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Memorable Memorial Day Climb


Our intimacy schedule has had to be modified lately because we moved in with family due to our continued health issues.  This means we no longer have the empty house and clothing optionally times we sometimes had.  However, it was the right move and we are happy with it.  That being said it is kind of tricky to find times to make love.  We USED to make love around 9 or 10 in the morning and could take our time.  That has changed a lot with many people in the house.

The family we live with went to visit other family members so we had Memorial Day to ourselves this year, so we made use of the empty house this morning—by going on a climb, AKA having some great sex! This is because sex can be likened to a climb up a mountain with the glorious thrill of accomplishment and the gorgeous view from the top!

Melodie was “ON one” during today’s climb and in a major way! Meaning she was uber-aroused! She squirmed nude on our Queen bed, cupped her ready-for-loving, full, gorgeous breasts, and talked dirty to me. In fact, as she cupped one breast, she pumped my erection with her other hand as I knelt up beside her. What a glorious view that was! My beautiful wife, in all her nude glory, writhing in anticipation of us fully sharing our bodies! But I’m getting ahead of myself. Here is the story in more detail:

As I knelt beside her, I saw my wife, Melodie, was in a very heightened state of pre-sex arousal, and I wanted a recording of her like this. So I grabbed my iPhone, turned on our private photos and videos app, and started filming her as I knelt above her sexy, squirming body! This is a very accurate story because I referred to our video record to write it!

“I need you; I want you!” Melodie said while lying on her back, looking up at me and thrusting her pussy and boobs at me.

Quite honestly, she has NEVER looked sexier! And she looked to me to be MAYBE 28! (I filmed this, and watching it later nearly gives me a coronary!) She spread her labia for me, with her fingers helping show off her pinkness inside and her lovely clitoris. I find her clit absolutely beautiful! The clitoris is an under-appreciated organ because it is so well hidden, but it is a gorgeous part of the female body.

Melodie also said, “Right here! I need you right here! I need the real thing inside me!” And she said this while spreading her labia for me to see her most intimate parts!

She grabbed my erection and started pumping me as I knelt next to her. What a sight, and what sensations!

“This isn’t fair!” complained Melody as she pumped my erection. “I NEED you! But I need you INSIDE of me, not THIS!”

I laughed, then walked on my knees up to her right breast, which she was cupping for me. I applied some coconut oil to her nipple and her areola. Then she released her hold on my dick, and I began to pump my shaft while rubbing the underside of my glans on the slick peak of her breast. She resumed thrusting her pussy up at me to invite me in, and she said, “Oooohhhh… I want that inside of me, though!”

She writhed some more and added, “Inside of me… in and out… in and out… C’MON! You’re not fair!”

I knew that I had to give in, but first, we did more of my lips on her nips, her lips on my nip, more of my tip on her nip—she even kissed my tip—and yet, she did not begin using her bullet vibe on her clitoris as of yet. I think that she was enjoying the unlimited time we had available to us.

Eventually, I gave in; I really couldn’t resist any longer. So we had X-position sex as she used her bullet vibe on her clit, and the sex went on a loooong time! It was so amazing to get to slide inside her desperate pussy and FLICK her that way!

(FLICK = For Loving Incredible Carnal Knowledge. The other “F-word” means “For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge,” and we are married lovers, so there’s nothing unlawful about OUR sex together. In fact, it’s lawful AND incredible so hence the acronym: “FLICK” or even FLICKing!”)

Finally, as we “FLICKed” in our go-to X position—at right angles to each other with me on my side and Melodie on her back—I came with one of my long “high-ridge orgasms” that seemed to go on and on! (Instead of a single mountain climb to the thrill of reaching a peak, a “high-ridge orgasm” is where maybe the elevation is not quite as high as a high mountain peak, but instead, it is like hiking along a fairly high mountain ridge, so the orgasm lasts much longer!)

I next slid out of my wife’s now-creamed pussy and quickly scooped up a huge amount of our mixed juices (strawberry-flavored, pussy-mixed protein shake because we used coconut oil and strawberry-flavored Aloe Cadabra.)* Then I smeared it onto Melodie’s nipples.

Next, I inserted the G-spot vibe into her still leaking and very well lubricated pussy as Melodie continued to use her Sensuelle Point vibrator* on her clitoris. I attacked her raspberries (nipples), feasting on our pussy-mixed shake that I’d scooped from her leaking pussy and applied to them, and soon my sexy wife was writhing in a high-mountain-peak orgasm!

We cuddled afterward and talked some, but I could not resist those beautiful twin peaks of hers! So my oral sexual ministrations to her flavorful breasts resumed, and very soon, I had her willing and wanting to go for peak number two! Again, she used her bullet vibe as I licked, tongue flicked, and sucked on those sexy “raspberries,” and she came rather quickly, even without her G-spot vibe. It was obvious that this orgasmic peak was even nicer and stronger than her first! Her writhing was more intense as she arched her back up, and her gasping was louder as she announced “Cumming” (pant) “again!”

After she descended from Mount O for the second time this “climbing session,” Melodie and I again went into our X position. But my bad heart rebelled, so I slid out and moved to lie next to my beautiful, sexy wife. She rolled over and said, “My turn!” (Yes, men, many of us find OUR man nipples to be highly erogenous zones too… and fortunately, my wife loves loving on my man nips!)

We both could tell that my bad heart would not allow more sexual intercourse, so Melodie applied her lips to my left nip while I pumped my rod. She also reached over to titillate my right nipple with her left hand. I soon had my second big O, and it was a stratovolcano eruption!!! Cum exploded all over! It went on my tummy, my chest, her boobs, and some even hit both of our faces!

What an amazing blessing Melodie is to me! I had thought today was an early sex day by our schedule…but I was mistaken. It felt like we’d not had sex for over a week, judging by Melodie’s heightened state of arousal the whole time! But it had actually only been a couple of days since we had sex..

Ya gotta love and appreciate what the Lord has given you in whatever stage your marriage is. Simultaneous orgasms are not as common as they once were for us when we were younger. Sometimes we still will have sexual intercourse two or three times in a lovemaking session, but with our health conditions, we have often had to adjust what we do. We are still grateful for our continuing time together in mortality. And of course, we are grateful for our continuing active climbs up to the summit of Mount O!


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  1. Woods says:

    Love will always find a way! Adapt and survive, even thrive. Glad to hear things are working out. Thanks for a hot and encouraging post for others who may find themselves for whatever reasons in changed circumstances.

    • LovingMan says:

      Thank you Woods. We are hanging in there in spite of life’s trials! And we are adapting and thriving (as you put it).

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