A Rainy Afternoon Story (A)

This post includes anal play (A).

It was a rainy early spring afternoon, and Julie was bored. Management at the company she worked for had elected to allow the entire marketing department to continue working from home, even with COVID restrictions lessening. She wasn’t complaining about that; however, she had wanted to do some gardening outside the house today after work, and the rain ruined those plans. Brian had been back working in person at the brokerage since just after Christmas, and even though they enjoyed the time they got to spend working from home together in 2020, it was nice for him to get back in the routine of going into the office each day.

Julie and Brian (read more about them here) had both been super busy for the past month with work-related deadlines. Brian had just finished organizing a short sale and had made a considerable amount of money for his firm. Julie had recently stepped into a new role as a junior market analyst. To add to all that, their pastor had asked them at the beginning of the year to lead a Bible study for young married couples at their church.

The new Bible study had been going well—they were friends with most of the other couples in their group already and had been able to have many meaningful discussions. Last week they had been studying I Corinthians 7. The husband should fulfill his marital duty to his wife, and likewise the wife to her husband. The wife does not have authority over her own body but yields it to her husband. In the same way, the husband does not have authority over his own body but yields it to his wife. Do not deprive each other except perhaps by mutual consent and for a time.” Brian somewhat humorously offered a challenge to the group as they were about to close in prayer, “Let’s try to live out this passage over the next week and see what happens. Maybe we’ll have some good stories to share next time!”

Now, Julie lounged on the couch, listening to the pleasant sound of the rain on their metal roof. She looked at the clock. “Brian should be home in about an hour,” she thought to herself.

Ever since she was a teenager, boredom had brought on extreme horniness, and this afternoon was no different. She slipped off the T-shirt and shorts she had been wearing around the house and, with only a satin thong on, threw a leg over the armrest of the couch, arched her back, and began grinding. The pressure on her clitoris felt amazing.

Turning around, Julie watched her reflection in the darkened TV screen across the room. As she writhed forward and stuck out her chest, it made her tight athletic ass cheeks “pop” so voluptuously. She leaned over a little more toward the back of the couch. Doing so, she could see the outline of her pussy covered only by the material of her thong. She knew if Brian could see the sultry sight she was creating now, clad only in a thin strip of silky fabric, his cock would be hard as a rock in a matter of seconds. The thought made her feel powerful—she knew she had the ability to make his cock hard, to make it throb in blissful agony, and ultimately to empty him of every drop of semen he could produce.

Julie thought back to when she and Brian were dating. They had been so careful to guard against sexual temptation, and as they had been attending a conservative Bible college at the time, they were not even allowed to touch while on campus. While their physical relationship never progressed beyond a peck on the cheek before marriage, they had spent a lot of time hugging, caressing, and cuddling together when they were alone. She remembered the first time she discovered the “magnitude” of the effect she had on Brian.

On a day soon after they were engaged, they had been sitting outside, eating lunch in a quiet park. Julie decided to push the envelope a bit and sat on Brian’s lap. With Brian wearing loose-fitting basketball shorts and Julie in leggings, it only took a minute or two before Brian was at full attention. Julie, looking into his eyes and wiggling her hips slightly, had said, “Ooh—I can’t wait to play with that on our wedding night—it feels big!” Brian had to stand up and take a few breaths to avoid releasing anything more than the drops of precum he could feel he had produced. Julie remembered the sight of his cock bulging in those shorts as he stood up—it was pushing the waistband away from his abdomen slightly. That was a fun date, and it really built anticipation for their wedding night a few months later!

As Julie ground her clitoris into the couch, she began to crave the fullness of having that cock inside her. She slipped her thong to the side of her pussy lips and eagerly inserted a couple of fingers into her tight, wet opening. It felt good; she regained her rhythm, rocking on the arm of the couch and allowing her fingers to explore in and around her engorged and needy young pussy. Thoughts of a more recent sexual adventure came to her mind next.

Brian had gone to bed the other night while she was in the shower. He was exhausted from a tough day at work and had complained earlier about a headache and how tense he felt from dealing with a demanding client earlier in the day. After drying herself off, she had climbed into bed next to him. Julie fully expected him to be asleep, but instead, as she pressed her butt into him and he rolled over to spoon her, she noticed with some surprise his chubby half-erection nudging into her ass.

“I thought you were tired!” she said, smiling and giggling quietly.

“I am,” Brian responded with a husky, half-asleep voice.

“Then what is happening here?” she said as she fondled his growing package and directed it to the gap between her upper thighs. They would often lay like this, with his cock resting between her thighs in the space just beneath her smooth pussy lips; it created an incredible feeling of closeness as they drifted off to sleep. But, as she fondly remembered, that night had taken a different turn.

Brian caressed Julie’s breasts with his free hand and began thrusting slowly between her thighs. “Mmmm babe, this feels nice,” he groaned, “but I’m not sure I have it in me to make this happen tonight.”

“Fine!” Julie said with faux frustration, “I’m going to make you pay for that! You’re going to fuck me now—remember, no depriving me. Remember Bible study? Your body belongs to me!” And with that, she flipped over and positioned her hairless pussy right over her half-awake husband’s face. “Lick me—make me… Oh yes, babe, right… aaahhh.”

Brian couldn’t resist the opportunity to devour her pussy as she tempted him with it. She fondled his balls and teasingly kissed the head of his increasingly stiff cock as he began licking the hood of her clitoris, running his tongue back through her slit, and plunging his tongue as deep as he could into her tight hole. He knew how to make her squirm—a skill resulting from a lot of practice over the first few years of their married life! Then, as Julie remembered, he did something totally unprecedented in their sexual relationship. He lapped back over her engorged pussy lips and, without a moment of hesitation, ran his tongue lightly over her virgin asshole. Brian had never approached this, her most intimate opening with his lips. He circled it slowly, feeling the spasms of her sphincter contracting so unpredictably against his tongue and enjoying the unique sensation of teasing her this way.

Julie couldn’t take the intensity of this new stimulation; the thought of him licking her ass, the kinkiness, the pure unbridled passion of it, was too much for her. “OOOHHHHH, BRIAN!!!” she suddenly wailed as wave after wave of orgasmic bliss engulfed her body.

Brian, his face completely soaked in girl-cum and his cock now straining with the pressure of his life-blood filling it to the max, slowly but firmly directed her, “Now, RIDE MY COCK!”

The tables had turned yet again. Julie, quivering slightly and a little dazed by the shock of what she had just experienced, was in no position to offer any playful resistance for the moment. She moved down Brian’s body, pausing to rub her pussy on his chest and allow her juices to drip down his toned abdomen. Then, turning so they were face-to-face, she gently took his swollen cock with one hand and guided it toward the entrance of her pussy. Once the tip was just inside, she placed her hands on her thighs to steady herself and arched her back with anticipation.

Brian grasped her fleshy ass-cheeks in his strong hands and slowly guided her down onto his ample member, inch after inch until she had engulfed his manhood. Gaining some of her mental wherewithal back after her first earth-shattering experience at the mercy of her man’s capable tongue, Julie began twerking her hips seductively. She would pull off of his cock until just the head was still inside her and give it a few short strokes as she gripped it with her tight pussy before again lowering herself, balls-deep, onto her man’s shaft. She lifted one of her perky breasts with one hand and lowered her nipple to Brian’s mouth. As he sucked and licked around her sensitive tit, she reached behind with her other hand and began caressing her man’s balls.

“AAAAAAhhhhhhh!” Brian breathed heavily as he acclimated to the added stimulation of his testicles. “Mmmmmmm, oh fuck, babe!” he moaned as he switched sides and licked her other nipple.

After several minutes of this, Julie’s thighs grew tired from the position, so she pulled off Brian’s cock and rolled onto her back. Not skipping a beat, Brian positioned himself between her legs and spread them as wide as she could comfortably manage. Then with one smooth movement, he had again buried himself to the hilt within her warm, juicy womanhood. Brian began grinding into her well-aroused clitoris slowly—front to back, then side to side, then in circles—occasionally pausing to withdraw his cock and run its length sensuously through her slit. Grinding, sliding his cock, slippery with her juices, directly between her puffy lips, he then inserted it completely again and ground his pelvis into her love-nub some more, never pausing for a reprieve.

The pressure once again built. Julie began moaning, her face reddening. “Ooooohhhh Brian, baby! You’re going to make me cum, baby! You’re going to make me cum! AAAAAAHHHHHH! Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!” “Fuck” was the last word she could manage to speak coherently at this stage.

Then with a short gasp, she arched her back and tried to catch her breath. The flood of sensations, the spastic rhythmic waves that began deep within, were now traveling through her whole body. She couldn’t see straight. She couldn’t speak. Julie was aware of nothing else but this exquisite all-consuming pleasure. Her abs tightened uncontrollably; she could feel the pulsation of her pussy squeezing helplessly around the girth of her man’s meaty cock. At the peak of it, all she could do was let out a purely sensual, deep-throated, guttural scream of enjoyment.

With that, Brian had lost his ability to control himself any longer. Now with long, fast strokes, he unloaded his libidinous desire into his hot young wife. Her pussy was his—her luscious labia, her swollen reddened clit, her tight love canal that was even now clamped around his pulsing erection. After a final stroke, Brian pulled out his cock, grabbed it, and gave it a small pump. With a deep groan, he watched as the mushroom head of his rock-hard circumcised phallus swelled slightly. Then, with a powerful gush, a rope of cum rocketed from its tip and landed on Julie’s breasts.

The second strand went farther and began running down her tender neck; she cooed softly as it hit her. Julie LOVED being covered in her man’s semen—she took great satisfaction in knowing she could make him shower her with such a primal show of his desire for her. Brian’s cock continued twitching and spasming as four more ropes of cum coated his bride’s abdomen before the last couple of drops slowly dribbled from the tip.

“Wow! I didn’t know we had that in us tonight,” Julie remarked.

“Yeah, it was a surprise to me too!” Brian exclaimed, seriously shocked at what a cum-fest the evening had turned into!

As Julie let her mind wander back to this recent sexcapade, she left her spot on the couch and wandered into the master bath. On the way, she pulled her thong off and let it fall to the floor. Her pussy juices had thoroughly coated her freshly waxed vulva and were now running down her legs. Brian would be home any minute now, and she wanted to freshen herself up before his arrival.

Hopping into the shower, she took the handheld nozzle and aimed it squarely at her tight little rosebud as she used her other hand to caress her clitoris gently. This went on for several minutes, occasionally punctuated by her inserting two or three fingers as deep as she could reach into her pussy. Julie was moaning now. The hard stream of water running over her ass reminded her of the way Brian had pleasured her there only a few days before. She wanted him to do that again—no, she needed it. Julie was crouching in the shower now, hovering over the showerhead, moving to allow the water to hit her ass, then her pussy, and finally tease her clitoris to the point that she could stand it no longer. She was panting, allowing little groans to escape her lips.

Then the garage door opened. She could hear Brian’s voice as he walked in the house—it sounded like he was on the phone. With a brief knock, he entered the bathroom as he often did when he knew she was showering. As he entered, their eyes locked through the glass door of the shower stall. She bit her lip as a soft moan escaped. She wasn’t sure if she could contain herself much longer. Her eyes were frantic as she held herself on the edge of orgasm.

Brian dropped the phone to the floor without even ending his phone call, caught quite pleasantly off guard by the state of his bride. Julie stood up and slid the shower door open. Then, bending over to put her pussy and ass on full display for her husband, she commanded, “Lick my ass, sweetheart. Don’t deprive your wife. I’m sure I can find a way to pay you back for the favor!”


So, how about you?

Ladies, if you were Julie, how would you pay Brian back?

Guys, if you were in Brian’s shoes, how would you want the favor to be returned?

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9 replies
  1. LovingMan says:

    We are not usually into anal anything however the story is great! To each couple it is their right (and responsibility) to find what sexually pleases each other. And to answer your question from a husband’s perspective: Payback would for me be… after she came from my oral ministrations on her… me joining her in the shower & getting oral (fellatio) until I came in my wife’s mouth… OR… climbing into the shower with my wife and receiving oral sex for a minute or two then having her bend over and us doing a kind of standing doggy-style sex until I joyfully filled her with my love cream! Either option would be great!

    • YoungCouple69 says:

      Thank's for the compliment LovingMan–I enjoy your stories as well! Neither of us actually thought we'd ever be into anal stimulation of any kind until we tried it, and though it is not something we do often, it is always really hot. I like your payback ideas–fellatio is wonderful, we make it part of almost every lovemaking session. Standing doggy-style is harder than it looks lol, but would totally be fun!

  2. YoungCouple69 says:

    Thought I'd say something about the questions at the end… I want to write a fantasy sequel about what happens next. (What happened in real life was super hot and we can talk about it in the comments, but it gets me excited to fantasize a bit sometimes about what else could have happened–and maybe inspire some future sex!) So, I want your input! What fantasy sequel would you like to see to this story? Taking suggestions!

  3. PatientPassion says:

    What a hot story! I love the idea of anal play, and giving my future wife all kinds of pleasure there, including oral. Receiving a little once in a while would be fun too.

    I usually save my erotic ideas for stories rather than comments, but since you asked for some, here are a few that could shape a story (sticking with the anal theme):

    Since she enjoyed having her ass pleasured, she might want her husband to experience the same pleasure he brought her, so she could give him some anal attention in return, partly oral, partly with a finger or toy for his prostate, and give him an amazing orgasm that way.

    She could show him that she's really into getting licked back there by demanding more aggressively that he do it again. Maybe could even use some roleplay/BDSM/light bondage elements to reinforce the playfully demanding tone of the story.

    Maybe she could let him finish on her cheeks, then ask him to lick it off and orally pleasure her even more in the process.

    Finally, she could go all the way and let him penetrate her back door, and even ejaculate inside. The whole intimate process of cleaning her, lubing her and getting her opened up would make for a hot buildup to a scorching climax.

    There are tons of sexy ways to return the favor, take it up a notch, and continue with the hot anal theme. Looking forward to whatever you end up writing!

    • YoungCouple69 says:

      PatientPassion, I like the direction you took this–maybe you should write the fantasy sequel! Definitely farther than our anal play has gone IRL. Love the idea of finishing on her cheeks and licking the cum off, and the prostate stimulation… will try to incorporate something to that effect if I get around to a sequel. Also, I appreciate the compliment–glad you enjoyed the story, and I hope the Lord blesses you with a wife.

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