Can’t Sleep

It had been an emotionally taxing day. A funeral for a loved one followed by a family gathering zapped my wife’s energy, both physically and emotionally. Knowing this, I tried to be sensitive to her needs and not push the fact that it was “that night.” She lovingly let me down easy, making it clear that “not tonight” was her final answer. Being in a bit more frisky mood than her, I did try to push her buttons (which I know very well), but to no avail.

When it came time for bed, we did our normal routine and lay down to get some much-needed rest. I tried to push a button one more time, but once again was lovingly rejected. It was time to move on. I have a talent for falling asleep instantly after laying down, and this night was no different. But after a few minutes, my wife stirred, and that woke me up. I was wide awake and wanting. I knew that the answer was no, so I lay there, wide awake. I knew what I wanted, but my respect for my wife was greater than my desire for sex. I partially tried to sleep and partially thought about how nice it would be to indulge in some late-night passion. I’d be lying if I were to say that my tossing and turning was not an attempt to make sure that my wife knew that I was still awake. I was pretty sure that she was awake as well, but I was not quite certain. I couldn’t make the move. She had to.

After what felt like an eternity, I felt her hand enter the back of my shirt and go all the way up to my shoulders. Was this it? She then used her fingers to tickle my back gently. This was the sign. She had been awake, and per usual, her lying awake equated to her mind wandering. So, I slowly rolled over to touch her in a way that would let her know that I was still awake and a willing participant.

After a few minutes of silence, she rolled onto her back, allowing my hand to slide into her pants. I quickly found her warm clit and started to gently massage. Her legs spread to allow for more movement, and I learned that she was already wet and swollen. My fingers rubbed, massaged, penetrated, caressed, and pleasured for a long while. Her hips began to join the action, causing her breathing to change.

She leaned over and whispered in my ear, “Why don’t you come over and do what you really want to do?”

“I am,” I replied. This was exactly what I wanted to do, what I was thinking about while trying to sleep. I wanted to service her with my hand until she begged for more.

At my reply, she took off her pants and allowed me full access to her warm and dripping pussy. I continued to finger her and rub her clit for a few more minutes. Her hips moved vigorously in rhythm with my hand, bringing her close to climax.

“Come fuck me,” she whispered in my ear, “please.”

I didn’t ignore her request, but I wasn’t quite ready to finish up this incredible moment. She rolled slightly, grabbed my throbbing member, stroked it, and whispered again, “I want your cock inside of me.”

It was time. I couldn’t resist that demand. As I removed my hand and sat up to take off my clothing, her hand replaced mine, which always drives me wild. I situated myself on top of her, straddling her gorgeous body as she lifted up her shirt to reveal her beautiful tits. Knowing that she wanted me so badly, I wasted no time in connecting with her. I slid in with no resistance and was met with a moan that made my hair stand on end. I thrust passionately until I almost lost control.

Rolling over so that she could be on top, we resumed. She was so wet that we could gyrate in any position. Recently, we have favored her grinding on my cock rather than it going in her when she’s on top. The pressure seems to make her orgasms more intense.

Shortly after rolling over, she came, hard and strong. Finishing up with a smile and biting her lip, she readjusted and took me into her pussy once more. With her tits framed perfectly in the low light, I was done in seconds. We lay there, connected and cuddling and satisfied. Sleep almost overtook us right there, but we know better. However, now that we could both put our minds at ease, we were able to drift into a peaceful, satisfied sleep.

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  1. LovingMan says:

    Very beautiful story. You saying that you respected your wife’s wishes more than sex was really sweet. But her changing her mind was awesome! We have had something similar happen to us in our marriage relationship very recently:
    My last Ignite story, that is an outdoor sex story, that posted yesterday tells the tale of how an outdoor quickie (where only I came because we were about to get caught by a couple on a motorcycle) was followed by my wife getting hit with a migraine on the way home. She took a migraine pain medication as I drove us home and I assumed that our planned at home full lovemaking session was off. But after she got into her PJs and we were talking about our outdoor sexy adventure that we’d just had at a wildlife refuge… she said how NICE it was to have me suck her nipples in our SUV before we exited the car for our quickie… and after our quickie after the motorcycle passed. After she said this as she was standing by the side of our bed she really surprised me by suddenly lifting her PJ top and exposing her beautiful boobies and asking, “Do you wanna suck ‘em now?”
    Needless to say I complied and we had an awesome married sex romp! The hormones must have conquered the migraine! We BOTH had intense orgasms this time!

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