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Hey, MarriageHeat!

Are you DELETING all the Ignite stories or leaving them on MH?  I posted a comment on CHL’s post about 30th-anniversary ideas recommending a particular story, but it is an Ignite story.  Stories like “String Of Pearls” are so awesome that it would be a pity to have them go away forever😕.  I myself have written some looong Ignite stories that I’d hate to become inaccessible. Of course, maybe you are thinking of publishing Ignite stories in an anthology to sell on Amazon Kindle or something.  If so that may be a way for your site to remain sustainable.

Please let us MH readers know what’s going to happen with the older Ignite stories.


This is the perfect lead in to today’s announcement that the final days of Ignite access are upon us. On May 4th, Ignite content will no longer be available on the site. BUT, as suggested by LovingMan and many others, we will find another way to make the longer stories, compilations, and audio versions available. It may be through Amazon, but that would necessitate removing all the images (except cover artwork, maybe.) We are still working out the logistics, so we hope you will bear with us as we try to find ways to finance keeping MH available for our community.

Our first small step is to create a Resource Page that directs you to online retailers who will give us a small percentage of any purchase you make with them. This is done at no extra cost to you, so we hope you’ll consider shopping from these sources. One of our favorites is MarriageDance.com. They are a Christian company with offerings of toys and marriage-sex building courses, and we encourage you to peruse their offerings.

We want to take this opportunity to thank all of you that have given over the years to help keep MH alive. We especially thank those that are still giving through the PayPal donations tab that we used to have. We may be adding it back, at least temporarily, while we build the books/audiobook offerings.

Christ’s blessing on your marriages,

Calvin and Missy

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  1. LovingMan says:

    Hey MH thanks for the explanation! This site is a blessing in how it justly glorifies sex within marriage instead of parroting Satan’s lies like is done in much of the media. Satan wants people to think that hot sex is only found in illicit sexual experiences and that marriage sex is always mundane… when in reality the truth is that the BEST sex is found in committed and loving marriage relationships. And this site shows how VERY hot marriage sex can be! Even as we age together over the years, this site shows how our married sex can change and yet somehow still get better and more satisfying!

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