the bedroom door. “Okay, ready!” I call down the stairs. I sit down on the bed and hear you scamper upstairs and rush in through the door. Your eyes light up when you see the doorframe cuffs. “Your enthusiasm is always appreciated, my darling,” I say. “Now, remove your clothes!”

You do your best to dance sexily to the music as you strip, but you’re still wearing your normal clothes, and it’s not easy! After trying and failing to remove your socks and hoodie in a sexy way, you give up and just pull your clothes off as quickly as you can!

I chuckle as your jeans and plain white underwear hit the floor. “Full marks for effort, babe!” 

You stick your tongue out at me, which—given that you are naked now—only makes you look even more gorgeous. “Now, now. Let’s not forget ourselves… slave!” I jokingly chide. “I am keeping a record of these misdemeanours, you know!” Your expression shifts to one of exaggerated innocence, increasing your beauty. “Anyhow,” I continue, “you might find this outfit suits the ambiance a bit better,” and I hand you the lacy basque and the black stockings I had picked out. 

Much as I adore your naked body, nothing says, “I’m yours,” better than lingerie. I watch you pull the red and black lace basque around your heavenly body and zip it up at the front. Your breasts sit lusciously in the quarter cups that barely cover your nipples. You take one of the stockings and slip it over your foot. Then, placing this foot on my knee, you slide the stocking slowly and seductively up your exquisite leg. You fasten the suspender clip that’s attached to the basque at the front of the stocking, then repeat the whole thing for the other leg. 

“Master?” You ask coyly.

“Yes my darling?” I reply. 

“I always have such difficulty attaching the suspenders at the back. Would sir be so kind as to help me?”

“Why of course!” I say. Well… how could I refuse!

You turn around slowly, and I can fully appreciate your perfect bottom once again. I take the suspender strap and try and attach it to the top of one of the stockings. You slowly move your hips from side to side, making my task much more difficult—partly because it’s harder to hit a moving target but mostly because the sight of your delicious bum and hips swaying like that gets me so horny and flustered that I can’t control my fingers properly! At last, I get them attached, but you remain bent forward at the waist, giving me the most wonderful close up view of your shapely, curvy backside.

“Oh, my honey, you are a delight to my eyes!” I say. You continue to wiggle your hips. “That was a compliment, darling!”

“Oh, sorry!” you reply. “I am a delight to your eyes, sir!” You move yourself so that your bottom is now pressing onto my crotch. Slowly, you grind up and down and side to side. My cock responds instantly; now fully erect, it presses firmly against your soft booty-flesh. “Hmmm… what’s this!” You chuckle as you realise how easily you have made me hard and press your bum into me even harder, and though the material of my clothes uncomfortably rubs against the over-sensitive tip, the sight and feel of you makes my senses soar. 

“Stand up and turn around,” I softly command. You do exactly as instructed, turning to face me, hands on hips and legs astride. “Oh, honey,” I rhapsodise, “you are a gorgeous, sexy woman!”

“Um… I’m a gorgeous, sexy woman,” you reply, but I can hear the giveaway tone of self-doubt in your voice. Your longstanding lack of confidence in your own sexiness is at war with all the nice things I’m making you say about yourself. Well, that’s why I’m doing this! We’re going to fight this war. I’m gonna try to make you see yourself as I see you—as the sexiest woman in the whole world! 

“Now, come on, my willing love slave! That lacked a little conviction, don’t you think?” I say playfully.

“Sorry, sir!” you reply theatrically and place your hands behind your head. “I’m a gorgeous, sexy woman!!” you exclaim, bumping your hips from side to side as you say each word!

“Much better, darling! And now for your special treat!”

I lead you over to the door and turn you so your back is against it. Taking your left wrist, I raise it above your head and fasten the cuff around it. You smile and give a little shiver of anticipation as I take the other wrist and cuff it high above your head. I then lay the silky blindfold over your eyes, tie it behind your head, and take a step back to admire the work of art that you are. Your breasts move in time to your quickening breaths, and I can just about detect the smell of your arousal in the air.  You’ve always loved being bound standing up! 

“You look so wonderful when you are restrained, my darling!”

You smile and start to tremble slightly. “I look wonderful when I’m restrained, sir!” you reply.

“Your sexy body is exquisite in lingerie!”

“My sexy body is exquisite in lingerie, sir.” You tremble some more. 

“Your gorgeous legs were made to wear stockings, my love!”

“My gorgeous legs were made to wear stockings, sir.” You start to breathe faster, and there is a hint of longing in your voice. I step towards you and place a finger in your cleavage, which makes you shudder. 

“And your breasts are delicious, my wife!”

“My breasts are delicious, sir!”

“This basque pushes them up wonderfully and daringly shows most of your nipples, like a sweet dessert offered up to me on a silver platter!”

“They are all for you, sir!”

I run my finger gently between them.  “Hmmm, so soft and strokable! And they are delightfully lickable too.”

“My breasts are soft and strokable and delightfully lickable, sir!”

I continue to caress your cleavage lightly with my fingertips, and you start to gently moan and gasp. As I stroke, I place gentle kisses onto your upper arm, slowly work my way down over your shoulder, and then start kissing your upper chest. Meanwhile, my fingers have found your nipple, which I take in between finger and thumb and give a gentle twist.

“Mmmmm!!” You start to moan as you throw your head back.

I continue to work my way down until my lips are on your other breast. With my tongue, I push the lace down and take your sweet nipple into my mouth.

“AAAAH!!!” Your moans crescendo, and your legs start to tremble as I gently suck and play with the other nipple with my fingers.  “AAH!!… MMMMMM!!.. OOOOH!!” You softly moan as your body starts to wriggle and squirm. 

“Mmmm…” I say, “so soft, tasty, and sweet!” 

“My breasts are—AAAHHH!!—soft, tasty, and—MMMMMM!!!—sweet, sir!” you purr breathlessly, in between moans.

With that, I move my hand slowly down your belly and bring it to rest on your hairy mons pubis. Your whole body is shaking because you know what’s coming next! I move my hand down again and leave it over your pussy lips, not touching but close enough that you can feel the warmth of my hand.

“OOOOH!! Please, master!!!” you whine.

“Please what?” I ask innocently. 

“Please, touch me and make me cum, Master!” you beg as you writhe in frustrated ecstasy. 

“So you want me to play with your beautiful pussy and give your sexy body the orgasm you desire, am I right?”

“Ooh, yes! Please! Please!”

“Well, then you know how to ask me!” I reply with a grin.

“Oh, sir…” You hesitate. It’s clear that paying compliments to your own body still makes you a little uncomfortable, even when you are on the verge of orgasm. I edge my hand up very slightly so that there are mere millimetres between it and your engorged love lips. “Sir… please… play with my beautiful pussy… and give my sexy body the orgasm I desire,” you pant, breaking through your self-doubt and giving yourself to my loving touch. 

“Good girl!” I smile and pull my hand up, pressing hard on your aching lady place.

“AAAAAAAHH!!!!!!” you scream, arching your back and lifting your face skyward.

My middle finger slips easily between your labia, and oh, how your pussy juice is flowing! My finger comes to rest on the roughness of your G-spot while my thumb finds your swollen clitoris.

“OH, YESSSS!!!” you cry out as your knees buckle, and your handcuffed arms are stretched as they take some of your weight. This only turns you on more; you start to move yourself against my fingers.

I put another finger in your vagina and press hard on your clitoris and G-spot.

“AAAHHH!!….AAAAH!….OH YES!!! OH. YES. OH. YES. OH! YESSSSS!!!!” You scream as you buck your hips faster and faster, your frantic movements causing your tits to escape from the basque. They bounce deliciously up and down with your every movement.

I can feel your insides contracting and I know you must be close.  “You’re so beautiful when you’re about to come, my darling,” I whisper. 

“I’m—AAAH!—BEAUTIFUL, SIR!!” You shout as you get ever closer to the edge.

“You are a sexy woman.”


Your G-spot is fully engorged, and I know you can’t take much more.  “You’re my beautiful, sexy wife!”


And with that, you explode! Your body tenses, your vagina squeezes my fingers hard, and a jet of your fluids squirts all over my hand and onto the floor. The cuffs rattle, and the door bangs as your body convulses against it, over and over again.

When finally you relax, your body is limp and barely supporting your own weight. I step back and take the opportunity to strip all my clothes off, and boy, do I do it quickly! I know you need a bit of a break for some aftercare, so I come back to you and put my arms around you, lifting you slightly so you regain your footing. I let go for a moment to undo the blindfold and the quick release on the cuffs. Your arms are now free, but the cuffs are still on, just like leather bracelets. I hold you tight in my arms again, and you do the same. Your head rests on my shoulder as your breathing gradually slows down.

“I love you,” I whisper in your ear. “You’re an amazing wife!” But you are too dazed to speak, so we continue our tight embrace.

In a few moments, you return to the real world. “Woah!” you whisper. “That was pretty intense, sir!” Without replying, I put my lips on yours and give you a gentle kiss. You return the kiss and make an open mouth, turning a tender kiss into an urgent, passionate tongue-dance. Squeezing me hard, you pull me into you and wrap your legs around my waist. I place my hands under your bottom and try to keep this going, but I can’t hold on for too long! I step back a pace and collapse backwards onto the bed with you still wrapped around me. 

We both laugh out loud before locking our tongues together again. I can sense your desire increasing again, which is good because I fully intend to penetrate you—and soon!

“Can we go again, please, sir?” you ask.

“Of course, my love!”

“How do you want me, master?”

“Just as you are, only facing the other way!”

“Mmmm, reverse cowgirl! My pleasure, master!”

You dismount and turn yourself around, then swing your leg over me and position your vulva over my raging erection. Quite how I’ve been able to control my desire to shove it inside you this whole time, I’ll never know, but I am grateful; a good dominant always puts their submissive’s needs first!

The view I’m getting now is nothing short of breathtaking: beautiful, thick, stockinged thighs astride of me; your round, plump bottom with the suspender straps stretching over the soft flesh; and in the centre, your engorging rosebud. Beneath this lie the dripping wet, swollen, and wide-open folds of your heavenly pussy. The mirror opposite me also gives me the most stunning view of you from the front, and it is the icing on the cake!

You reach down with your hand and pull my cock upwards. Then, with a little wiggle of your hips, you place the tip inside of you. 

I can feel and see everything. The sheer bliss of the sensations and the deeply erotic sight of my cock entering your body push me to another level of ecstasy. You slowly move yourself up and down, and it feels SO good! As I watch my cock go in and out of you, I place my hands on your luscious hips and move them around your sexy upper thighs and bum. 

“My love, you have a perfect bottom!” I sigh as you start to move a little faster.

“I have a perfect bottom, sir!” you reply, becoming a little breathless again.

“Your vagina is—UUUHH!—a garden of delights!” I say as my orgasm starts to build.

“My vagina—MMMM!!!!—is a garden of—AAAH!!—delights, master!” Faster and faster, you bounce the heaven that is your pussy and bum up and down on me, and my manhood stiffens even more, getting ready to explode inside you.

“You… are… beautiful! Sexy…” My voice trails off; I have almost lost the power of speech!

Your pussy starts to squeeze as you continue your frantic pace. “I am beautiful! I am sexy!” you breathlessly whisper. Your vagina contracts all around my cock, and the sensation sends me over the edge. I spurt my semen over and over into your beautiful body, and the sensation takes my breath away.

You are getting so close to another orgasm, so you screw me even harder and faster, all the time whispering, “I am beautiful!  I am sexy!  I am beautiful!  I am sexy!  AAAAAAHHH!!” And with a scream and another gush of your sweet juices, you come once again!

You flop sideways off of me and collapse onto the bed. We are both too dazed and breathless to speak. So, after quickly taking care of the mess, we move up the bed, and you roll over to put your head on my chest. You bend your leg so it rests on me, and we stay like this in silent bliss for what feels like hours.

After a while, we get hungry and realise we need to return to reality, so I give the stop code word. “Patrick Swayze!”

We agree that we can’t be bothered to cook. So, still in your lingerie, you ring for a pizza. I chuckle at the naughtiness of this! When it arrives we change into our bathrobes and eat it in front of the TV, snuggling together when we’ve eaten up. 

“So was tonight some cunning plan to get rid of my body insecurities using Pavlovian conditioning?” you ask with a smile.

“Maybe a little. Did it work?” I reply. 

“Well, it made me feel good about my body for a while! It’ll probably take more than that to get rid of my hangups completely though.”

“Yeah, I know,” I say as I kiss you on the forehead. “We’ll just have to do it again…”

(To be continued.)

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8 replies
  1. O-surfer says:

    Yes, definitely keep trying. And keep writing about it, if you continue to try to correct her self image so beautifully. Having my husband touch, desire, and bring me to orgasms daily for over a year helped me a lot with mine. I at least believe he sees me the way you see your wife now.

  2. SouthernHeat says:

    I always enjoy your stories! This was another very sexy one! So nice complimenting your beautiful wife abs trying to help her over her insecurities. Keep writing

  3. LovingMan says:

    Bedtiger I think I’ll try the trick of having my wife repeat my compliments about her beautiful body during our next lovemaking session tomorrow. It’s funny how so many wives don’t see the beauty of their body like their loving husband does. Thanks for the fine story and great idea!
    BTW I’ll let you know (here in comments) how it goes!

    • bedtiger says:

      Thanks LovingMan, good of you to say so! Word of warning, this isn’t something we’ve done in practice (it’s only partially based on real events). It may be that your wife responds well to repeating compliments but equally she may react badly.

      The dominant/submissive dynamic of the couple in the story gives the husband a bit more license to do this as the wife is agreeing to “obey” his instructions. If your wife has deep-seated body image problems, it may be that outside of the dominant/submissive agreement it backfires and your wife ends up feeling bad about her body. I would only do this if you have agreed beforehand that she is going to repeat your compliments, don’t spring it on her unexpectedly!

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